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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2017-05-19 @ 07h30
NAENAE / Durban
Driving on the oncoming lane daily during bad weather as well. rushing to get ... more

2017-05-19 @ 07h45
TJF121GP / Benoni
Driver of this car should have his licence cancelled. car pool. driving from h... more

2017-05-19 @ 09h30
CEY72936 / Cape Town
Speed in roadworks area - and tailgating.... more

2017-05-19 @ 09h45
CEY70156 / Cape Town
Pushed in onto off-ramp over solid white line instead of joining the queue as ... more

2017-05-19 @ 08:00
DM66DG / Other
Skipped red robot, at high speed. robot was red for at least 30 seconds which ... more

2017-05-18 @
TKZ351GP / Centurion
Delivery truck with cement on made a u turn on old jhb road in peak traffic 17... more

2017-05-18 @ 10am
NJ58177 / Other
Overtaking on a solid line on the n17 at a speed greater than 140 km per hour.... more

2017-05-18 @ 05:45
BL68BBG / Kempton Park
This driver do not stop at any stop sign, show signs to other drivers, overtoo... more

2017-05-16 @ 12:22
FFB941MP / Middleburg
Speeding from right turn lane into oncoming traffic from robot. almost hitting... more

2017-05-14 @ 19:00
FM04ZGGP / Midrand
Driver drives recklessly and swears at drivers and points up middle whilst try... more

2017-05-12 @ 6:15am
NO REG / Johannesburg
Vehicle make: toyota quantum colour: white registration: ny80yv gp associatio... more

2017-05-12 @ 06:50
UNKNOWN / Johannesburg
Drives extremely aggressively and cuts other vehicles off. turns from the lef... more

2017-05-11 @ 6:48
DS33NPGP / Centurion
Tailgating me on a double road, refuses to overtake, so i pull over more to th... more

2017-05-11 @ 6:51
FN81TLGP / Centurion
Drove through 2 stop streets without stopping on centaurus road. no respect fo... more

2017-05-11 @ 6:25 am
CZ66XJGP / Pretoria
On our way on the old johannesburg road towards the magiel and escourt ave. th... more

2017-05-10 @ 17:15
CY215155 / Cape Town
Taxi driver overtook elegally and tried driving another motorist off the road ... more

2017-05-03 @ 12:26
CF820 / Cape Town
Passenger in back of vehicle sitting in a metal frame... more

2017-05-09 @ 0700
FG54DGGP / Benoni
Driving and texting then insulting the lady who asked why he was texting while... more

2017-05-09 @ 0700
FG54DGG / Benoni
Driving and texting... more

2017-05-09 @ 07:04
CA90901 / Cape Town
Taxi in left hand line to drive straight drove into traffic intersection passi... more

2017-05-09 @ 08:30
DP26YVGP / Johannesburg
Almost had head on collision when recklessly overtaking my vehicle and the tru... more

2017-05-08 @ 4:30pm
DS16GLGP / Johannesburg
Littering, throwing cigarette butt out of window, seriously there is no need f... more

2017-05-06 @ 07:50
FLH196FS / Bloemfontein
Went straight at a turn only lane and swerved into the straight lane, cutting ... more

2017-05-05 @ 16H45
TJG422GP / Pretoria
This taxi just pull out of the side of the road, almost connecting me full on ... more

2017-05-05 @ 08:20
CR16DTGP / Midrand
This is an orange cab taxi, that drove in peak traffic on the opposing traffic... more

2017-05-04 @ 16:30
NC10485 / Pietermaritzburg
Cut lanes without indicators and then with no reason shows middle finger as if... more

2017-05-03 @
FN79TSGP / Johannesburg
I was driving approximately 110km in a left lane when i saw this vehicle appro... more

2017-05-02 @ 18:15
FTY284FS / Bethlehem
Entered the wrong lane of the circle, cutting me off. also has faulty wiring ... more

2017-05-02 @ 16h00
DT62RNGP / Kempton Park
Driver speeding in a 70 zone. came up behind me and flashed. i could not move ... more

2017-05-01 @ 11:22
CA899503 / Sandton
Driver was driving along witkoppen rd toward monte casino, just before the int... more

