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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2016-12-05 @ 15:45
DW33PNGP / Johannesburg
Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic without indicating and generally drivi... more

2016-12-08 @ 05:55 am
ONLYIFGP / Pretoria
I stopped at a red robot the people already started turning left into zambesi ... more

2016-12-07 @ 08h30
CA596062 / Cape Town
Overtaking on solid line towards oncoming traffic, no indication. excessive sp... more

2016-12-07 @ 12h40
CBS16587 / Other
Driving on our backside and then overtakes on a solid line. on n2 between hei... more

2016-12-02 @ 17:50
CA15642 / Cape Town
Driver of the merc came speeding over victoria road bridge, tried to overtake ... more

2016-12-06 @ 13h15
NP17456 / Pietermaritzburg
I went to pietermaritzburg taxi rank called market. to boarder a taxi to north... more

2016-11-30 @
HYH843MP / Nelspruit
Driving over white lines be cause he can't wait his turn... more

2016-12-05 @ 9.35
CA63040 / Cape Town
Drove over a stop sign without slowing down whilst towing a drill rig trailer ... more

2016-12-05 @ 8:15
FM82PRGP / Johannesburg
Texting on phone, cutting in front of me at speed and with no warning or indi... more

2016-12-05 @ 7.30
CK68PRGP / Roodepoort
Firstly he doesn't use the slip road to turn from wilgerood into christiaan de... more

2016-12-04 @ 11h20
CY208417 / Cape Town
Overtook 3 x vehicles where overtaking is not permitted. racing ahead again in... more

2016-12-03 @ 10:00
XRN159GP / Johannesburg
Driver of suv ignored red light. i had to slam my brakes and swerve to avoid o... more

2016-12-03 @ 11:35
HKP881MP / Witbank
Prevented ambulance from passing his vehicle to an accident scene 3km ahead on... more

2016-12-02 @ 06.35AM
CFM79377 / Other
Overtook in 60km zone at about 75 kph. showing finger signs and shouting.... more

2016-11-29 @ 15:40
CS15HTGP / Johannesburg
The driver of cs15ht gp has got to be the most aggressive and rude driver in j... more

2016-11-21 @ 7:50
BK91NWGP / Midrand
In wrong lane to avoid traffic then at the solid white line he pushes in at sa... more

2016-11-21 @ 08:00
156GP / Midrand
Inter city bus pushes in to avoid traffic. ... more

2016-11-30 @ 15:40
FX85JTGP / Midrand
Stopping without warning in middle of road about 3 times and when she got to t... more

2016-11-29 @ 7:45
CT38SNGP / Midrand
Pushing in, changing lanes without indicators and on a solid white line. at j... more

2016-11-29 @ 7:45
DD28HLGP / Midrand
Kia optima skipping traffic pushing in driving over solid white line, no indic... more

2016-11-30 @ 16:00
BZ12TLGP / Pretoria
Rigel offramp to get onto n1 driving in direction of garsfontein. drove reall... more

2016-12-01 @ 7:20
FTC921MP / Centurion
skipping traffic and pushing in. really arrogant way of doing it.... more

2016-11-29 @ 16:00
DS48 / Centurion
Driving extremely fast, changing lanes dangerously almost rear ended me twice.... more

2016-11-30 @
NVZ594GP / Boksburg
Stopping at unsafe distance, and following very close, as well as overtaking o... more

2016-11-29 @ 08:45
SGC595GP / Midrand
First he drove dangerously close to me, then after i have already indicated th... more

2016-11-28 @ 08:59
DX86XWGP / Johannesburg
Very dangerous individual. skips traffic lights. something must be done about ... more

2016-11-25 @ 17h00
DP78DTG / Bloemfontein
Passed vehicles twice on a solid line and forced oncoming traffic into the yel... more

2016-11-25 @
VPT491GP / Pretoria
She doesn't know the rules of the road and nearly took out the entire front of... more

2016-11-25 @ 15h34
CA33607 / Cape Town
Has cut us off 5 times between marine drive and woodstock offramp. we are towi... more

2016-11-15 @ 07:30
CA894480 / Cape Town
Driver changed lanes with no indication and almost knocked me of the road. fro... more

