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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2020-10-16 @ 14:10
CFM82192 / Cape Town
Lady was too busy holding her cellphone in front of her mouth to use her indic... more

2020-10-16 @ 17:53
JRV869GP / Alberton
Overtook on a solid white line and cut me off before the robot then proceeded ... more

2020-10-15 @ 06h45
CF101997 / Cape Town
Drives as if turning right at the three-way ,then cuts in front of me,nearly c... more

2020-10-14 @ 7:39
JH86BGGP / Pretoria
The driver of this taxi refused to stop at any red light on solomon/ garsfonte... more

2020-10-12 @ 4.10PM
VISHAR / Durban
I was travelling on the m41 from gateway to phoenix. it was just after 4.00pm ... more

2020-10-12 @ 16:15
CA242211 / Cape Town
This idiot decided it was time to speed up when he saw me turning right onto j... more

2020-10-12 @ 14h39
JM44RMGP / Alberton
Driving in right lane , traffic is slow...truck came piling right at me and ta... more

2020-10-12 @ 6:40am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Speeding and revving car to the limiter with modified exhaust in suburbs.... more

2020-10-09 @ 09:15
DL32FWGP / Roodepoort
Yes lady that was a red traffic light. for a long time before you skipped it. ... more

2020-10-09 @ 6:40am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Racing unmuffled vehicle in the suburbs early morning when everyone sleeping c... more

2020-10-07 @ 12:00
FT05HCGP / Pretoria
The driver of this taxi refused to stop at any red light. he passed at every r... more

2020-10-07 @ 13h15
JDV698EC / Other
Traffic light red. taxi went to the furthers lane left and turned in front of ... more

2020-10-08 @ 06h25
DXX083EC / Other
Traffic light green. he jumped the light with a fully loaded bus infront of on... more

2020-10-08 @ 07:59am
FT54FJ / Johannesburg
Did not stop at 4 way junction... more

2020-10-08 @ Speeding
NP40125 / Pietermaritzburg
Disgraceful speedster... more

2020-10-07 @ 6:45am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Racing his straight piped suped up car through the suburbs early morning.... more

2020-10-05 @ 6:42am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Wreckless speeding in a suburban area early hours of the morning. woke the bab... more

2020-10-05 @ 16.40
TVF085GP / Boksburg
Hi there, the taxi was parked in front of our gate loading and off loading ... more

2020-10-01 @ 12H25
HX86VNGP / Alberton
Swerving within lane . i couldnt over take as i could see he was drunk. its... more

2020-10-01 @ 16:35
NT59090 / Durban
N2 northbound headed towards sibaya. there are 3 lanes which become 2 lanes as... more

2020-09-30 @ 16h00
CF45126 / Other
Overtook on double barrier lines overtook from yellowline side.overtook at da... more

2020-09-29 @ 13h17
JZT873NW / Other
A river north carriers truck jzt873nw overtaking on a double solid white line,... more

2020-09-13 @ 15h00
A loubser bulk services truck nearly wiping out the motorist in front of me wh... more

2020-09-29 @ 14:10
HD98TDG / Pretoria
Did not stop on stripes for pedestrians to can walk over and almost kill 3 chi... more

2020-09-28 @ 07h50
HOTTWP / Cape Town
Clearly thinks stop streets don't apply to her. sped straight through 4 way st... more

2020-09-25 @ 16H10
DY12LTGP / Centurion
Dangerously cut in front of me and then braked hard... more

2020-09-23 @ 6:45
BB83FF / Kempton Park
He pushed me off the road and showed me his middle finger afterwards.... more

2020-09-22 @ 12:45
ZCL918GP / Sandton
Repeatedly tried to bump bu car. suddenly stopped numerous times on a 80km/hr ... more

2020-09-22 @ 06:05
CT16838 / Paarl
I was driving on the r45 in noorde paarl toward paarl city centre when theidio... more

2020-08-27 @ 6:45am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Racing a modified straight piped extremely loud vehicle through the suburbs ea... more

