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2019-10-13 @ 14:30
GPS557L / Pretoria
He forces vehicle off the road to pass. he is over speeding and flashing for e... more

2019-10-10 @ 12:02pm
YPK413GP / Sandton
Driver skips ahead of traffic by going down a left-turn only lane and then qui... more

2019-10-12 @ 11:49am
CV17ZNGP / Johannesburg
Driver went through a red robot.... more

2019-10-09 @ 16:49pm
CX79MYGP / Johannesburg
Driving on the wrong side of the road.... more

2019-10-10 @ 12:02pm
NDH6278 / Sandton
Going through two red robots in a row... more

2019-10-11 @ 08:43am
DF02GBGP / Johannesburg
Speeding and went through a red robot.... more

2019-10-10 @ 11:59
FGG339L / Midrand
Aggressive driving, speeding, cutting off other drivers, skipping intersection... more

2019-10-08 @ 15:15
CY109788 / Cape Town
Erratic behaviour while driving. she would slow down, put on her hazard light... more

2019-10-08 @ 10:17am
FS55PNGP / Pretoria
Taxi just ahead had used turning lane to jump ahead of straight traffic, cutti... more

2019-10-08 @ 10:17am
FT25SYGP / Pretoria
Aggressive driving. used a turning lane to jump ahead of vehicles in the strai... more

2019-10-04 @ 15:48
CW75GHGP / Centurion
Driver skipped a red robot on lenchen avenue, only to recklessly cut into traf... more

2019-10-07 @ 7: 45 am
CA914857 / Durban
Agressive inconsideridate dring behqviour and tailgating myself and other vehi... more

2019-10-04 @ 6.09am
OLIVER.GP / Randburg
Recklessly weaving in and out of slower moving traffic at very high speed enda... more

2019-10-02 @ 7:15
HK97VLGP / Other
The speed limit on the road is 60km/h i was driving 65km/h (i placed my car on ... more

2019-09-30 @ 12 pm
CAA66811 / Cape Town
Hyper agressive male who said he had no space to maneuverer out of parking spa... more

2019-09-23 @ 22:15
NRB89978 / Richards Bay
Driving without lights every night from work no tail lights and no head lights... more

2019-09-20 @ 14h40
CA789250 / Cape Town
Taxi tried to drive me off the road.... more

2019-09-18 @ 18:00
CA7168 / Cape Town
At 3-way stop, driver ahead of me let through the driver opposite and this one... more

2019-09-18 @ 12h23
SBY183GP / Johannesburg
This clever chap did a u-turn in oncoming traffic, then proceeded to overtake ... more

2019-09-17 @ 6:30
VARIOUS / Midrand
Blue light convoy mainly military vip vehicles driving at high speed and very ... more

2019-09-16 @ 1345
BY75TVG / Johannesburg
Speeding dtinking weaving between cars... more

2019-09-13 @ 17:45
CN10187 / Other
I was driving at the speed limit, the driver was tailgating me to force me int... more

2019-09-13 @
CJ21686 / Cape Town
Overloaded and didn't stop at a stop street while there were many cars around.... more

2019-09-12 @ 07:45
CA106419 / Cape Town
Middle aged man cursed at me while i was trying to get into the traffic on pla... more

2019-09-09 @ 18:00
WKR61GP / Pretoria
Fled an accident scene that he was involved in and tried to make his way in be... more

2019-09-05 @ 18:00
CA995364 / Cape Town
Drove through 3-way stop without slowing down or even looking... more

2019-09-07 @ 11h30
SYT512GP / Johannesburg
He tred to pull into my lane with no indicator, almost pushing me off the road... more

2019-09-04 @ 11:49am
VXN563GP / Pretoria
Came through the red robot long after it turned red. he was behind another lar... more

2019-09-03 @ 16:58
NT25803 / Durban
He was going to drive cross the road but the robbort was red on his side and o... more

