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2017-11-20 @ 7:45
FYF263FS / Bloemfontein
I've noticed this palooka around. he doesn't know what an indicator is or how ... more

2017-11-01 @ 22:15
CEY74300 / Cape Town
Swerving across the road. assuming to be drunk.... more

2017-11-17 @ 12:09
CA514462 / Cape Town
Drove straight while in a turn right only lane... more

2017-11-17 @ 12:08
CA732019 / Cape Town
Drove through red robot while in a turn only right lane... more

2017-11-17 @ 16:10
CA929781 / Cape Town
Shot through a red traffic light in the centre lane and almost hit me as i ent... more

2017-11-06 @ 18:06
BY59LRGP / Pretoria
Speeding along a suburb road, failing to yield at a traffic circle nearly caus... more

2017-11-15 @ 19:06
CH87ZXGP / Pretoria
Reckless driving, tail gaiting and swerving dangerously behind another vehicle... more

16 Nov 201 @ 16:00
FX38WTGP / Rustenburg
... more

2017-11-15 @ 7:30 AM
VYK906GP / Roodepoort
Was trying to drive my car (with small children inside) off the road where two... more

2017-11-15 @ 06h20
TKG141GP / Benoni
Tried to merge into my lane whilst travelling next to my vehicle. he then got ... more

2017-11-14 @ 16:11
CA157885 / Cape Town
Hooted frantically behind me when traffic light went green.i didnt even take 2... more

2017-11-14 @ 07:04
4DONFS / Durban
Driver swerving in front of vehicles, cutting off other road users... more

2017-11-03 @ 19:00
ND744765 / Durban
Drunk and driving. ignoring a traffic light and went through the red robot. sp... more

2017-11-14 @ 07.43
BH45WXGP / Roodepoort
When will racism end!!! this black lady skips a stop street and almost crash... more

2017-11-13 @
ZARRNGP / Randburg
Driving in yellow lane... more

2017-11-11 @ 19:30
CA321296 / Cape Town
Skips red light and speeds past on solid line... more

2017-11-11 @ 18:00
SLR894GP / Alberton
Accelerates and wheel spins regularly up and down street, street has a day car... more

2017-11-07 @ 18:22
DT17DVGP / Sandton
Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic. ... more

2017-11-10 @ 09H20
TGM962GP / Cape Town
Wc in middle of worst drought in years and this jerk tosses his cigarette rema... more

2017-11-10 @ 8.:00
BZ25GTGP / Roodepoort
Was almost climbing into my boot, i changed lanes to let him past and pulled i... more

2017-11-09 @ 9am
CFM46307 / Cape Town
Anyone knows the guy who drives the chev cfm 46307? his life is in danger beca... more

2017-11-03 @ 14H20
DB87LWGP / Other
Speeding and swerving between cars. passing cars on solid line. after i flas... more

2017-11-08 @ 7:25
CY41215P / Cape Town
The guy was so rude ! firstly he tried to drive in i front of me while my 4yea... more

2017-10-29 @ 13:45
DT17DVGP / Johannesburg
Speeds through a stop street without looking, almost colliding with my car as ... more

2017-11-07 @ 7:40
DCG916FS / Bloemfontein
Speeding in a residential area, overtaking perilously close to vehicles ... more

2017-11-07 @ 09:46
CV4560 / Other
Try to overtake with extreme high speed on a barrier line while oncoming traff... more

2017-11-06 @ 18:15
DNH531FS / Bloemfontein
Windgat trying to pass us, then does not know how a circle works, cutting us o... more

2017-11-05 @ 03:30am
FE26ZZGP / Pretoria
Two guys driving toyota quantum were blocking the road at 4am on a drunk state... more

2017-11-06 @ 08:16
CA201222 / Cape Town
Drove in oncoming traffic to avoid waiting in traffic.... more

2017-10-27 @ 16:16:41
SVM339GP / Pretoria
Driver whas over taking traffic in the yellow line ... more

