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2018-08-14 @ 20:30
031TREGP / Centurion
Cut me off on the highway and thean proceeded to brake and go in front of my c... more

2018-08-14 @ 16:45
SXJ046GP / Kempton Park
Almost caused an accident and screams swear words out of the window... more

2018-08-14 @ 17h00
BLS750M / Johannesburg
Sa army does not know it is illegal to drive over a solid yellow line and crea... more

2018-08-13 @ 18:20
CFM66379 / Cape Town
So tired of motorists not adhering to road signage regarding speed and then ch... more

2018-08-12 @ 13:18
HL33RHGP / Ermelo
Overtaking in blind spots, driving on the left hand side (sand) of road to ove... more

2018-08-11 @
LF68BPGP / Pretoria
Driving dangerously fast in busy traffic. ... more

2018-08-10 @ 3.30pm
NO REG / Johannesburg
Cut off bmw on corner of sandton drive and william nichol road then proceeded ... more

2018-08-09 @ 13:48
HJG242EC / Midrand
Truck changed lanes from middle lane to left lane without looking, running us ... more

2018-08-09 @ 10:39
DH87FZGP / Centurion
Driver decided to make a 3 point turn on the r101, stopping traffic in both di... more

2018-08-09 @ 11:50
CY349827 / Cape Town
I had pulled out of ntida wine farm and shortly thereafter a vehicle appeared ... more

2018-08-08 @
FJ01LCGP / Pretoria
Transporting an massive number of people on the back of the bakkie - so many t... more

2018-08-08 @
TBD303GP / Johannesburg
Forcefully pushed in front while we were driving in traffic at a medium speed ... more

2018-08-07 @ 08:48
XKK284GP / Pretoria
A mk logistics ( mercedes benz xkk 284gp truck nearl... more

2018-08-02 @ About 5:30
JML644GP / Pretoria
Thursday, 2 august 2018, about 05:30: i drove 60km/h in staatsartillerie road,... more

2018-08-04 @ 02:00
HLZ282EC / Pretoria
Driving on the wrong side of the road - when questioned on whether under the i... more

2018-08-02 @ 15:54
FX86RTGP / Johannesburg
Cut in front of my vehicle, almost colliding with my car, just to try and get ... more

2018-08-01 @ 14:20
CHV808GP / Johannesburg
Man pushed me off the road into oncoming traffic, forcing the other drivers to... more

2018-07-31 @ 16h00
CHA222GP / Roodepoort
This woman does not wait in traffic in the turning lane, no, she drives all th... more

2018-07-30 @ 16:45
CB65KJ / Germiston
The lady kept stopping on the road and didn't know how to drive. i started to ... more

2018-07-30 @ 12:12pm
DZY263EC / Johannesburg
Truck driver went through two red robots in quick succession. the first at the... more

2018-07-17 @ 12:22pm
HL70RTGP / Johannesburg
Driver was going about 140-150km/hr.... more

2018-07-13 @ 11:09am
CB95DLGP / Johannesburg
Speeding (i would estimate he was going about 80- 100km/hr in a 60km zone).... more

2018-07-27 @ 0750
NP44985 / Midrand
Speeding on a suburban road probably 100+km/h toward the r55. mampara of th... more

2018-07-28 @ 08:03
ND762905 / Midrand
Speeding down toward allendale rd and recklessly weaving through cars. my ... more

2018-07-24 @ 4:29pm
FZ72XDGP / Pretoria
Proper road hog this one. the robot just ahead is green but she stops to yell ... more

2018-07-24 @ 12.45
FW25WGGP / Johannesburg
He came left out of the main roundabout at fourways crossing at about 120km/hr... more

2018-07-26 @ 07H11B
CFP1711 / Vredenburg
We where a string of vehicles, 4 vehicle directly behind each other, and this ... more

2018-07-24 @ 4:35 pm
TMV541GP / Pretoria
This idiot were driving farm more than 80 in a 80 zone. he/she was so close to... more

2018-07-25 @ 7:25 am
FC96FSGP / Sandton
This driver are really wreck less, driving with one hell of a speed to get in ... more

2018-07-22 @ 15h10
CA882783 / Cape Town
Overspeeding driver and when asked to reduce speed he rudely answered to the p... more

2018-07-23 @ 07:40
FJ11FV / Port Elizabeth
Intimidating behaviour, lane change without indicating, hazardous driver, non ... more

2018-07-19 @ 16:00
CA465134 / Cape Town
Sending texts while driving, look no hands! swerving across road and tailgatin... more

