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KJ93JWGP - Suzuki Swift

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Suzuki Swift
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Suburb :
Road :
Alexander ave. 
Driver Description :
Middle aged white guy with a balled head. three stars tattooed on his right forearm. 
Offence Description:
As i was approaching the first speed bump on alexander (traveling west from douglas drive) i noticed the vehicle in question coming up behind me quickly. i braked for the speed bump as gently as i could to avoid him colliding with me and proceeded down alexander at the prescribed 50km/h while he followed very close behind me. i somehow avoided the urge to brake check him and continued straight over the circle at kingfisher. when i saw that he was also going straight i accelerated away. i then turned right onto robin drive, moved to the left and indicated left to park at the school. he came up alongside me on the right, i ignored him and he sped away as i reversed into a parking outside the school. then he reversed again and parked on my right. i ignored this until i heard him shouting from his car. i wound down my window, greeted him and endured a spout of abuse. his main gripe seemed to be that i was speeding?! i didn't answer and took out my phone to take a photo of the guy. this didn't deter him, he got out of his car and approached mine. i warned him not to approach my car. he continued so i wound up my window and began video taping him. at this point he retreated with a volley of expletives and drove away quickly. if you see this guy, please do not engage with him he strikes me as being mentally unstable and keen to fight any and all.  

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