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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2017-10-20 @ 7:45
DRP243FS / Bloemfontein
We were driving to the left of the road on our motorcycle, when this man overt... more

2017-10-19 @ 16;45
BX05MWGO / Roodepoort
Boomed gated area was driving 45km/ph driver just pulls in front of me ! no in... more

2017-10-19 @ 14:45
NO REG / Pietermaritzburg
Driving down one way. when i wouldn't get out of his way, roid boy jumped out ... more

2017-10-19 @ 12h30
ND826522 / Durban
Crossed solid white line to squeeze in between me and truck to make the turn o... more

2017-10-19 @ 12:02
ZCG835 / Johannesburg
Parked on the road... more

2017-10-19 @ 07H04
FXD238EC / Other
Endangering road workers by skipping stop/go control and driving within workin... more

2017-10-19 @ 09H48
DYC908EC / Other
Endangering road workers by skipping stop/go controls and driving in working a... more

2017-10-19 @ 07:25 am
TVT536GP / Alberton
This moron bypassed 2 traffic lights by driving in the emergency lane.... more

2017-10-19 @ 7:05am
FM13VTGP / Alberton
I'm still not sure if this was an attempted hijack situation. driver was tryin... more

2017-10-05 @ ALL
CA664739 / Cape Town
This driver parks directly in front of our garage doors, far from the curb, ma... more

2017-10-18 @ 5:50
CF76700 / Cape Town
This driving nearly caused a major acccident during peak traffic. cutting in ... more

2017-10-17 @ 06H21
FZP818EC / Other
Vehicle overtaking traffic within a construction area controlled by a stop/go,... more

2017-10-17 @ 15H09
FY49BKGP / Other
Vehicle skipped a stop/go and endangering his life as well as other oncoming t... more

2017-10-17 @ 15H10
DN39ZFGP / Other
Public vehicle disregarding construction works, and passing waiting vehicles t... more

2017-10-17 @ 07:00
FT52GL / Johannesburg
Cutting in in traffic. everyone else waiting patiently and he thinks he’s sp... more

2017-10-16 @ 07:18
FZ85JMGP / Pretoria
Driver had children as passengers in car and drove at high speed in yellow lan... more

2017-10-16 @ 8:00
CR77MMGP / Alberton
Parked in front of an entrance. when asked to please move the vehicle, she sh... more

2017-10-16 @ 07:55
PGP661GP / Pretoria
Bumped into my bakkie. i got out and saw it was minor so just got back in my b... more

2017-10-16 @ 07:00
YMY065GP / Johannesburg
Drove from far left lane and cut other people off, arrived next to me and push... more

2017-10-12 @ 19h00
ZVG764GP / Sandton
Hit and run... more

2017-10-13 @ 8:30
FY12FXGP / Bethlehem
Road race. overtaking on white line.... more

2017-10-13 @ 8H25
CA429710 / Cape Town
Driver came from left lane pushing in so i had to stop otherwise she would hav... more

2017-10-13 @ 07:00 am
CA789658 / Cape Town
The driver came from behind at a very high speed pushing me to go in the yello... more

2017-10-11 @ 14h52
CA491351 / Cape Town
Didi not stop at stop street sign at intersection of kings road and forridon s... more

2017-10-11 @ 14h19
CY1223 / Cape Town
Drove through a red robot at intersection of bosmansdam road and ocean spirit ... more

2017-10-10 @ 15h53
CA281993 / Cape Town
Drove through the red robot at doncaster road & punters way... more

2017-10-12 @ 7:40am
CA618283 / Cape Town
Lets bakkie with school children inside roll backward, when hooting to warn i ... more

2017-10-12 @ 06h45
DT44SDGP / Roodepoort
I was driving on jg strijdom, this lady cut me off nearly causing an accident,... more

2017-10-11 @
CD22VVGP / Midrand
Cut off a vehicle on allandale road, then drove between 2 lanes. at the race t... more

2017-10-11 @ 08:30
CX20FSG / Johannesburg
I was at the traffic lights of the above intersection. my traffic light had t... more

