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2024-07-18 @ 07:55
LM99WV / Pretoria
I was trying to enter into the main road from an off ramp and there was a lot ... more

2024-07-08 @ 14:48
FR92NVGP / Johannesburg
Suzuki driver could not keep car in one lane and she was aware of it, almost d... more

2024-07-06 @ 15:48
JX64CJGP / Johannesburg
Drunk driver dangerously overtook after i was slowing down to a red robot. aft... more

2024-07-03 @ 11:03
FRT781GP / Randburg
Tailgates, ignores red lights/stop signs and speeds past cars in turn only lan... more

2024-07-04 @ 07.10
KZ04YWGP / Kempton Park
Driver overtaking on left side of freeway, at high speed almost causing an acc... more

2024-06-30 @ 14:56
LBL006MP / Other
Recklessly swerving in front off cars travelling the prescribed 120km/h speed ... more

2024-06-20 @ 08:00
KR26XCGP / Sandton
Every day this car comes screaming through our suburb overtaking multiple cars... more

2024-06-10 @ 08:05
JF95KXGP / Randburg
Reckless driving; no indication of when he turns, swerves across lanes, overta... more

2024-06-05 @ 15:34
FWV652L / Randburg
Races, ignores stop streets and overtakes in face of oncoming traffic all alon... more

2024-06-03 @ 12:22
CM99YFGP / Roodepoort
I stopped at a red robot and this driver came screaming up behind me the stopp... more

2024-05-30 @ 12:48
NPN46579 / Other
Made a u-turn over a solid white line in the main street of the town which is ... more

2024-05-29 @ 14:14
JR94RXGP / Randburg
Pushes delivery bike of the road and proceeds to drive straight through a busy... more

2024-05-25 @ 16h15
CA661741 / Cape Town
Simply turned in front of a motorcycle driver on main road durbanville, on his... more

2024-05-23 @ 08:00
ZMT566GP / Randburg
Continuously ignore red traffic lights and traffic that has right of way. does... more

2024-05-15 @ 07:58
LG23TFGP / Randburg
Too busy on his cellphone (see pic) to notice he ran straight through a stop s... more

2024-05-13 @ 07:50
CKW494GP / Randburg
To the lady driving this golf: can you please stop speeding through your subur... more

2024-05-13 @ 08:00
ZCZ075GP / Randburg
Speeds past then cuts into traffic from turn only lane pushing in and cutting ... more

2024-05-08 @ 07:55
ZCZ075GP / Randburg
Entitled driver skips traffic lights, speeds straight through a busy intersect... more

2024-05-07 @ 13h50
FK09TCGP / Witbank
Driver trying to push into left lane. so selfish or ignorant (or arrogant?)tha... more

2024-05-04 @ 08:50
KM94BHG / Pretoria
Drive drove in a northern direction on zambesi. i turned left from breedst str... more

2024-05-02 @ 13:20
NHL33540 / Pretoria
He skipped a stop sign and then wanted to assault me. he also made racist rema... more

2024-04-30 @ 14:06
KJ93JWGP / Johannesburg
As i was approaching the first speed bump on alexander (traveling west from do... more

2024-04-28 @ 18:25
CAM38381 / Hermanus
Reckless and dangerous driving at night in the dark over taking and passing on... more

2024-04-15 @ 14:05
CAA296686 / Cape Town
Went through a red light, forcing me to brake, at which point i hooted at him.... more

2024-04-09 @ 07:46
WPG528GP / Pretoria
Driver cruises along at 40 km/h for 4 blocks, then, when i accelerate to pass ... more

2024-04-10 @ 17:05
JC33GP / Germiston
After fetching my child from school. this road hog tailgates me, overtakes me s... more

2024-04-05 @ 07:32
CG34ZDG / Boksburg
A black girl passing a stop sign on umsimbithi dr and drives slow on the moagi... more

2024-03-25 @ 17:06
HH27YRGP / Germiston
Blatant overtaking of queuing traffic into the oncoming lane, risking a head-o... more

2024-03-25 @ 17:06
HK04KTGP / Germiston
Blatant overtaking of queuing traffic into the oncoming lane, risking a head-o... more

2024-03-15 @ 15:25
LJ43HGGP / Randburg
Drunk or just completely unaware of his surroundings, driver races through red... more

2024-03-13 @ 17:56
HP83RTGP / Other
This driver left her car on an office entrance driveway, and we could not leav... more