2019-09-04 @ 15:10
NP19952 / Pietermaritzburg
Nudged my rear bumper while changing lanes in bumper to bumper traffic. ran of... more

2019-09-04 @ 0645
HPD038GP / Midrand
Hit our vehicle when he came around the corner speeding in the wrong lane . he... more

2019-09-02 @ 07H45
CF179494 / Cape Town
Old paarl rd - reckless passing over double white lines with oncoming motorcyc... more

2019-09-03 @ 10:26
NPS65772 / Other
I was coming from trafalgar turning right onto the r61 to head north when all ... more

2019-08-30 @ 7:38
FP36DF / Pretoria
Male driver intimidating, bullying and threaten other road users. a taxi d... more

2019-08-29 @ 21:31
DY51ZYGP / Upington
Driving extremely fast and tailgating while there is alot of oncoming traffic... more

2019-08-29 @ 07H32
CF244799 / Cape Town
Drive in left lane on bridge and force into right lane at robot. ... more

2019-08-29 @ 07H30
CF55970 / Cape Town
Drive in left lane on bridge and force into right lane at robot. ... more

2019-08-29 @ 07H32
ND643661 / Cape Town
Drive in left lane on bridge and force into right lane at robot. ... more

2019-08-26 @ 11:55
HX87GPGP / Roodepoort
Driving recklessly weaving in and out of traffic almost crashing into other c... more

2019-08-23 @ 15:30
DZ40ZJG / Randburg
Driver either intoxicated or mentally unsound. speeds, cuts in front of vehic... more

2019-08-25 @ 13 10
JD21HG / Johannesburg
Flew through red robot that was red for at least 5 seconds ... more

2019-08-22 @ 10:23am
DT18TXGP / Midrand
Speeding, crossing lanes without indicating and weaving in and out of traffic.... more

2019-08-22 @ 10:15am
TTS796GP / Midrand
Long queue because a robot is out. driver decides he can skip ahead by going o... more

2019-08-22 @ 14:15
JB44JKGP / Sandton
Driving recklessly slamming on brakes trying to make other road users crash, c... more

2019-08-22 @ 07:20
DXX805GP / Roodepoort
This driver tried to push his way through in traffic on the left hand side of ... more

2019-08-22 @ 07:00-07:3
FZ82GWGP / Johannesburg
Every single morning this woman drives so badly. she always drives on the whit... more

2019-08-21 @ 06:45
FY01LDGP / Centurion
Tried pushing us of the road and when unsuccessful would prevent us from passi... more

2019-08-20 @ 17:35
DG37KCGP / Midrand
Driving down the dirt road passing multiple cars... more

2019-08-15 @ 13:00
HGJ674FS / Bloemfontein
One of the passengers in this vehicle got out of the vehicle and lift a slidin... more

2019-08-16 @ 7:30
CA917664 / Cape Town
This morning when approaching a bottle neck intersection by jan smuts road off... more

2019-08-13 @ 11:31am
HN42LDGP / Pretoria
Spirited driving! failed to indicate when turning (twice) and changing lanes (... more

2019-08-13 @ 11:32am
DY62NHGP / Pretoria
Indicated only after he was half way into the left lane, nearly colliding with... more

2019-08-13 @ 16h15
CA943129 / Cape Town
Bypassing traffic on a solid line.endangering other drivers.... more

2019-08-02 @ 8am
DL61YPGP / Randburg
Ran a red light - hit the front of my motorcycle and drove off. i caught up wi... more

2019-08-08 @ 07H15B
CFG26127 / Vredenburg
Overtaking +10 stationary vehicles at stop sign, in yellow lane, to cross r27 ... more

2019-08-07 @ 1341pm
HF60MB / Pretoria
This idiot white male white wearing baseball cap tried to force us off solomon... more

2019-08-06 @ 17h40
RV73XZGP / Randburg
Queue jumping - turning right into pres fouche from malibongwe straight only l... more