2016-11-25 @ 07:20
VJB554GP / Roodepoort
This man drives reckless. he changes lanes without indicating. he engages in a... more

2016-11-24 @ 16:40
MADEWP / Cape Town
No manners, cuts into queues from shorter lanes... more

2016-11-24 @ 7:45
BZ56KSGP / Centurion
Driving reckless, demanding to move in and around cars from lane to lane witho... more

2016-11-24 @ 7:40
FJ54DFGP / Centurion
Avoid traffic stay in straight lane then pushes in to get in turn lane towards... more

2016-11-24 @ 7:37
CR35WCGP / Centurion
In straight lane to avoid traffic and then pushes cars out of the way to take ... more

2016-11-24 @ 07h00
BYJ284EC / East London
Speeding and driving up my rear going down christian centre then when i put on... more

2016-11-23 @ 15:00-15:3
CW08ZVGP / Pretoria
Tailgating from more or less jean ave to entrance about the 1km before kgosi ... more

2016-11-23 @ 10.35am
CA747133 / Cape Town
Driving full speed over stop street coming down from ocean view drive at four-... more

2016-11-23 @ 8:05 am
HLJ207EC / East London
Not stopping at stop sign. negligent in making a stop immediately. was throwin... more

2016-11-22 @ 15:39
001HJVGP / Pretoria
Refused to give right of way at my daughter's dance hall gate (access controll... more

2016-11-20 @ 1645
CA197*** / Cape Town
Overtook two cars on a blind corner on the mountain pass. we had to take evasi... more

2016-11-20 @ 12:45
HXS263MP / Ermelo
Illegal parking with flameble load between residential houses.... more

2016-11-18 @ 07H10
ND814503 / Durban
Here you can see where the white vehicle with registration number nd814503 is ... more

2016-11-17 @ 18h00
DGL725L / Other
Parked across three parkings at the sasol by the private hospital.... more

2016-11-17 @ 17h35
TBP676GP / Brits
Driving recklessly by trying to pass vehicles on the left side where the road ... more

2016-11-16 @ 17:28
VTZ5*6GP / Pretoria
The driver attempted to get in front of my by forcing my car off the road duri... more

2016-11-15 @ 5PM
CA237666 / Cape Town
Drove me off the road twice, with my child in the car... more

2016-11-16 @ 07:50
ZNF104GP / Sandton
First i get cut off by this idiot, i stop and let him pass (if he really wants... more

2016-11-16 @ 7:05
CA976064 / Cape Town
Crossing a solid and driving into oncoming traffic in order to skip the the pe... more

2016-10-10 @ 7:40
BZ56KSGP / Midrand
Changing lanes without indicators, almost hit a young bike driver... more

2016-10-25 @ 15:48
ASANDE1GP / Midrand
Pushing in without indicators and driving recklessly fast.... more

2016-11-08 @ 7:55
ZJN917GP / Midrand
Pushing in recklessly without indicators and on a solid white line.... more

2016-11-01 @ 7:48
DR94CB / Johannesburg
Talking on cellphone not paying attention on his driving. ... more

2016-11-04 @ 15:31
FC02JZGP / Johannesburg
Driving way more than 80km, his speedlimit. almost drove into car to get to o... more

2016-11-02 @ 7:39
ZDH620GP / Pretoria
Driving recklessly, pushing in without indicators... more

2016-11-02 @ 7:49
FG38JSGP / Johannesburg
energy bar business bakkie pva push in recklessly to avoid traffic, n1.... more

2016-11-03 @ 7:44
DS57DTGP / Johannesburg
Pushing into lanes, driving recklessly busy with all sorts of things while dri... more

2016-10-03 @ 8:10
XPN219GP / Johannesburg
Driving recklessly, pushing in and not using indicators.... more

2016-11-15 @ 07:00 AM
DX17NCGP / Centurion
Ongeskikte arrogante bestuurder. ry soos 'n mal ding en het geen benul van pa... more

2016-11-14 @ 17:12
BJ82TRGP / Kempton Park
Driving recklessly on wet road and tailgating...... more

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