2024-03-06 @ 11:40
KD67VGGP / Randburg
We were already in a circle when the driver of this car on his cell phone just... more

2024-03-05 @ 15:10
JM47HMGP / Pretoria
Woman does not stop at stop signs. speeding in a 60 zone... more

2024-03-05 @ 06:15
KG66RGGP / Pretoria
Driver did not stop at a red robort.... more

2024-03-05 @ 13:46
HV86KHG / Randburg
Driver drove straight thru a circle when other cars were at the circle first. ... more

2024-03-04 @ 16;30
LJ38NJG / Sandton
When lanes merge, when one is ahead of him like to cut you off. also likes to... more

2024-03-03 @ 17:25
CEY31015 / Hermanus
Dangerous&reckless driving dangerous&reckless overtraining crossing solid line... more

2024-02-20 @ 15:35
SFD674GP / Randburg
This driver literally turns right in front of you with absolutely no indicatio... more

2024-02-21 @ 08:04
KMP847NW / Randburg
Pushy driver to whom road signs, fellow drivers and stop streets/traffic light... more

2024-02-13 @ 17:20
LJ37BFGP / Nigel
Failed to stop at a stop street sing and when honked at he is aggressive and f... more

2024-02-09 @ 18h00
BARPRO5WP / Cape Town
Disregarded red light, general disregard for rules of the road, agressive driv... more

2024-02-06 @ 14:50
BTV580B / Pretoria
Police officer that is not obeying traffic rules. does not stop at red lights ... more

2024-02-05 @ 15:36
KL82KBGP / Randburg
What a clown, drives straight through stop streets and red traffic lights cutt... more

2024-02-05 @ 06.40
TJF599GP / Kempton Park
Driver cut me off on merge to onramp to r21 from atlas rd. almost hit my right... more

2024-02-02 @ 19:10
KW47SFGP / Pretoria
Truckdriver not obeying rules , not stopping at traffic lights and speeding i... more

2024-01-31 @ 06H30
PLR100GP / Randburg
Hasn't got a drivers license! he doesn't understand what a stop street is and... more

2024-01-30 @ 17.00
BB01ZWGP / Roodepoort
Skip robot and then swears drivers while driving reckless ... more

2024-01-29 @ 08:04
KR26XCGP / Randburg
Senseless driving day after day; ignores stop streets, red lights, road markin... more

2024-01-26 @ 07:25
NP202355 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver tried to cut me off and turn when it was my right of way to go straight... more

2024-01-23 @ 13:55
LG68BSGP / Randburg
Parked on yellow line... more

2023-12-27 @ 13:00
NP51771 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver was seemed severely impaired to drive as he was swerving in and out of ... more

2024-01-07 @ 15:00
NP244007 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver was driving wreckless and driving onto on coming traffic in order to ov... more

2024-01-04 @ 18:00
NP241866 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver sped past multiple stop signs in a mall area and then proceeded to doub... more

2024-01-03 @ 22:15
ND227452 / Durban
This driver tries to intimidate others on the road with his cl65 amg. he waite... more

2023-12-23 @ 9.45
JD71RWGP / Benoni
Dangerous high speed overtaking on solid line around blind corner, second dang... more

2023-12-14 @ 07:58
LL39XGGP / Randburg
Proper roadhog. from existing amsterdam estate on jacarand street where he ign... more

2023-12-13 @ 15:19
ATTUDEGP / Johannesburg
Parked in front of no parking sign. ... more

2023-12-08 @ 12:45
JK77YLGP / Sandton
Insists to push in front of you whilst lanes are merging and everyone falls in... more

2023-12-01 @
JC54RSGP / Alberton
I wish to stay anonymous, but it is my duty to report unsafe and dangerous dri... more

2023-12-01 @ 12:35
NR39820 / Kempton Park
Pushes in front of you less than 150m by red robot. obviously no indicator eit... more

2023-11-24 @
ZXL311GP / Randburg
Doesn't bother to stop at stop streets - it could have caused an accident! cl... more

2023-11-17 @ 07:55
KX28DPGP / Randburg
Comes racing out of olivewood complex every day cutting in front of traffic wi... more

2023-11-13 @ 15:30
LAW014GP / Randburg
Driver so distracted he absolutely flew through a 4 way stop. video footage sh... more

2023-11-13 @ 08:10
BUZYBEEGP / Randburg
Impatient and pushy driver pulls out of queue turning right and proceeds to tu... more

