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Welcome to Roadhogs, where you can voice your frustrations without putting your life at risk on the roads. While our site offers a lighthearted approach, we take the issue of road rage and reckless driving very seriously. Every day, lives are lost due to irresponsible behavior behind the wheel. That's why we're here to name and shame these offenders, with the hope of either removing them from our roads or raising awareness about the daily challenges we face. And hey, why not have some fun along the way? Join us in making a difference while letting off some steam.


Recently Added RoadHogs :

2024-02-16 @
DH62MSGP / Johannesburg
Almost smashed into my car because he has to cut a person off to get in front ... more

2024-02-14 @ 06H30
LJ93XDGP / Randburg
Dangerously pushes in front of a person and doesn't even bother to indicate hi... more

2024-02-13 @
HXF735FS / Randburg
Goes through a red robot to push in the traffic!... more

2024-02-13 @ 17:20
LJ37BFGP / Nigel
Failed to stop at a stop street sing and when honked at he is aggressive and f... more

2024-02-08 @
FZ92PPGP / Randburg
Cuts in front of a person from a turning only lane almost causing an accident.... more

2024-02-08 @
FP02SNGP / Randburg
He's above the law and rides in the yellow lines and then cuts in front of the... more

2024-02-09 @ 16H10
XPK217GP / Randburg
Drives well over the speed limit of 60 km's... more

2024-02-08 @ 16H50
LC97WZGP / Randburg
Dangerously overtakes on a solid white line... more

2024-02-09 @ 18h00
BARPRO5WP / Cape Town
Disregarded red light, general disregard for rules of the road, agressive driv... more

2024-02-07 @ 06H45
BX46LKGP / Randburg
Cuts in front of a person nearly causing an accident! bought his license at s... more

2024-02-07 @ 06H30
SBF407GP / Randburg
Cuts in front of a person from a turning only lane and almost caused an accide... more

2024-02-08 @
LM73TMGP / Randburg
Parked over 2 spaces ... more

2024-02-06 @ 14:50
BTV580B / Pretoria
Police officer that is not obeying traffic rules. does not stop at red lights ... more

2024-02-05 @ 15:36
KL82KBGP / Randburg
What a clown, drives straight through stop streets and red traffic lights cutt... more

2024-02-06 @
JV72RSGP / Randburg
Pushes in front of a person after he was driving in the yellow lines to try by... more

2024-02-06 @ 06H30
FN12VHGP / Randburg
Drives dangerously fast in slow moving traffic and then pushes in front of a p... more

2024-02-05 @ 06.40
TJF599GP / Kempton Park
Driver cut me off on merge to onramp to r21 from atlas rd. almost hit my right... more

2024-02-02 @ 19:10
KW47SFGP / Pretoria
Truckdriver not obeying rules , not stopping at traffic lights and speeding i... more

2022-12-06 @ Idkđź’€
KP95XSGP / Johannesburg
He swung his door open into my car and left a dent and walked away without say... more

2024-01-31 @ 06H30
PLR100GP / Randburg
Hasn't got a drivers license! he doesn't understand what a stop street is and... more

2024-02-01 @ 08;41
LN37RCGP / Johannesburg
Driver of lexus cut right in front of me as we got to the red traffic lights a... more

2024-01-30 @ 17.00
BB01ZWGP / Roodepoort
Skip robot and then swears drivers while driving reckless ... more

2024-01-30 @
CA342527 / Cape Town
Accelerated through a pedestrian crossing outside canal walk shopping centre, ... more

2024-01-29 @ 08:04
KR26XCGP / Randburg
Senseless driving day after day; ignores stop streets, red lights, road markin... more

2024-01-27 @ 20:00
CEY12364 / Cape Town
He skipped a red light and almost drove into us. he was on his phone and he wa... more

2024-01-26 @ 17:00
CEY63525 / Cape Town
Driving recklessly. over took when it wasnt safe to do so, almost caused a hug... more

2024-01-26 @ 17:00
CEY12364 / Other
He drove away from a pub and recklessly drove in front of me while taking on h... more

2024-01-27 @
HX01FWGP / Randburg
Pulled out and passed when slowed for a robot that was out of order. didn’t ... more