2019-08-07 @ 06:20 AM
HY23YDGP / Pretoria
The driver was drifting between the lanes , driving over speed limit and overt... more

2019-08-06 @ 06.50
CJ78XRGP / Roodepoort
Driver comes from cascades rd to turn left at traffic circle. no regard for ca... more

2019-08-05 @ 7.45
JSW115GP / Midrand
Driving on the pavement to overtake vehicles and then cut in front of me to ge... more

2019-08-01 @ 16:00
NT7007 / Durban
Dangerous driving veering from side to side ... more

2019-07-29 @ 07:10
CY02RXGP / Roodepoort
Stood still in the middle of road fighting and blaming reaction officer who di... more

2019-07-29 @ 05:30
NO REG / Johannesburg
Ladies be warned!! pushed over solid white line into my lane before the road m... more

2019-07-26 @ 20:00
FN97GP / Randburg
driver was driving very aggressively and came up right behind my car. he then... more

2019-07-26 @ 6:10
JHL100MP / Other
Made a u turn on the highway n17 in front of about 5 cars, it was almost a big... more

2019-07-23 @ 17:40
CA / Cape Town
You are such a bully with your privilege you should be ashamed, causing anxiet... more

2019-07-24 @ 8h30
JLX597MP / Other
Driving and texting. ignoring vehicles who are trying to attract her attention... more

2019-07-24 @ 7.05 am
024FWTGP / Johannesburg
This idiot skipped a yield sign, almost ran me off the road and then started a... more

2019-07-24 @ 7.05 am
024FWTGP / Johannesburg
This idiot skipped a yield sign, almost ran me off the road and then started a... more

2019-07-20 @ 13:36
BZM529NC / Other
Two glass bottles were thrown out of the passenger's side of this white corsa ... more

2019-07-19 @
CA788040 / Cape Town
Cut off another driver by crossing a solid line. acted like a maniac when com... more

2019-07-19 @ 18:00
ZVH425GP / Pretoria
Aggressive behaviour on road! he and his friend both with motor cycles got in... more

2019-07-18 @ 11:40am
CS04ZCGP / Pretoria
White driver in white bakkie driving on atterbury road towards the atterbury v... more

2019-07-17 @ 06:30
HT11YRGP / Kempton Park
This taxi driver wanted to switch to my right lane with no space in front of m... more

2019-07-16 @
FC232TMGP / Pretoria
I was driving along atterbury road when this man suddenly swerved in front of ... more

2019-07-15 @ 08:42
HG87HPGP / Pretoria
Another taxi who doesnt understand the rules of the road. cannot stop in turni... more

2019-07-09 @
FZ78JJGP / Pretoria
One of the worst drivers i've seen in a long time. doing 120 in an 80 zone to ... more

2019-07-15 @ 08:42
FS71RBGP / Pretoria
Driver does not seem to understand how a single vehicle turning lane works. tu... more

2019-07-10 @ 06h03
HHL651FS / Pretoria
Trying to push me off road. did not succeed. then overtaking me crossing doubl... more

2019-07-13 @ 14:20
JWG177NW / Pretoria
Bullied, intimidated and traumatised my young daughter who was obeying the rul... more

2019-07-10 @ 08H30
CA121931 / Cape Town
Driving in the bus lane, which is then blocked and just pushes into the next l... more

2019-07-10 @ 08H20
CF131825 / Cape Town
Reckless speedster weaving between lanes with without advancing due to heavy t... more

2019-07-08 @ 13h00
ND575597 / Durban
I was walking to my car which was parked in a parking bay on the road. i was h... more

2019-07-06 @ 13:50
XLX062GP / Alberton
The driver speeded through a robot that was not working and the driver was jus... more

2019-07-05 @
YBH595GP / Johannesburg
On 5 july 14:41hrs middle age asian driver with beard was driving a bakkie reg... more