2018-07-18 @ 7.04am
DD44JPG / Benoni
Silly twit travelled from rynfield down pretoria rd, overtaking two lanes of t... more

2018-07-17 @ 07H23
CY296285 / Cape Town
Skipping 2 red robots... more

2018-07-11 @ 10:22am
FL71ZYGP / Johannesburg
Going through a red robot at the intersection of bowling avenue and south road... more

2018-07-11 @ 08:58am
YCD697GP / Pretoria
Seems this guy doesnt understand about turning lanes, and thinks it's fine to ... more

2018-07-11 @ 8:00
HJW144EC / Port Elizabeth
The sasko truck had obviously just finished its bread delivery at the cotswold... more

2018-07-10 @ 14:26
CA989504 / Cape Town
Turned while red then stopped in the intersection and on a red line across the... more

2018-07-10 @ 06:35
CA810890 / Cape Town
This person came from behind in the fast lane. it was dark and very misty. m... more

2018-07-09 @ 16:00
TLC913GP / Roodepoort
Driver driving in lane to turn left. stops at robot and, upon turning green, ... more

2018-07-08 @ 15.15
DT88GFGP / Kempton Park
Hit and run. driver and passenger were both drunk. drove into the back of us. ... more

2018-07-09 @ 13h10
DY09TSGP / Other
This driver did not stop or slowed down at the yield sign from mimosa into pie... more

2018-07-08 @ 19hoo
BG44VMGP / Johannesburg
I asked him if the taxi was not going to protea glen ext 26 then he started in... more

2018-07-06 @ 6:52
NRB82085 / Richards Bay
Cut me off the road while over taking, cut the driver ahead as well driving in... more

2018-06-20 @
CL53921 / Cape Town
Driving so bad and don't consider any other driver on the road. she swears at ... more

2018-07-04 @ 15:05
FK97BCG / Johannesburg
Driver swung across 3 lanes into my lane just missing hitting my car. when i ... more

2018-06-27 @ 09:12
YASH1EC / Other
Overtaking myself and two trucks over double barrier line... more

2018-06-20 @ 16:51
FT12TDGP / Pretoria
General disregard for most traffic rules. just plain bad on the road.... more

2018-06-01 @ 15:16
SJY741GP / Pretoria
Changes lanes without indication and no regard for traffic laws whatsoever. us... more

2018-06-21 @ 17:36
VMM642GP / Pretoria
Changes laneswithout indication. almost drove me from the road trying to get i... more

2018-06-24 @ 19:45
CK62PWGP / Midrand
This roadhog sped through a stop sign at the intersection of harry galaun and ... more

2018-06-25 @ 2:25pm
NUM11143 / Pretoria
Overtook over a solid line near a blind bend. twice. tailgating. failed to sto... more

2018-06-20 @ 7H45
BR18DVGP / Roodepoort
This women turns from a dedicated right hand turn lane across two lanes to go ... more

2018-06-19 @ 10h58
HDL774FS / Other
To the 5 people who almost hit me on the corner of grens and 4de laan with the... more

2018-06-18 @ 16:40
YCG907GP / Pretoria
The biker yelled vulgar language and i showed him to go away and drove on. he ... more

2018-06-19 @ 07h16
DS11PBGP / Johannesburg
Skipped stop street, reckless driving with children in minibus driving excessi... more

2018-06-19 @ 07h16
DS11PBGP / Johannesburg
Skipped stop street and raced down towards motorbike rider turning into work.... more

2018-05-21 @ 8AM
FK59MJGP / Johannesburg
Moses regularly drives his taxi on the wrong side of the road, heading into on... more

2018-06-18 @ 16h13
FS93KJGP / Roodepoort
Drives straight through stop street outside panorama primary school without ev... more

2018-06-17 @ 10H45
CK33SJGP / Krugersdorp
Another that drives a high performance car that thinks the rules don't apply ... more

2018-06-15 @ 16:15
TBB048GP / Roodepoort
For about 3 kilometers, this vehicle tried to push in front of vehicles going ... more

2018-06-17 @ 12:30
FC06JTGP / Midrand
Huge traffic develops turning right from r55 onto main rd. however this clown ... more

2018-06-14 @ 16.20
CP73WGG / Johannesburg
She was driving far over 80 km per hour in the 80 zone. she was driving over s... more

2018-06-15 @ 8:31am
CH71NSGP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot (the one just before the one in the picture).... more