2017-10-10 @ 16:26
WHM449GP / Sandton
Not wanting to wait in line like the rest of us to get onto the n3 this driver... more

2017-10-10 @ 7:50
FR40XSGP / Other
Pushing from behind, driving very close to car in front, changing lanes reckle... more

2017-10-09 @ 16H35
ZGV489GP / Port Elizabeth
Today, 9 october 2017, i were driving with my family towards port elizabeth. ... more

2017-10-09 @ 7:30am
FN90KJGP / Randburg
I was stopping at the stop street, there was a lot of traffic and was not too ... more

2017-10-08 @
DN20NMGP / Kroonstad
Passing traffic on the n1 over a double solid line, into on coming traffic and... more

2017-10-07 @ 18:50
ZWS286GP / Pretoria
Driver tries to veer me off road by changing lanes without observing, when i h... more

2017-10-06 @ 05:45
......MP / Sandton
Exhanged lane without indicating and nearly caused accident. sped off in sandt... more

2017-10-03 @ 17:45
CF02TMGP / Johannesburg
On her phone! almost drove into the side of our car! doesn’t even get distra... more

2017-10-03 @ 6:25
CF58441 / Cape Town
Drove into my lane while i am driving there just to get in front of a taxi...i... more

2017-10-02 @ 17h35
NST493GP / Pretoria
Turned right from a left turning lane, cutting others off to push in. erratic ... more

2017-09-29 @ 12:15
FF82WBGP / Pretoria
Was already halfway in mini-circle when he came in from the lefthand side. i h... more

2017-09-29 @ 17:22
VRZ050GP / Sandton
Driver was in the left turn only lane, went through a red robot, turned right ... more

2017-09-29 @ 07:15am
287VNNGP / Sandton
Driving on the dirt next to the road in order to skip traffic.... more

2017-09-29 @ 15:24
EGJ060GP / Pretoria
Puching other drivers of the road ... more

2017-09-28 @ 17:30
VWX516GP / Midrand
Driving in yellow lane and cutting traffic.... more

2017-09-28 @ 05H33
FG43TZG / Other
The driver pass 5 cars on a very hi speed while other cars is coming on and pu... more

2017-09-27 @ 13:50
FT08TFGP / Other
Driver decided that the emergency lane is better for overtaking cars and nearl... more

2017-09-26 @ 08:15
FY39RMGP / Centurion
This clown saw fit to use the emergency lane and speed down with utter disrega... more

2017-09-26 @ 14:30
CFZ238NC / Kimberley
Waa changing lanes from left to right side. noticed that the driver of the men... more

2017-09-25 @ 18.20
JNJ398NW / Brits
white male +_ 25 years. thin bult, light brown hair offence description: ... more

2017-09-22 @ 08H50
CFM918 / Carltonville
Didn't join queue for off-ramp at the back but pushed in further along leaving... more

2017-09-25 @ 18.20
JNJ398NW / Rustenburg
Driving over the speed limit, to close to your vehicle, he want you to drive o... more

2017-09-25 @ 18h30
CY110802 / Cape Town
Stopped dead in front of us in the right hand lane where the m5 splits from th... more

2017-09-26 @ 09H40
CJ6273 / Cape Town
Changes lanes by pushing in even though there wasn't really space for him in f... more

2017-09-25 @ 18:20
NO REG / Brits
Driving over speed limit, don't keep following distance, over take on solid li... more

2017-09-24 @ 09:04am
NKN480GP / Johannesburg
Driver thinks he can do what he wants and drive on the wrong side of the road ... more

2017-09-23 @ 18:05
CN14CJGP / Roodepoort
Came speeding up behind me well over the limit on the highway - when i did not... more

2017-09-22 @ 12:00
FW39YYGP / Boksburg
Reckless driving, pushing white ladies off the road and trying to get them to ... more

2017-09-21 @ 11am
CA650414 / Cape Town
He did not stop at the stop street by the tableview police station. he missed ... more

2017-09-21 @ 14:22
CL69RJGP / Johannesburg
Thsi woman is a danger, she turned right infront of me without looking in my d... more

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