2017-11-03 @ 10:45
CX75NHGP / Pretoria
Drove past me at breakneck speed and cut in front of me at the 4way stop. proc... more

2017-11-03 @ 08:15
CG81WYGP / Centurion
Driver turned left onto witch-hazel ave from olievenhoutbosch rd from a lane d... more

2017-11-03 @ 7:55
FPP961FS / Bloemfontein
Beware:this person does not yield. crossed two yield signs while speeding with... more

2017-11-01 @ 16:30
SVY728GP / Centurion
Cant put his indicator on when jumping lanes in peak traffic. he jumped out, ... more

2017-11-01 @ 15H30-16h0
NO REG / Boksburg
As i was driving home from work today i aporoached a robot and it was red for ... more

2017-10-29 @ 13:00
CH34KKGP / Sandton
A hastens mattress delivery vehicle approached a robot and it turned red. the ... more

2017-10-26 @ 22.00
CK52NCG / Johannesburg
Drunk driving, we spotted that the idiot was drunk at the time of the offence... more

2017-10-31 @ 09:26
FC58VNGP / Johannesburg
The driver of the vehicle fc 58 vn, slammed on her breaks for no ... more

2017-10-31 @ 0900
ND669159 / Sandton
I indicated to enter the lane as it was safe to do so. the driver then starte... more

2017-10-30 @ 1641
ZDG053GP / Pretoria
Driver opened door deliberately to obstruct me passing ... more

2017-10-31 @ 06:30
HIM004GP / Randburg
Taxi driver drives/passes on dirt shoulder, and cuts into forward traffic at a... more

2017-10-30 @ 19:30
XCX328GP / Pretoria
Reckless driving... more

2017-10-30 @ 08.37
KZN66977 / Other
This driver overtook me this morning on the r617 near underberg with oncoming ... more

2017-10-28 @
XCX328GP / Pretoria
Very reckless diver. turns out he drives without a license... more

2017-10-27 @ 19.19
JPJ603NW / Rustenburg
Truck had no rear tail lights# no brake lights and no indicators lights at all... more

2017-10-26 @ 15h30
YXK651GP / Roodepoort
Having a skype call whilst driving. almost losing control of his car. having a... more

2017-10-26 @ 16h55
ND4944 / Durban
Driver cam at high speed from the m7 going to pinetown and pushed into the lin... more

2017-10-24 @ 16:20
HTC583EC / Port Elizabeth
Well he pushed infront of me in a single lane road and then i happened to get ... more

2017-10-24 @ 8:20am
XLR314GP / Pretoria
Chatting on cellphone while negotiating traffic circle and turn into atterbury... more

2017-10-23 @ 5:44pm
FY64**GP / Pretoria
Speeding. video evidence. vehicle was going well over 100kph in a 70 zone. aut... more

2017-10-23 @ 08:14
DW32MGGP / Midrand
Driver (like many others) sees fit to turn right from a lane that is designate... more

2017-10-22 @ 08:52
FG28ZZGP / Midrand
Retarded mampara of the month award for this idiot who drove about twice the s... more

2017-10-04 @ 6.50
RZR558GP / Kempton Park
Driver cut over 2 lanes and pushed us of the road causing me to go over paveme... more

2017-10-21 @
XCX328GP / Pretoria
Recless driving. ... more

2017-10-20 @ 13:30
FX81DYGP / Pretoria
Driver was speeding in the yellow lane to pass cars waiting at a robot, cut in... more

2017-10-20 @ 7:45
DRP243FS / Bloemfontein
We were driving to the left of the road on our motorcycle, when this man overt... more

2017-10-19 @ 16;45
BX05MWGO / Roodepoort
Boomed gated area was driving 45km/ph driver just pulls in front of me ! no in... more

2017-10-19 @ 14:45
NO REG / Pietermaritzburg
Driving down one way. when i wouldn't get out of his way, roid boy jumped out ... more