2018-06-14 @ 15:35
SWK432GP / Centurion
Speeding in left hand lane (slow lane), aggressive driving - cut off another c... more

2018-06-14 @ 0650
NU55932 / Durban
Tailgating & flashing lights at me when there was nowhere for me to go, and i ... more

2018-06-14 @ 0800
RFN604GP / Johannesburg
Overtaking on a solid line, then almost shoving me of the road because he/she ... more

2018-06-13 @ 4:15pm
FL23FNGP / Johannesburg
Driving at high speed and overtaking in area that was blatantly dangerous and ... more

2018-06-12 @ 7:45am
ND59708 / Durban
With no cars behind me, at last second decides to jump in front of me causing ... more

2018-06-12 @ 8:36am
DK73RPGP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot. failed to use indicator to change lanes.... more

2018-06-09 @ 14:41
BW99GWG / Johannesburg
The robot was red and the taxi stopped in the far right lane (turn only lane) ... more

2018-06-08 @ 8:35am
CP72NNGP / Pretoria
Talking on her cellphone while driving. studies in the uk have proven that usi... more

2018-06-06 @ 5:24pm
CJ98ZGGP / Pretoria
Stopped well over the stop line at the red light. creeping forward. very aggre... more

2018-06-07 @ 8:24am
CR17MTGP / Pretoria
Did not stop at red robot. did not use indicator when changing lanes.... more

2018-06-06 @ 17:05
CA81993 / Cape Town
Erratic behaviour, driving in yellow lane.... more

2018-06-04 @ 12:47
VGF879GH / Johannesburg
Driving at high speed up the road and almost crashed into another car weavin... more

2018-06-04 @ 07:05
CY242876 / Cape Town
This driver finds it amusing to see how fast and reckless they can drive in pe... more

2018-05-27 @ 14:13
Overtaking on solid double line ???... more

2018-06-01 @
CR66VJGP / Alberton
Driver kept cutting in front of me as i changed lanes on the n12 where it merg... more

2018-05-27 @ 13h10
CN30742 / Cape Town
There was a queue of cars backed up on the offramp from the m5 towards koeberg... more

2018-06-01 @ 14h00
FF47SFGP / Germiston
Drove me off my route while bumping my car... more

2018-06-01 @ 12:40
CA138630 / Cape Town
Cut me off in a merging lane when i was well ahead of him. he managed to squee... more

2018-06-01 @ 07:20
DS49YRGP / Johannesburg
She was waiting in traffic and then just turned onto the right lane without in... more

2018-05-30 @ 07h50
CEY59655 / Cape Town
This man is a menace on the roads, swerving in and out, driving in the yellow ... more

2018-05-30 @ 07h50
CEY22549 / Cape Town
This taxi is guilty of pushing in front of other vehicles on a daily basis cau... more

2018-05-29 @ 08:45
RKW943GP / Johannesburg
He and 2 other taxis driving up in a one-way street. when i told one of the dr... more

2018-05-28 @ 1715
BRIMA7GP / Johannesburg
Overtaking on the on ramp to the highway blocking safe access to join the high... more

2018-05-27 @ 15h20
CY173817 / Cape Town
Jumped stop street. no attempt at stopping at all. the driver must have a guar... more

2018-05-28 @ 8:22am
DX75LBGP / Pretoria
Taxi stopped on top of the circle to drop off a passenger directly into the ro... more

2018-05-27 @ 20:23
NO REG / Cape Town
Dead stop in 60 indicators gp number, drunken man admitted he was wron... more

2018-05-27 @ 09h55
NU44468 / Durban
Joined m13 durban bound without looking to see if cars are in the first lane, ... more

2018-05-25 @ 17:09
CB31HYGP / Centurion
I turned right in to rooihuiskraal road from samrand. the two lanes of rooihui... more

2018-05-24 @ 13:35
000AMI / Pretoria
The driver was speeding and sped across 2 lanes into a lane that was closed of... more

2018-05-23 @ 14:21
FT70FVGP / Randburg
Cut in front of my car from the left lane just missing me by a few mm. then c... more

2018-05-23 @ 8:52am
WYW510GP / Pretoria
Ran through a red robot after coming off the highway off-ramp. ... more

2018-05-22 @ 10H10
FJW625FS / Other
Truck came speeding from plantation road off-ramp, driving recklessly and push... more

2018-05-21 @
ETX787MP / Dundee
Travelljng at extremely excessive speed. passing over double barrier lines with... more

2018-05-15 @ 8:31am
FG22DVGP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot.... more