2023-11-09 @ 08:00
DF88BLGP / Randburg
Every day this driver drives through stop streets, ignores robots, turns sudde... more

2023-11-06 @ 06h50
FD04CYGP / Pretoria
Driver turned without indicating. i had to slam on brakes. i proceeded to hoot... more

2023-10-27 @ 16:30
DH70LZGP / Other
Overtaking while cars are coming. had to swerve out of the way. ... more

2023-10-26 @ 15:19
DW03JCGP / Randburg
Driving erratically, total disregard for others and traffic signs. speeding th... more

2023-10-24 @ 08:00
DP53KHGP / Randburg
He overtaking cars at high speed in suburb crossing solid lines. push other ca... more

2023-10-14 @ 12:38
LD80JVGP / Germiston
He didn't care on how bad his driving was. he kept on over taking other cars w... more

2023-10-16 @ 4:00pm
KB08TLGP / Alberton
Reckless driving ,abusive and very violent. ... more

2023-10-12 @ 15:15
VND42GP / Pretoria
Reckless driving , looks like a company' viechle... more

2023-10-03 @ 16h40
MBV848GP / Randburg
Didn't bother to stop at the stop street and almost caused an accident!... more

2023-10-05 @ 06.40
FS00DVGP / Kempton Park
Drop off passengers at air freight interchange then pulls back onto highway t... more

2023-09-23 @ 12h50
KX85JXGP / Cape Town
I was driving behind my wife in the left lane of the r300. our little girl was... more

2023-09-21 @ 15:15
HW31LGG / Randburg
Vehicle speeds down hill street - at least 100 km p.h. swerves in front of oth... more

2023-09-18 @ 08h30
KT67JFGP / Kempton Park
Overtaking on solid lines and pushing vehicles off the road. harsh braking in... more

2023-09-13 @ 8:41 am
FH63SCGP / Johannesburg
We were driving on oxford turning into bompas. there are already traffic on th... more

2023-09-12 @ 7:25
NO REG / Kempton Park
He was speeding next to me and the was a car infront of him and he just pushed... more

2023-09-12 @ 07:52
SKN824GP / Randburg
Driver speeds through stop streets, ignores traffic lights and turn only lanes... more

2023-09-08 @ 14:22
DW03JCGP / Randburg
Thinks roads belong to him alone. makes sudden turns right in front of other r... more

2023-08-23 @ 15:45
NP204571 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver cut of multiple drivers to get off the highway. driver then proceeds to... more

2023-08-25 @ 08H00
SRT148GP / Randburg
Driver dangerously overtook a few vehicles over a solid white line. she rode ... more

2023-08-24 @ 15:30
KL32ZDGP / Randburg
First turns right across traffic from straight only lane from bond into main s... more

2023-08-22 @ 07H45
FWH263FS / Randburg
Driver dangerously overtook over a solid white line well over the speed limit ... more

2023-08-21 @ 21H30
BP39WPGP / Johannesburg
Very drunk driver was driving at high speed along bompas road, hit a pole, spu... more

2023-08-19 @ 13:22
FY52PHGP / Randburg
What a pig; pushed learner driver in clearly marked driver instructor vehicle ... more

2023-08-08 @ 09:20
JL14DKGP / Centurion
Vehicle pushed in from straight going lane into turning lane forcing my vehicl... more

2023-08-05 @ 17:36
CAA95074 / Cape Town
Vehicle was driving recklessly on the ladies mile to m3 offramp, tailgating me... more

2023-07-31 @ 08:05
DV60FHGP / Randburg
Completely ignores traffic light and turning traffic that had to take avoiding... more

2023-07-27 @ 08:07
HN77TYGP / Randburg
Too busy on cellphone to indicate or stop at traffic lights then drives in the... more

2023-07-23 @ 10:40
HV65BPGP / Randburg
Sade driving school vehicle decides to drive through traffic light at speed ne... more

2023-07-18 @ 21:00
WAR127GP / Pietermaritzburg
Tanker truck leaving designated lane to pass other trucks at over 100 km/h. i ... more

2023-07-09 @ 16h00
RGV614GP / Alberton
Tries to run people off the road when they don't get out of his way, slams on ... more

2023-07-06 @ 16:43
VIPZN / Durban
Intimidation after cutting in front of me. before the robot slammed brakes - i... more

2023-07-05 @ 17.30
NO REG / Germiston
Almost had head on with taxi after he broke out into oncoming traffic, flashin... more

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