2019-07-04 @ 13:00
CY74JRGP / Randburg
Driver intimidated me, even got out of his car and swirled insults on my windo... more

2019-07-02 @ 20:00
CJ36699 / Paarl
Every night at about 20:00 this little ahole tears down main road - a busy are... more

2019-06-30 @ 05h25
NUF50912 / Richards Bay
This driver run us off the road. we were waiting at the robot, 2 rows of cars... more

2019-07-01 @ 11:06
CX62312 / Cape Town
Drove at the back of me when i went faster he drove 170km/hr to pass and came ... more

2019-06-28 @ 23:49
CF180000 / Other
Speeding and overtaking on a double barrier line with poor visibility ... more

2019-06-28 @ 11:30am
HYL855EC / Port Elizabeth
My wife 2 small children and baby 1 year was driving on n2 passing bay west mal... more

2019-06-27 @
CM47WSGP / Krugersdorp
Driver cut me off over yellow lane from left hand side. i hooted at him and he... more

2019-05-09 @ 17:10
SWR052GP / Midrand
Taxi drove straight through a red light at the simlak drive and karkloof cresc... more

2018-10-23 @ 17:12
HF14CWGP / Midrand
Overtaking multiple cars in the on-coming lane, almost colliding with me and o... more

2018-10-23 @ 17:11
WRV322GP / Midrand
Overtaking multiple cars in the on-coming lane, almost colliding with me and o... more

2019-06-23 @ 13:30
MNR963GP / Johannesburg
This specimen decided that his vehicle requires two parking spaces instead of ... more

2019-06-22 @ 13:40
HP03CCGP / Johannesburg
Owner driver arrogantly parks on the pavement outside point hardware and just... more

2019-06-21 @ 17:00
NAV1 / Johannesburg
He drove at great speed up the pass in cyrildene in the emergency lane, swervi... more

2019-06-17 @ 16.30
BS74BRGP / Roodepoort
Audi was driving on hendrik potgieter in the yellow lane. as i approached he s... more

2019-06-15 @ 21h20
MERAKI / Pretoria
Hit and run... more

2019-06-12 @ 17:50
CA788040 / Cape Town
Cut me off when jumping a traffic light. hit brakes to get me to stop. at the ... more

2019-06-07 @ 14:00
CDC373EC / Other
Racing around in circles between swarthaak and holly crescent. car doesn't see... more

2019-06-12 @ 12:50pm
DC61KFGP / Sandton
Drivers over yellow line to skip ahead of traffic because she thinks she is be... more

2019-06-12 @ 08:00
CHB452EC / Port Elizabeth
This man skipped a stop street this morning in 7th ave walmer - i waved my ind... more

2019-06-12 @ 8:00
CHB452EC / Port Elizabeth
Old man skips a stop street, then decides to block the road with his car at th... more

2019-06-08 @ 15:20
CA75982 / Cape Town
Two male occupants driving extremely irresponsible and reckless, dangerously o... more

2019-06-06 @ 17:00
HP03WTGP / Centurion
Driving on sidewalk to overtake vehicles during peak hour traffic. ... more

2019-06-06 @ Harrasment
CA235380 / Cape Town
This motorcyclist continuously harasses people on the road. pulls up alongsid... more

2019-06-05 @ 12:05
HS66RJGP / Sandton
The taxi drove straight through a red traffic light at the intersection of ced... more

2019-06-05 @ 11:50
GRAMPSGP / Sandton
The driver pulled out in front of me, i had to slam on brakes to avoid him. i ... more

2019-06-03 @ 0515
CF244036 / Cape Town
This person was driving all over the 3 lanes, almost hitting the middle cement... more

2019-05-10 @ Red light
DM20WXGP / Pretoria
Driver skipped red light, almost causing an accident.... more

2019-06-03 @ 06:45
YDC624GP / Kempton Park
So as i just took the exit towards or tambo int. airport on r24, on the 2nd fa... more