2017-05-01 @
CY311669 / Cape Town
Raced to cut in at a merge and then brakes course she was not allowed in. a me... more

2017-04-29 @ 1627
CL66648 / Cape Town
Vehicle pulls out from main road, at a yield sign, right in front of me, so th... more

2017-04-29 @ 14:35
CF187471 / Cape Town
Swerving, jumping red lights and stop signs, swearing at others when they hoot... more

2017-04-26 @ 08:10
FS33JBGP / Centurion
1 of a number of idiots that choose to speed on the emergency lane while there... more

2017-04-25 @
MY3GALZ.ZA / Durban
Parked behind me in a parking, leaving me and driver refuse to move their vehi... more

2017-04-24 @
DK82NHGP / Other
Ahole from east rand paving has cut me off twice taking the off ramp from the ... more

2017-04-24 @ 08:07
DF99HFG / Benoni
He was carrying you school kids and was driving too close to me and overtaking... more

2017-04-24 @ 6:45am
FH29MMGP / Soweto
Omg i have never been so scared for my life, the driver pushing off other cars... more

2017-04-24 @ 07:45
1GP / Midrand
This woman drove in a very reckless manner at excessive speed from 8th rd, thr... more

2017-04-24 @ 06:58
TBX177GP / Centurion
First of all two taxis was driving on the yellow line giving one way to go the... more

2017-04-20 @ 17:00
CC46RCGP / Centurion
Driver was speeding in a reckless and negligent fashion, in peak traffic that ... more

2017-04-21 @ 7:20
SYR795GP / Johannesburg
Driving like an idiot, turning at a green light but cutting me off as i was tu... more

2017-04-18 @ 17:45
CF165111 / Cape Town
Deliberate tail gating, lane squashing and heavy braking. fowl hand signaling a... more

2017-04-20 @ 07:45
DDP509L / Midrand
Using a cellphone (assume to text) while driving and disrupting traffic, not t... more

2017-04-20 @ 08:30
DG62PDGP / Centurion
Changing lanes cutting across vehicles without the use of any indicators... more

2017-04-19 @ 7 pm
001LEWGP / Johannesburg
Tailgating my vehicle extremely close. when vehciles infront began to slow dow... more

2017-04-19 @ 16h00
DB22TBGP / Kempton Park
Driver ran red lights with heavy vehicle and trailer cause drivers on green fr... more

2017-04-15 @ 16:15
DH44RJGP / Johannesburg
Was speeding at about 80 - 100km/hr in a residential area (with speed bumps) j... more

2017-04-18 @ 16:19
CJ75NZGP / Sandton
Driver was driving behind me and was driving way too close to me, then aggress... more

2017-04-19 @ 08:50
CEY14535 / Cape Town
Passing a slower vehicle in the left lane by overtaking inside in the yellow l... more

2017-04-19 @ 07:35
BATSOGP / Midrand
Turning right onto r55 from tamboti rd, cutting across vehicles already turnin... more

2017-04-19 @ 6:55
DK67TNGP / Johannesburg
Driver with a fully laden taxi (with the words "staff transport" on the back) ... more

2017-04-18 @ 07h55
CA961328 / Cape Town
Driver pushing in, driving up peoples butts and talking on cellphone. ... more

2017-04-15 @ 17h50
CA750615 / Cape Town
We almost drove into a toddler when the wildly irresponsible women in whose ca... more

2017-04-15 @ 17:40
CA750615 / Cape Town
We almost drove into a toddler who these wildly irresponsible women had left a... more

2017-04-14 @ 05:50
NRN964GP / Roodepoort
Driving drunk with flat wheel all over the road... more

2017-04-11 @ 16H27
CA729433 / Cape Town
Chatting and sm essing on his cell phone while driving and almost came into me... more

2017-04-11 @ APPROX 14H
YYX974GP / Centurion
Bmw skipped red light, turned right while i was turning left (a green arrow in... more

2017-04-12 @ 16h05
CA31588 / Cape Town
Drove so close to my bumper i couldn't see her head lights and that at 125kmph... more

2017-04-11 @ 16:16
FR48SSGP / Kempton Park
Reckless and rude driver.... more

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