2017-10-19 @ 12h30
ND826522 / Durban
Crossed solid white line to squeeze in between me and truck to make the turn o... more

2017-10-19 @ 12:02
ZCG835 / Johannesburg
Parked on the road... more

2017-10-19 @ 07H04
FXD238EC / Other
Endangering road workers by skipping stop/go control and driving within workin... more

2017-10-19 @ 09H48
DYC908EC / Other
Endangering road workers by skipping stop/go controls and driving in working a... more

2017-10-19 @ 07:25 am
TVT536GP / Alberton
This moron bypassed 2 traffic lights by driving in the emergency lane.... more

2017-10-19 @ 7:05am
FM13VTGP / Alberton
I'm still not sure if this was an attempted hijack situation. driver was tryin... more

2017-10-05 @ ALL
CA664739 / Cape Town
This driver parks directly in front of our garage doors, far from the curb, ma... more

2017-10-18 @ 5:50
CF76700 / Cape Town
This driving nearly caused a major acccident during peak traffic. cutting in ... more

2017-10-17 @ 06H21
FZP818EC / Other
Vehicle overtaking traffic within a construction area controlled by a stop/go,... more

2017-10-17 @ 15H09
FY49BKGP / Other
Vehicle skipped a stop/go and endangering his life as well as other oncoming t... more

2017-10-17 @ 15H10
DN39ZFGP / Other
Public vehicle disregarding construction works, and passing waiting vehicles t... more

2017-10-17 @ 07:00
FT52GL / Johannesburg
Cutting in in traffic. everyone else waiting patiently and he thinks he’s sp... more

2017-10-16 @ 07:18
FZ85JMGP / Pretoria
Driver had children as passengers in car and drove at high speed in yellow lan... more

2017-10-16 @ 8:00
CR77MMGP / Alberton
Parked in front of an entrance. when asked to please move the vehicle, she sh... more

2017-10-16 @ 07:55
PGP661GP / Pretoria
Bumped into my bakkie. i got out and saw it was minor so just got back in my b... more

2017-10-16 @ 07:00
YMY065GP / Johannesburg
Drove from far left lane and cut other people off, arrived next to me and push... more

2017-10-12 @ 19h00
ZVG764GP / Sandton
Hit and run... more

2017-10-13 @ 8:30
FY12FXGP / Bethlehem
Road race. overtaking on white line.... more

2017-10-13 @ 8H25
CA429710 / Cape Town
Driver came from left lane pushing in so i had to stop otherwise she would hav... more

2017-10-13 @ 07:00 am
CA789658 / Cape Town
The driver came from behind at a very high speed pushing me to go in the yello... more

2017-10-11 @ 14h52
CA491351 / Cape Town
Didi not stop at stop street sign at intersection of kings road and forridon s... more

2017-10-11 @ 14h19
CY1223 / Cape Town
Drove through a red robot at intersection of bosmansdam road and ocean spirit ... more

2017-10-10 @ 15h53
CA281993 / Cape Town
Drove through the red robot at doncaster road & punters way... more

2017-10-12 @ 7:40am
CA618283 / Cape Town
Lets bakkie with school children inside roll backward, when hooting to warn i ... more

2017-10-12 @ 06h45
DT44SDGP / Roodepoort
I was driving on jg strijdom, this lady cut me off nearly causing an accident,... more

2017-10-11 @
CD22VVGP / Midrand
Cut off a vehicle on allandale road, then drove between 2 lanes. at the race t... more

2017-10-11 @ 08:30
CX20FSG / Johannesburg
I was at the traffic lights of the above intersection. my traffic light had t... more

2017-10-10 @ 16:26
WHM449GP / Sandton
Not wanting to wait in line like the rest of us to get onto the n3 this driver... more

2017-10-10 @ 7:50
FR40XSGP / Other
Pushing from behind, driving very close to car in front, changing lanes reckle... more

2017-10-09 @ 16H35
ZGV489GP / Port Elizabeth
Today, 9 october 2017, i were driving with my family towards port elizabeth. ... more