2019-06-02 @ 11:21
CHOSEN2GP / Midrand
Excessive speed (i'd guess about 120km/hr), weaving in and out of cars without... more

2019-06-02 @ 11:15
YRC198GP / Midrand
Excessive speed (i'd say 100-110km/hr), overtaking across solid line and weavi... more

2019-05-22 @ 06:43am
YJG489GP / Johannesburg
Driving in yellow lane to skip ahead of traffic.... more

2019-05-22 @ 06:29
HH65WDGP / Sandton
Speeding, overtaking over solid line and driving like an idiot.... more

2019-05-10 @ 13:08
DM20WXGP / Pretoria
Skip the robot almost driving into my car. i had right of way and started to ... more

2019-03-16 @ 20:30
CP38HZGP / Johannesburg
Hit and run... more

2019-05-31 @ 10:35
CL9820 / Cape Town
Driving while talking on the cell phone and tail gating and speeding... more

2019-05-17 @ 06:30
ND301364 / Durban
The driver goes around traffic stopped at the robot, shoots the red robot and ... more

2019-05-23 @ 16h47
DZ25NWGP / Benoni
Driving up a one way road onto oncoming traffic. ... more

2019-03-29 @ 16h30
JFG883MP / Durban
This idiot was on his cell phone while driving on the n2 south bound and was w... more

2019-05-22 @ 07:00
JBB536EC / Port Elizabeth
Driving into crossing from middle lane pushing drivers out of the road... more

2019-05-21 @ 06:40
CY336913 / Cape Town
Speeding down van riebeevkshof road, cut across pains no indicator, missed my ... more

2019-05-10 @ 15h00
DL61VCG / Kempton Park
Driving under the influence of drugs... more

2019-05-19 @ 12h45
HW70RWG / Kempton Park
Overtook me recklessly after a stop sign. i almost scratched a parked vehicle ... more

2019-05-17 @ 15:21
HY97MPGP / Sandton
Driver skipped ahead of turning traffic by going in the straight only lane and... more

2019-05-17 @ 7:44
DB00CS / Roodepoort
This female driver thinks she is better than everyone else, jumping the queue ... more

2019-05-17 @ 7:40 am
FK84PYGP / Pretoria
Texting while driving, leaving zlong gaps between him and vehicles in front of... more

2019-05-07 @ 16H55
CF55503 / Cape Town
Wreckless entering of bottelaryroad from kraaifontein side while there is a lo... more

2019-05-14 @ 08:35
CA317790 / Cape Town
Vehicle pushed me off the road, by trying to push in front of me and crossing ... more

2019-05-12 @ 18:00
FXM016FS / Bloemfontein
The person speeds and passes cars where he is not allowed to. almost causing a... more

2019-05-10 @ 08:35
DM83NFGP / Randburg
Neglected to yield to oncoming traffic when exiting slip road and pulled into ... more

2019-05-10 @ 7:35
WNC774GP / Johannesburg
Driver went through red robot and nearly killed me .... more

2019-05-10 @ 07:38
CA865793 / Cape Town
I would like to report a wreckless driver please. i was coming down church st... more

2019-05-09 @ 15:20
FK34WHG / Centurion
Where the road narrowed i was in front of him, he came in next to me and pushe... more

2019-05-09 @ 8:20
NRJ355GP / Centurion
Brake lights problematic.... more

2018-03-14 @
DH33MNGP / Johannesburg
Reckless and negligent driving... more

2019-05-05 @ 16h17
RYX248GP / Pretoria
As lights turned green i was riding a motorcycle and began turning left into s... more

2019-05-07 @ 08.52
CP55JWGP / Randburg
This lady drove in the oncoming traffic lane. couldn't wait in the queue like ... more

2019-05-02 @ 13:00
NXV674GP / Johannesburg
Im just sitting nicely in the glenanda centre parking, when they come to get i... more

2019-05-02 @ 05:45
CN12460 / Paarl
On my way to paarl i observed the bakkie drive out of weltevrede rd without st... more