2020-09-04 @ 12:30
KINGAVI / Alberton
Intimidation and criminal injuria ... more

2020-09-15 @ 12:22
HX84RJGP / Alberton
Changed lanes without looking in blind spot. ignored my hooting, and deliberat... more

2020-08-31 @ 6:30
EMPD / Kempton Park
For the past few weeks, every working day at around 6:30 am officers of the ea... more

2020-09-14 @ 18:30
FB22DZGP / Johannesburg
The driver almost caused me to get into an accident, by driving into my lane f... more

2020-09-14 @ 10:01
HX25HFGP / Johannesburg
Going about 120km/hr and weaving in and out of traffic. almost hit into the ba... more

2020-09-12 @ 08:40
HG37RNGP / Johannesburg
First he cut me off and almost bumped my car so when i hooted at him he swerve... more

2020-09-11 @ 6:15
CA121129 / Vanderbijlpark
Driving recless and forcing other driver of the road and giving rude hand sing... more

2020-09-09 @ 13H00
ND18363 / Durban
The driver of the vehicle broke many traffic laws. went through a red robot, c... more

2020-09-08 @ 13:42
TITANG1WP / Cape Town
Vehicle in question drove directly over the traffic circle (not driving on the... more

2020-09-07 @ 16:40
BZ35DRGP / Pretoria
The driver of the chevrolet was traveling behind a truck. suddenly, he swerved... more

2020-09-06 @ 18:53
CEM45486 / Hermanus
Driver behind me had lights on bright, blinding me, and was too close to me. i... more

2020-09-01 @ 07h45
994WP / Cape Town
Ignored a stop street and drove right in front of me - almost hit him... more

2020-08-31 @ 12:00
JP34KSGP / Pretoria
Driver turned on a wrong lane, blocked me from driving. he then started sweari... more

2020-08-30 @
CA61300 / Cape Town
This car overtook us by driving in the yellow line on the shoulder of the road... more

2020-08-25 @ 16:10
FY08KRGP / Johannesburg
Driver traveled down booysens road, direction of booysens, with a significant ... more

2020-08-25 @ 7:05
HK60RWGP / Centurion
Reckless driving within an estate with a 30km speed limit. speeding and endang... more

2020-03-05 @ 7:49
ZJS561GP / Johannesburg
Bad drive whilst struck in traffic, tried overtaking me but was too close, nea... more

2020-08-07 @ 13:30
CW69PVGP / Johannesburg
This woman cut the driver off forcing him off the road, she then proceeded to ... more

2020-08-03 @ 13:47
DC79LPG / Pretoria
Vaulted road rules, skip 4 way stop sign. reversed and followed me. pushed me ... more

2020-08-03 @ 13:47
DC79LPGP / Pretoria
Skipped the 4 way stop on the corner of denyssen avenue and merwede street, al... more

2020-07-30 @ 06h50
FTV426EC / Other
The traffic light was red for him and green for oncoming traffic. he just ign... more

2020-07-31 @ 16:25
JK77NKGP / Johannesburg
She tried skipping traffic and ran through a red robot, almost crashing into a... more

2020-07-26 @ 16h45
CY332550 / Cape Town
Speeding through a four way stop and later disobeying a red robot... more

2020-06-10 @ 16:20
BF98KWGP / Randburg
When driving on ysterhout drive towards beyers naude, driver was speeding at e... more

2020-07-22 @ 7H50
DBX197EC / Other
Overtook vehicles while there was oncoming traffic, when she realized that she... more

2020-07-21 @ 07h45
JGZ301MP / Other
Truck drove me off the road while trying to overtake by a pedestrian island... more

2020-07-20 @ 07h20
CF919414 / Cape Town
I was travelling on old paarl rd direction towards kraaifontein. the taxi was ... more

2013-12-23 @ 07:18
DYC865GP / Johannesburg
Aggressive driving: looking for a fight because he needed to go faster.... more

2020-07-15 @ 18h10
CH28YKGP / Pretoria
Driver started acting aggressively and also stopped to a standstill on a freew... more

2020-07-10 @ 7:22
NN41356 / Pretoria
Driver cut in front of me at the traffic light. when i hooted at him he tried ... more

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