2018-05-14 @ 3PM
FL49WDGP / Centurion
Wandering all over the road playing with her cellphone, changing lanes without... more

2018-05-12 @
FM07NWGP / Johannesburg
High speed weaving in and out of traffic cutting drivers off.... more

2018-05-11 @ 07H15
CA95000 / Cape Town
Wrecklace driving came at high speed towards bumper to bumper traffic on n1... more

2018-05-09 @ 07H19
FZ37SFGP / Randburg
Went over 2 stop streets and racing up the street while woman with baby in pra... more

2018-05-07 @ 14:10
XXL890GP / Johannesburg
This gentleman seems to think that he owns the road. there were a whole bunch... more

2018-04-29 @ 10:20
HC02HYGP / Cape Town
Overtaken vechiles driving in lane of oncomming traffic.oncomming cars need to... more

2018-04-25 @ 16h45
SIM911GP / Rustenburg
This very same fella parked in the disabled parking while he went to buy takea... more

2018-04-26 @ 18:00
CR14981 / Cape Town
Kicked my side view window ... more

2018-04-23 @ 06H55
CF164831 / Cape Town
Skip stop street on busy t-junction with children in car.... more

2018-04-18 @ 8:15am
XPG271GP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot.... more

2018-04-18 @ 8:20am
HG89NVGP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot.... more

2018-04-18 @ 8:20am
NN90636 / Pretoria
Ran a red robot.... more

2018-04-17 @ 19:56
NO REG / Soweto
Driver of a vw pikitup sprinter with pikitup employees occupying the vehicle h... more

2018-04-17 @ 3:30
CY33THGP / Roodepoort
Driving like a lunatic. very aggressive. cutting other vehicles off, swearing ... more

2017-06-09 @ 16:45
CC46RCGP / Pretoria
The driver was speeding in a reckless and negligent manner. the driver was in ... more

2018-04-14 @ 13:40
888TCSGP / Pretoria
Driver on cellphone in january maselea, almost pushed us off the road to cut i... more

2018-03-26 @ 17:45
CA401578 / Cape Town
Erratic driving after i hooted at him when he cut in front of me. braking erra... more

2018-04-11 @ 12h30
BRV802GP / Other
Offender tried to push into my lane from a slipway lane on my left. i couldn't... more

2018-04-11 @ 07:10
FZ87GLGP / Randburg
He broke at least 4 road rules while crossing from bordeaux north into bordeau... more

2018-04-10 @ 06h11
CY279607 / Benoni
He was in the left lane which was a merge lane he cut me off from the merge la... more

2018-04-07 @ 12:10
CFM54 / Other
Driver of the mini approached the 4 way stop after i had already stopped, he d... more

2018-04-07 @ 11:00
ZXF729GP / Sandton
Went straight through a stop street, almost colliding with me. didn't care as ... more

2018-04-03 @ 08:20
DEXTRGP / Centurion
Failed to stop at the intersection of witch-hazel avenue and eco park road. he... more

2018-03-27 @ 17:30
FJ85YYGP / Pretoria
In heavy traffic, the driver tried to overtake a few cars in the oncomming tra... more

2018-04-01 @ 16:47
NO REG / Other
While we were busy going past vechile (single lanes both directions) this vech... more

2018-03-27 @ 16:25
DY73XZGP / Johannesburg
He passed all cars on the right hand side, this are a single tar lane, went in... more

2018-03-28 @ 08h00
BC28GMGP / Pretoria
Failed to stop at a stop sign. failed to wait for oncoming traffic so i had to... more

2018-03-27 @ 15:45
ICCGP / Centurion
This idiot lives down the road from me in a cul de sac. he uses our road as a ... more

2018-03-27 @ 08:06
CG62FRGP / Centurion
This woman came speeding into a small space in front of me, in a jammed n14 no... more

2018-03-23 @
HF11VHGP / Harrismith
Driver drinking alcohol at caltrex stop at harrismith n3. ... more

2018-03-23 @ 7:21
BSS713B / Roodepoort
Talking on his phone while basically forcing one off the road to push in in-fr... more

2018-03-23 @ 8:45
PXP571GP / Sandton
Drove from the left lane over a solid white line and over the yellow lines ont... more

2018-03-21 @ 9am
HG43YFGP / Benoni
Bakkie pulled into tandem parking only two thirds into front parking bay. so n... more

2018-03-20 @ 7.30am
NVG873 / Johannesburg
Driver jumped two lanes in busy traffic without giving and indicator and then ... more