2019-04-30 @ 07:13
ZMG878GP / Benoni
Turning in a straight lane and cutting infront of us almost causing an acciden... more

2019-04-30 @ 07:05
HX39MTGP / Benoni
Driver overtook us and one hell of a speed, over s solid white line while ther... more

2019-04-26 @ All day
CLN861GP / Kempton Park
Young arrogant driver who revs and apins his car there all day.even though the... more

2019-04-29 @ 08H40
CA967344 / Cape Town
Said taxi driver on the yellow line driving illegally , tried to cut back into... more

2019-04-25 @ 17:15
CA153731 / Cape Town
I was driving on the left hand side lane in a double lane road between the mil... more

2019-04-24 @
CX06FVGP / Johannesburg
Drove into my car and drove off without stopping despite me hooting at him to ... more

2019-04-22 @ 18:45
CA195291 / Other
Just past the accident that claimed 8 lives at napier, this driver overtook 15... more

2019-04-17 @ 15.11
MANDABAGP / Johannesburg
This lady cut in front of me suddenly from the turning lane into the straight ... more

2019-04-19 @ 10H30
HGN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Pass on the right to shoot over all the lanes to take the left turn off. she i... more

2019-04-18 @ 07H21B
CJ28965 / Vredenburg
Overtaking of stationary vehicles on the left, in yellow lane, at stop sign an... more

2019-04-15 @ 14:40 -
DB98NCGP / Johannesburg
Speeding, driving on wrong side of road next to other vehicles with children i... more

2019-04-14 @ 13:10
CA276271 / Cape Town
I stopped behind parked vehicle to allow oncoming vehicle to pass , when said ... more

2019-04-11 @ 14h18
FHS660FS / Other
Driver of this truck suddenly swirfed right infront of me in the left lane and... more

2019-03-29 @ 2pm
TRE001 / Johannesburg
Speeding, driving on my tail, looking at himself in rear view mirror instead o... more

2019-04-08 @ 16H40
CF71905 / Cape Town
Ignoring basic rule of safe following distance. caused numerous unsafe situati... more

2019-04-03 @
TRE001GP / Sandton
Rude arrogant driver disregarded backed up traffic. drove on wrong side of roa... more

2019-04-05 @ 05H43
DT90XTGP / Roodepoort
The driver came from the offramp travelling on high speed without even checkin... more

2019-04-04 @ 1230pm
FN05VZ / Pretoria
Two lane merged into one he force me into oncoming land and showed his middle ... more

2019-04-02 @ 11:35am
UNKNOWN / Sandton
Speeding and going through a red robot.... more

2019-04-03 @ 14:15
DG80BVGP / Pretoria
At the corner of danie malan primary school this bmw tried to speed across the... more

2019-04-02 @ 10:45
CV27BWGP / Pretoria
Driving where he should not, being an overweight vehicle for that road. hap... more

2019-04-02 @ 7:00
010KHOGP / Centurion
Taxi overtaking on shoulder of road/yellow line as well as over red traffic li... more

2019-04-01 @ 16:36
XJN445GP / Kempton Park
Passing vehicles in oncoming traffic. stopping in the middle of the road.... more

2019-04-01 @ 6:20am
ND408895 / Durban
The driver overtook us on a two lane road where no overtaking is permitted and... more

2019-03-29 @ 7h30
HT06FX.GP / Alberton
Attempted murder! driving like a maniac while talking on his phone. at 120kph ... more

2019-03-28 @ 17:15
CF90663 / Cape Town
Driving reckless on the r300 while using her cellphone ,driver sways between 2... more

2019-03-27 @ 18:00
LAKAY02WP / Cape Town
He came over in front of me from the right lane without indicating than braked... more

2019-03-27 @ 11:20
ZDB095GP / Randburg
Driver came off of william nicole drive via a slip road at the robots and negl... more