2017-10-09 @ 7:30am
FN90KJGP / Randburg
I was stopping at the stop street, there was a lot of traffic and was not too ... more

2017-10-08 @
DN20NMGP / Kroonstad
Passing traffic on the n1 over a double solid line, into on coming traffic and... more

2017-10-07 @ 18:50
ZWS286GP / Pretoria
Driver tries to veer me off road by changing lanes without observing, when i h... more

2017-10-06 @ 05:45
......MP / Sandton
Exhanged lane without indicating and nearly caused accident. sped off in sandt... more

2017-10-03 @ 17:45
CF02TMGP / Johannesburg
On her phone! almost drove into the side of our car! doesn’t even get distra... more

2017-10-03 @ 6:25
CF58441 / Cape Town
Drove into my lane while i am driving there just to get in front of a taxi...i... more

2017-10-02 @ 17h35
NST493GP / Pretoria
Turned right from a left turning lane, cutting others off to push in. erratic ... more

2017-09-29 @ 12:15
FF82WBGP / Pretoria
Was already halfway in mini-circle when he came in from the lefthand side. i h... more

2017-09-29 @ 17:22
VRZ050GP / Sandton
Driver was in the left turn only lane, went through a red robot, turned right ... more

2017-09-29 @ 07:15am
287VNNGP / Sandton
Driving on the dirt next to the road in order to skip traffic.... more

2017-09-29 @ 15:24
EGJ060GP / Pretoria
Puching other drivers of the road ... more

2017-09-28 @ 17:30
VWX516GP / Midrand
Driving in yellow lane and cutting traffic.... more

2017-09-28 @ 05H33
FG43TZG / Other
The driver pass 5 cars on a very hi speed while other cars is coming on and pu... more

2017-09-27 @ 13:50
FT08TFGP / Other
Driver decided that the emergency lane is better for overtaking cars and nearl... more

2017-09-26 @ 08:15
FY39RMGP / Centurion
This clown saw fit to use the emergency lane and speed down with utter disrega... more

2017-09-26 @ 14:30
CFZ238NC / Kimberley
Waa changing lanes from left to right side. noticed that the driver of the men... more

2017-09-25 @ 18.20
JNJ398NW / Brits
white male +_ 25 years. thin bult, light brown hair offence description: ... more

2017-09-22 @ 08H50
CFM918 / Carltonville
Didn't join queue for off-ramp at the back but pushed in further along leaving... more

2017-09-25 @ 18.20
JNJ398NW / Rustenburg
Driving over the speed limit, to close to your vehicle, he want you to drive o... more

2017-09-25 @ 18h30
CY110802 / Cape Town
Stopped dead in front of us in the right hand lane where the m5 splits from th... more

2017-09-26 @ 09H40
CJ6273 / Cape Town
Changes lanes by pushing in even though there wasn't really space for him in f... more

2017-09-25 @ 18:20
NO REG / Brits
Driving over speed limit, don't keep following distance, over take on solid li... more

2017-09-24 @ 09:04am
NKN480GP / Johannesburg
Driver thinks he can do what he wants and drive on the wrong side of the road ... more

2017-09-23 @ 18:05
CN14CJGP / Roodepoort
Came speeding up behind me well over the limit on the highway - when i did not... more

2017-09-22 @ 12:00
FW39YYGP / Boksburg
Reckless driving, pushing white ladies off the road and trying to get them to ... more

2017-09-21 @ 11am
CA650414 / Cape Town
He did not stop at the stop street by the tableview police station. he missed ... more

2017-09-21 @ 14:22
CL69RJGP / Johannesburg
Thsi woman is a danger, she turned right infront of me without looking in my d... more

2017-09-19 @ 17H00 ++
CA217717 / Cape Town
Daily offence !!!!!!!!!! driving in right hand lane of viking way, takes off-ra... more

2017-09-21 @ 09H45
CA291252 / Cape Town
Driving north bound on jakes gerwel drive, failed to stop at solid red traffic... more

