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We have put this site together to allow you to have your say without risking your life on the roads, although it is a fun site, it is at the same time serious. Road Rage and bad driving kill people, so lets name and shame these bastards and hopefully get them off our roads, or raise awareness of the problem we face daily - while having some fun of course :-)

Recently Added RoadHogs :

2018-02-23 @ 16h00
DZ74NDGP / Centurion
At the circle a car was pasing from our right side and then it was our turn, h... more

2018-02-22 @
DP96SSGP / Pretoria
These guys entered a one way, forcing me to reverse all the way back wards and... more

2018-02-21 @ 7:20
SOLTEAM / Johannesburg
Overtaking multiple cars on solid white line and disregarding speed bumps. tra... more

2018-02-15 @
NOT2BAD / Roodepoort
Don’t stop at stop streets and drive on your ass.... more

2018-02-21 @ 5:50am
YVV723GP / Pretoria
Skipped the red light as he came from rosslyn. even after the light was green ... more

2018-02-21 @ 05:15
FWD726NW / Johannesburg
It is seldom that one has the dubious honour of sharing the road with driver w... more

2018-02-17 @
FV41TVGP / Johannesburg
The offense took place around 12:30pm on william nicol drive opposite leaping ... more

2018-02-19 @ 06:20
DW43HNGP / Randburg
Cut across two lanes from a turning lane and almost took me out and the taxi i... more

2018-02-15 @ 08:58
YKP890GP / Sandton
Drove down the wrong side of the road and went through two red robots.... more

2018-02-14 @ 11:33
MANUVAGP / Sandton
Was distracted (probably on his phone) so he swerved across a solid line, into... more

2018-02-15 @ 6h20
XYV047GP / Benoni
Push me of the road ... more

2018-02-14 @ 17:20
MARCCGP / Centurion
Unsafe distance...drove into my car and tried to kill toddlers... more

2018-02-14 @ 1730
MARCCGP / Centurion
He drove too close me indicating with fingers i should drive faster. i had kid... more

2018-02-13 @ 16:30
ZBW762GP / Roodepoort
Went on the left hand shoulder of the road at an intersection and proceeded fo... more

2018-02-12 @ 14:15
NO REG / Johannesburg
Driving very close behind me, i showed him to back off as i had a kid in the c... more

2018-02-12 @ 0715
CF126209 / Cape Town
Ran red light at amandel and sandlewood intersection ... more

2018-02-12 @ 6.20AM
FN04XKGP / Johannesburg
I turned onto leonard rd, there was a grey car 1.5 blocks up and white chevrol... more

2018-02-09 @ 11.01
CA826486 / Cape Town
Pulling out into main road at stop street without yielding to traffic on main ... more

2018-02-09 @ 08:00
ND515327 / Durban
Stopped just after turning into kenysham drive to drop female off. holding up ... more

2018-02-09 @ 06:33
FG28BHGP / Roodepoort
Went straight in a turn right only lane.... more

2018-02-09 @ 5:30am
DV12FVGP / Sandton
- she does not stop at any red lights putting other drivers in danger. - high s... more

2018-02-08 @ 06:00
(wo)man swung over to the opposite lane and pedestrians had to run to avoid be... more

2018-02-07 @ 16:20
ZBD293GP / Pretoria
She was driving like a maniac from lynnwood road. where 2 lanes became one she... more

2018-02-01 @ 8:00am
UUF982 / Other
Woman driving the wrong way down a one way street, projecting road rage to oth... more

2018-02-04 @ SPEEDING
Speeding, cutting in without indicator.... more

2018-02-04 @ 14.47
CA897571 / Cape Town
Dangerous driving & speeding between narrow gap of parallel 2 lanes travelling... more

2018-02-04 @
BX14XXGP / Johannesburg
This twat left the dog in the car, windows closed while looking for some actio... more

2018-02-02 @ 09;00
CFM69619 / Cape Town
Hogging the right hand lane at 90-100kph in a 120kph zone with no idea of "dri... more

2018-01-27 @ 0802
CB04LYGP / Pretoria
Split lanes and cut bike off in wet conditions... more