2018-03-19 @ 17:48
DB91MJGP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot. left rear brake light not working.... more

2018-03-19 @ 1425
CA101794 / Cape Town
Driver swerved in front of me. there was absolutely no space in front for a ca... more

2018-03-19 @ 8:15am
DG07ZKGP / Pretoria
Texting while driving.... more

2018-03-16 @ 13:35
CJ81402 / Durban
The driver of this vehicle, literally drove on top of me, from behind yet ther... more

2018-03-15 @ 07:30
DJ24ZLGP / Midrand
Speeding on the opposing lane instead of queueing like every law abiding motor... more

2018-03-14 @ 17:05
NP5990 / Centurion
Drove straight through a solid red light at the intersection of rietspruit roa... more

2018-03-13 @ 17:20
DF31LZGP / Centurion
This mampara who appears to be a resident of blue valley estate, thinks he his... more

2018-03-12 @ 14
KAYOSS1GP / Johannesburg
Cut me off on william nichole and almost cause me to smash into him. just a re... more

2018-03-11 @ 17H50
PROCO2GP / Pretoria
Reckless high speed driving in a 40km/h zone while children walking & playing ... more

2018-03-10 @ 00:30
ND387036 / Pretoria
Drove over red traffic light, speeding and skipping red traffic light and stop... more

2018-03-09 @ 15H05
WEG005GP / Randburg
This sod was on his phone from cliffside crescent to arizona cres. where he tu... more

2018-03-08 @ 15:47
CY / Cape Town
First he cuts me off, then i blew the horn for about 15 seconds out of frustra... more

2018-03-08 @ 07:10
ND539010 / Durban
Driver changed lanes on the highway without indicator. driver then changed lan... more

2018-03-08 @ 6:12
XDP073GP / Benoni
Speeding then sitting on yout back and bully others on road. if you do not giv... more

2018-03-07 @ 09:55
CFM70638 / Cape Town
Drove with excessive speed through a 3 way stop sign, not stopping at a stop s... more

2018-03-04 @ 13:05
CA928252 / Cape Town
We were offloading an elderly lady with a walking stick and he proceeded to ho... more

2018-03-03 @
CK01SFGP / Benoni
Excessive speeding, driver passing through various red traffic lights placing ... more

2018-03-03 @ 15:30
FP13JMGP / Pretoria
Driver was driving dangerously on the n1 with unsafe following distance behind... more

2018-03-02 @ 16:05
FC09XWGP / Johannesburg
Driving in emergency lain on lefthand side of road and cut in infront of me... more

2018-03-01 @ 07:35
FP47KXGP / Randburg
Used right turn only lane to cut across moving traffic in front of other vehic... more

2018-02-27 @ 01:27
NO REG / Boksburg
Speeding like crazy ... more

2018-02-28 @ 08H11
CW81NYGP / Randburg
On the phone. swirling across the lines. did not stop at the stop street. i ... more

2018-02-27 @
HWS106EC / Port Elizabeth
Speeding and pushing other cars off the road... more

2018-02-27 @ 15h00
JBR027MP / Vanderbijlpark
The driver pushes cars in right hand lane to the side whenever he wants to go ... more

2018-02-27 @ 07:15
BJ92PVGP / Centurion
I was driving in the suburb, on my way to work, when this bmw raced passed me ... more

2018-02-19 @ 07h40
Hooting and flashing lights to pass on a congested freeway, followed by passin... more

2018-02-27 @ 07:10
CR14548 / Other
The driver overtook the 60 seater bus i was driving on a solid white line on a... more

2018-02-26 @ 16:35
ZGY460GP / Rustenburg
Reckless and dangerous driving... more

2018-02-26 @ 18h15
Parked in a handicapped zone when there were 10 open spacesv... more

2018-02-26 @ 07:29
HB71JVGP / Midrand
This imbecile, transporting the children of parents who a probably unsuspectin... more

2018-02-25 @ 9:50AM
CY11045 / Cape Town
Aggressive driving; speeding in a 60km limit zone; smacked my cars mirror ... more

2018-02-24 @ 2.15
PVV288GP / Other
Paased 2 cars on blind hill. car came from the front and he swerved to miss th... more

2018-02-24 @ 11h00
DC51YXGP / Boksburg
As i approached a lane merger i checked my mirror and saw she was still far be... more

2018-02-23 @ 16h00
DZ74NDGP / Centurion
At the circle a car was pasing from our right side and then it was our turn, h... more