2024-01-27 @
HX01FWGP / Randburg
Pulled out and passed when slowed for a robot that was out of order. didn’t ... more

2024-01-26 @ 07:25
NP202355 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver tried to cut me off and turn when it was my right of way to go straight... more

2024-01-23 @ 13:45
LC77MFGP / Randburg
Sped past 3 cars who had slowed down for the rumble strips, also passing on a ... more

2024-01-23 @ 13:55
LG68BSGP / Randburg
Parked on yellow line... more

2024-01-23 @ 13:50
CJ04WXGP / Randburg
Parked over 2 parkings blocking a parking spot outside the school at the busy ... more

2023-12-27 @ 13:00
NP51771 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver was seemed severely impaired to drive as he was swerving in and out of ... more

2024-01-07 @ 15:00
NP244007 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver was driving wreckless and driving onto on coming traffic in order to ov... more

2024-01-04 @ 18:00
NP241866 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver sped past multiple stop signs in a mall area and then proceeded to doub... more

2023-12-23 @ 09H00
KL22SPGP / Randburg
Floored it through a yield sign without bothering to look for oncoming traffic... more

2024-01-03 @ 22:15
ND227452 / Durban
This driver tries to intimidate others on the road with his cl65 amg. he waite... more

2023-12-23 @ 9.45
JD71RWGP / Benoni
Dangerous high speed overtaking on solid line around blind corner, second dang... more

2023-12-14 @ 07:58
LL39XGGP / Randburg
Proper roadhog. from existing amsterdam estate on jacarand street where he ign... more

2023-12-13 @ 15:19
ATTUDEGP / Johannesburg
Parked in front of no parking sign. ... more

2023-12-08 @ 12:45
JK77YLGP / Sandton
Insists to push in front of you whilst lanes are merging and everyone falls in... more

2023-12-05 @
HH94GLGP / Randburg
Barely slowed down for four way stop and then stopped in front of the no parki... more

2023-12-01 @
JC54RSGP / Alberton
I wish to stay anonymous, but it is my duty to report unsafe and dangerous dri... more

2023-12-01 @ 12:35
NR39820 / Kempton Park
Pushes in front of you less than 150m by red robot. obviously no indicator eit... more

2023-11-24 @
ZXL311GP / Randburg
Doesn't bother to stop at stop streets - it could have caused an accident! cl... more

2023-11-23 @ 17:15
HH05JBGP / Johannesburg
Driver of the bmw was over taking in the yellow line, he got to the end of the... more

2023-11-21 @ 07H50
JJ44MDGP / Randburg
Didn't bother to stop at a stop street and almost caused an accident!... more

2023-11-21 @ 13:44
FB52VDGP / Randburg
When the car in front slowed down for the rumble strips the driver recklessly ... more

2023-11-21 @ 13:40
FB52VDGP / Randburg
Didn’t stop at 3-way stop along monkor drive... more

2023-11-16 @ 08H00
SCC403GP / Other
Cuts in front of traffic that you have to hit brakes to avoid hitting him. th... more

2023-11-15 @ 08H00
SRT148GP / Randburg
Drives down a one way the wrong way despite road markings?... more

2023-11-17 @ 07:55
KX28DPGP / Randburg
Comes racing out of olivewood complex every day cutting in front of traffic wi... more

2023-11-13 @ 15:30
LAW014GP / Randburg
Driver so distracted he absolutely flew through a 4 way stop. video footage sh... more

2023-11-13 @ 08:10
BUZYBEEGP / Randburg
Impatient and pushy driver pulls out of queue turning right and proceeds to tu... more

2023-11-11 @ 19:50
PNTELEFS / Bloemfontein
Passing on left in yellow line. speeding. passing over solid line, pusing afte... more

2023-11-10 @
FWZ012FS / Johannesburg
Claiming to be city power employees, in uniform, and vandalize power infrastru... more

2023-11-10 @
MHJ383GP / Johannesburg
Claiming to be city power employees, in uniform, and vandalize power infrastru... more

2023-11-09 @ 08:00
DF88BLGP / Randburg
Every day this driver drives through stop streets, ignores robots, turns sudde... more

2023-11-07 @ 08H00
DKF324FS / Other
He almost hit another car when he failed to stop at a stop street... more

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