2017-09-21 @ 7:05
YKN991GP / Pretoria
As we were taking the slipway onto lever rd from olifantsfontein, this driver ... more

2017-09-20 @ 16h34
BL08LWGP / Randburg
Male didn't know the rules of the road ... arrows point and give direction whe... more

2017-09-20 @ 12:45
DZL188FS / Bloemfontein
At a circle, this person crossed a barrier within half a metre of our motorcyc... more

2017-09-20 @ 07:35
HYJ842GP / Centurion
This moron felt privileged to turn right onto nellmapius rd toward eco park, f... more

2017-09-20 @ 07h30
XKK524GP / Pretoria
The driver was on his phone the whole time while hogging the busy peak-time tr... more

2017-09-20 @ 7:45
DH58SGGP / Pretoria
Now this female is a real road hazard. probably late for work every day, rapid... more

2017-09-19 @ 12:48
FT40STGP / Randburg
Passing vehicles on the left at the intersection of beyers naude and ysterhout... more

2017-09-08 @ 16H52
DF92ZFGP / Pretoria
As i kept a car distance (as per the k53 rules) from the vehicle in front of m... more

2017-09-19 @ 7H45
XGF718GP / Pretoria
The driver cut me off at a slipway, driving recklessly and not adhering to the... more

2017-09-18 @ 8:35am
BD01RXGP / Pretoria
Texting while driving.... more

2017-09-11 @ 5:33pm
DPM903L / Pretoria
Did not yield to oncoming traffic before turning into lynnwood road. ... more

2017-05-12 @ 16h28
DP29ZNGP / Other
Driving in the emergency lane to avoid the traffic jam. i drove half in the em... more

2017-09-18 @ 7:50
FDY675FS / Bloemfontein
Coming out of a circle, this person sped past us within touching distance of o... more

2017-09-15 @ 17:10
CA535968 / Other
Bc carriers truck over took another truck on a solid line with oncoming traffi... more

2017-09-15 @ 07:00
BPK403L / Polokwane (Pietersburg)
Vehicle with registration bpk403l turned in front of oncoming traffic at robot... more

2017-09-15 @ morning
CA362550 / Cape Town
Went through 2 red lights. using turning lane to bypass traffic and then cut ba... more

2017-09-14 @ 5:13
LVZ858GP / Johannesburg
Coming out of the boomgate by clearwater he accelerated from left hand lane sk... more

2017-09-15 @ 06:30
VELDTWP / Cape Town
Exceeding speed limit, crossing solid lines, passing into oncoming traffic, no... more

2017-09-15 @ 05:45
DD02ZKGP / Sandton
Joburg’s very own fast ‘n furious!!! in moves resembling action hero dwayne... more

2017-09-14 @ 9;30
007MZRGP / Sandton
Jackass kept trying to cut me off in traffic on south road at which 2 lanes ev... more

2017-09-14 @ 8:45
FD41GCGP / Johannesburg
This guy was driving at high speeds and gaping in and out of lanes. really inc... more

2017-09-12 @ 7:03am
HCL863EC / Port Elizabeth
Driver switching lanes without indicator. threating other drivers out his wind... more

2017-09-14 @ 7:06am
HCL862EC / Port Elizabeth
Drives on the wrong side of the road to skip waiting behind cares, cuts in fro... more

2017-09-14 @ 07:25
FM86BNGP / Alberton
Piggy-backs off other people at the toll gates, specifically the e-tag section... more

2017-09-13 @ 14:06
FD41GCGP / Sandton
Driver speeding through traffic on sandton dr and onto willam nicol towards hy... more

2017-09-13 @ 17:05
CEY45490 / Cape Town
Pushing vehicles cutting drivers off switching lanes without indication... more

2017-09-13 @ 09.30+ -
CEM9859 / Hermanus
After traffic lights at sandbaai, onward toward onrus, road narrows to one lan... more