2018-02-22 @
DP96SSGP / Pretoria
These guys entered a one way, forcing me to reverse all the way back wards and... more

2018-02-21 @ 7:20
SOLTEAM / Johannesburg
Overtaking multiple cars on solid white line and disregarding speed bumps. tra... more

2018-02-15 @
NOT2BAD / Roodepoort
Don’t stop at stop streets and drive on your ass.... more

2018-02-21 @ 5:50am
YVV723GP / Pretoria
Skipped the red light as he came from rosslyn. even after the light was green ... more

2018-02-21 @ 05:15
FWD726NW / Johannesburg
It is seldom that one has the dubious honour of sharing the road with driver w... more

2018-02-17 @
FV41TVGP / Johannesburg
The offense took place around 12:30pm on william nicol drive opposite leaping ... more

2018-02-19 @ 06:20
DW43HNGP / Randburg
Cut across two lanes from a turning lane and almost took me out and the taxi i... more

2018-02-15 @ 08:58
YKP890GP / Sandton
Drove down the wrong side of the road and went through two red robots.... more

2018-02-14 @ 11:33
MANUVAGP / Sandton
Was distracted (probably on his phone) so he swerved across a solid line, into... more

2018-02-15 @ 6h20
XYV047GP / Benoni
Push me of the road ... more

2018-02-14 @ 17:20
MARCCGP / Centurion
Unsafe distance...drove into my car and tried to kill toddlers... more

2018-02-14 @ 1730
MARCCGP / Centurion
He drove too close me indicating with fingers i should drive faster. i had kid... more

2018-02-13 @ 16:30
ZBW762GP / Roodepoort
Went on the left hand shoulder of the road at an intersection and proceeded fo... more

2018-02-12 @ 14:15
NO REG / Johannesburg
Driving very close behind me, i showed him to back off as i had a kid in the c... more

2018-02-12 @ 0715
CF126209 / Cape Town
Ran red light at amandel and sandlewood intersection ... more

2018-02-12 @ 6.20AM
FN04XKGP / Johannesburg
I turned onto leonard rd, there was a grey car 1.5 blocks up and white chevrol... more

2018-02-09 @ 11.01
CA826486 / Cape Town
Pulling out into main road at stop street without yielding to traffic on main ... more

2018-02-09 @ 08:00
ND515327 / Durban
Stopped just after turning into kenysham drive to drop female off. holding up ... more

2018-02-09 @ 06:33
FG28BHGP / Roodepoort
Went straight in a turn right only lane.... more

2018-02-09 @ 5:30am
DV12FVGP / Sandton
- she does not stop at any red lights putting other drivers in danger. - high s... more

2018-02-08 @ 06:00
(wo)man swung over to the opposite lane and pedestrians had to run to avoid be... more

2018-02-07 @ 16:20
ZBD293GP / Pretoria
She was driving like a maniac from lynnwood road. where 2 lanes became one she... more

2018-02-01 @ 8:00am
UUF982 / Other
Woman driving the wrong way down a one way street, projecting road rage to oth... more

2018-02-04 @ SPEEDING
Speeding, cutting in without indicator.... more

2018-02-04 @ 14.47
CA897571 / Cape Town
Dangerous driving & speeding between narrow gap of parallel 2 lanes travelling... more

2018-02-04 @
BX14XXGP / Johannesburg
This twat left the dog in the car, windows closed while looking for some actio... more

2018-02-02 @ 09;00
CFM69619 / Cape Town
Hogging the right hand lane at 90-100kph in a 120kph zone with no idea of "dri... more

2018-01-27 @ 0802
CB04LYGP / Pretoria
Split lanes and cut bike off in wet conditions... more

2018-01-30 @ 17:20
NU717141 / Durban
Tried to put me on next lane with traffic on it... i hotter and stayed on my l... more

2018-01-29 @ 08H58
DV97LBGP / Randburg
Can see here there are 2 taxi's, both stop in the road blocking traffic to con... more

2018-01-29 @ 08H58
FK77BNGP / Randburg
Again, stop in the road at the crossing to drop passengers while there is a pe... more

2018-01-29 @ 08H15
XDT917GP / Randburg
This twat did not even look and just drove right in front of me while i was ap... more

2018-01-29 @ 07H57
PGS984GP / Randburg
Once again, go and stop in the road to block traffic from behind as well as th... more

2018-01-29 @ 07:15
ND764644 / Durban
This driver switched into a turn only lane to attempt to pass a queue of cars.... more

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