2019-03-26 @ 8:50am
UNKNOWN / Kempton Park
Cut in front of you. passing by you from a painted island less than half a car... more

2019-03-21 @ 08:50
CY59635 / Other
Overtaking on double white line on a bend... more

2019-03-25 @ 7:15 am
FN45YYGP / Benoni
Driving 60km/h in a 70 zone in the fast lane working on her cellphone. when h... more

2019-03-21 @ 12:15
ZKN018GP / Bloemfontein
Parking on disabled lot... more

2019-03-19 @
CL53GXGP / Sandton
Woman driver ... more

2019-03-09 @ 20h00
HS58WDGP / Krugersdorp
Ignored the stop street cnr piet retief & van oordt street. ... more

2019-03-18 @ 06:15
DL43VSGP / Midrand
Driver sits in the fast lane, not giving way. then as i try to overtake, he sp... more

2019-03-16 @ 13h10
FK23CPGP / Brits
Jumped a stop street, reckless driving into other lanes... more

2019-03-14 @ 17:48
ZWP592GP / Centurion
Speeding recklessly ignoring give way/stop signs. i had to emergency brake bec... more

2019-03-08 @ 17:04
CJ99FPGP / Alberton
He did not stop at a robot that wasn't working and nearly hit me. i had to swe... more

2019-03-14 @ 07:50
CAW16461 / George
This person overtook us on a solid line on a sharp turn, he stayed on the wron... more

2019-03-11 @ 08:55
JFR699EC / Port Elizabeth
He drives with many people in the back of he's bakkie. the offence happened on... more

2019-03-11 @ 17:56
XLF712GP / Pretoria
Ignoring traffic rules by driving through circle against traffic, forcing onco... more

2019-03-05 @ 16:39
FX36MFGP / Pretoria
At two lanes merging, he comes charging from behind to cut me off to get in fr... more

2019-03-08 @ 08h30
BP21TGGP / Pretoria
There was an accident on the n1 north friday morning 8 march at rigel or garst... more

2019-03-08 @ 07:55
FSX990FS / Johannesburg
This lady was driving the wrong direction in ley road, victory park that is a ... more

2019-03-08 @ 08:05
FD13NRGP / Johannesburg
I was driving in greenway road, greenside when this guy waited until the last ... more

2019-03-07 @ 12:50
HL02GMGP / Randburg
Idiot doesn't use indicators cuts people off and arrogantly drives slowly thro... more

2019-03-01 @ 15:50
CA477666 / Cape Town
Drive drove into a one way into the oncoming traffic ... more

2019-03-05 @ 7:45
RTK589GP / Centurion
Driver recklessly join my lane and driving very bad i had to save myself by sw... more

2019-03-05 @ 06:30 AM
CR68YHGP / Sandton
This driver continuously hindered traffic flow by not moving with the rest of ... more

2019-03-01 @ 15:50
CA477666 / Cape Town
Driving into a one way road during peak traffic... more

2019-03-03 @ 15:20
CL04NZGP / Pretoria
Driver reclessly overtaking from left side while we were in process of turning... more

2019-03-03 @
CL04NZGP / Pretoria
Overtaking from left side pushing vehicles off the road then braking to a halt... more

2019-02-28 @ 8:38
HN70LJGP / Alberton
He changed lanes without indicating and almost hit the passenger side of my ca... more

2019-03-02 @ 10:25
DGT816 / Port Elizabeth
Wreckles driving and almost caused an accident. when confronted he spoke bad a... more

2019-03-01 @ 14.20
HB05BDGP / Roodepoort
Car came with a high speed at the point where the road becomes one and insiste... more

2019-03-01 @ 16h10
CT22182 / Mosselbay
Jaag verby en druk my amper van die pad af. jaag tot op motor voor hom. ... more

2019-03-01 @ 09:35
DN10LKGP / Randburg
Audi driver over took another car at a yield sign and traffic circle. audi dri... more

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