2018-01-30 @ 17:20
NU717141 / Durban
Tried to put me on next lane with traffic on it... i hotter and stayed on my l... more

2018-01-29 @ 08H58
DV97LBGP / Randburg
Can see here there are 2 taxi's, both stop in the road blocking traffic to con... more

2018-01-29 @ 08H58
FK77BNGP / Randburg
Again, stop in the road at the crossing to drop passengers while there is a pe... more

2018-01-29 @ 08H15
XDT917GP / Randburg
This twat did not even look and just drove right in front of me while i was ap... more

2018-01-29 @ 07H57
PGS984GP / Randburg
Once again, go and stop in the road to block traffic from behind as well as th... more

2018-01-29 @ 07:15
ND764644 / Durban
This driver switched into a turn only lane to attempt to pass a queue of cars.... more

2018-01-25 @ 11H00
FJ67RVGP / Randburg
Again. doing business in the road. does not bother who is behind them, that th... more

2018-01-25 @ 08H25
DT77BRGP / Randburg
This woman did not even bother to look left or right, just barged over the sto... more

2018-01-25 @ 16H15
DF75NDGP / Randburg
Another taxi making a u turn into oncoming traffic at peak hour. not a care in... more

2018-01-25 @ 11H02
UNKNOWN / Randburg
Another example of taxi's in cresta. photo speak for itself. no rules to apply... more

2018-01-24 @ 10H51
FP22WDGP / Randburg
I am not sure if this qualifies as "stopped in time" or what but she was speed... more

2018-01-24 @ 16H04
FJ84BLGP / Randburg
Usual complaint. taxis doing as like, making u-turns in traffic, blocking vehi... more

2018-01-24 @ 07H47
DB46NNGP / Randburg
What a bamboozle moron. does not stop at the stop street, then barges with his... more

2018-01-27 @ 09:30am
DD45VBGP / Sandton
Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic without indicating, and generally driv... more

2018-01-23 @ 15H19
ZJN486GP / Randburg
Arthur matthews ave / albertina sisulu ave to stop at the red light while on ... more

2018-01-23 @ 15H21
YCT223GP / Randburg
No need to stop at the red light, you are driving a putco bus and no one will ... more

2018-01-23 @ 15H02
FV03GDGP / Randburg
It did look like a female driving, but then also could be a "want to be" trans... more

2018-01-23 @ 15H16
FPZ040FS / Randburg
On the phone from nadine street up to 6th avenue where he turned off, still on... more

2018-01-23 @ 15H24
FN50SBGP / Randburg
Red light mean you are privileged in this country to go over even though the l... more

2018-01-23 @ 11H55
FK29CKGP / Randburg
This gentleman decided that parking where all the others park is too much aske... more

2018-01-23 @ 12h31
DG69KDGP / Randburg
Despite of traffic behind his lord driver, he will stop and cut one lane to dr... more

2018-01-23 @ 15H28
BX31GBGP / Randburg
These people are doing like they please, blocking traffic to make u turns on a... more

2018-01-26 @ 11:00
FM67HDGP / Alberton
This bully was tailgating me after he failed to stop at a stop street. there w... more

2018-01-19 @ 15:40
CX30868 / Knysna
Ignoring red traffic light stopping in road to pick up passengers... more

2018-01-20 @ 08H50
BY83KBGP / Midrand
So, there were many of them and yes, i can understand that they want to look a... more

2018-01-20 @ 09H16
DH56NTGP / Pretoria
Speeding like he just had a pepper ball suppository administered. not only hig... more

2018-01-19 @ 4:30pm
This driver was weaving in and out of traffic and would switch lanes dangerous... more

2018-01-19 @ 15H50
DN92FMGP / Randburg
The picture says it all. this one decided to stop in the intersection to condu... more

2018-01-19 @ 16H00
TZS506GP / Randburg
To hell and gone with oncoming traffic, he just drive without looking or anyth... more

2018-01-19 @ 13H30
NO REG / Pretoria
Crossed two red robots. when i questioned him he said he checked . he said tha... more

2018-01-19 @ 09H55
ZCZ809GO / Roodepoort
Now this time traveler - he speed past me (80km/h zone) and let it look like i... more

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