2017-09-13 @ 9:25
CY190820 / Cape Town
Chase an tailgating and he tried to push me off the road. ... more

2017-09-13 @ 07:30
FB67SNGP / Krugersdorp
Only one turning lane to the right, but he stopped in the lane crossing the in... more

2017-09-13 @ 7:20
FZC548FS / Bethlehem
Speeding in a residential area, 90kmph at least, overtaking dangerously close,... more

2017-09-12 @ 18.03.35
CF91766 / Cape Town
At the robot at lucullus & maroela at the robot the bakkie was standing in the... more

2017-09-12 @ 17:00
DF90ZHGP / Pretoria
2 young male guys who think they are big shots, while sitting in the traffic b... more

2017-09-04 @ 7:20am
FN17NCGP / Alberton
Overt took me on a solid line and a blind corner, both myself and on coming dr... more

2017-09-09 @ 10:00 am
CY8408 / Cape Town
Racing dangerously from behind and aggressively changing lanes pushing people ... more

2017-09-07 @ 7h05
FD02ZWGP / Johannesburg
This taxi driver was driving at full speed behind me and almost drove me off t... more

2017-09-08 @ 07H00
CA8766913 / Cape Town
Stopped on left hand side of road to pick up passengers and with no indication... more

2017-09-05 @
DV60BHGP / Pretoria
I did not have the option to type in the bars above... it happened in moreleta... more

2017-09-07 @ 15:10
DT21VVGP / Pretoria
It happened at the traffic light next to the engen garage on the delmas road i... more

2017-09-07 @ 09:45
CR83YRGP / Johannesburg
Driver of a cloete's sand & stone truck decided to change lanes without indica... more

2017-09-07 @ 14:22
CBS30418 / Mosselbay
Traffic officer was regulating traffic and indicated that the lane in which th... more

2017-09-07 @ 06h40
DN24JDGP / Johannesburg
Change lanes without indicating. numerous weaving. hitting dead brakes on m1,... more

2017-09-06 @ 8:45
FF06NPGP / Centurion
He was driving 70km/ph in the fast lane, and there was a big gap in front of h... more

2017-09-06 @ 08:11
DP84WYGP / Midrand
Turning right from tamboti rd onto 7th rd from a lane designated to turn left.... more

2017-09-04 @ 19:00
WILSON.EC / Port Elizabeth
Driver drove so close to our ass we couldn't even see his tail lights in our r... more

2017-09-04 @ 0715
CA899362 / Cape Town
Driving down black hill at 200km plus speed. suspect under the influence. driv... more

2017-09-03 @ 20:10
VKJ146GP / Midrand
I was driving on the fast lane the driver was behind my car with 1mitter bump ... more

2017-09-01 @ 10:40am
DF19TDGP / Johannesburg
Driver was speeding, overtaking without indicating, and revving his engine to ... more

2017-08-31 @ 11:05
FY74VTGP / Johannesburg
Speeding, revving his engine and overtaking without indicating.... more

2017-08-30 @ 13:00
FL65JTGP / Sandton
Driver decided that she could overtake, speed and just drive on the wrong side... more

2017-09-02 @ 08:09
DH65NNGP / Midrand
This idiot driving on eighth street toward seventh road drove through a red li... more

2017-10-02 @ 13:14
NU60141 / Midrand
The ***** lacked any patience on a busy saturday going as far as overtaking 2 ... more

2017-08-31 @ 9.15 am
CA945824 / Cape Town
Driving on the m3 at 100 km/h, mr i-own-the-road decided to squeeze in-between... more

2017-08-31 @ 07:30
XSH045GP / Other
Attempted assault. driver also tried to ram several vehicles off the road. ... more

2017-08-31 @ 06h48am
CY3662 / Cape Town
I was coming down lavis drive towards 35th avenue. the driver came out gearing... more

2017-08-30 @ 18h00 to 0
NO REG / Ermelo
This is a group of trucks driving in joubert street at excesive speeds mainly ... more

2017-08-30 @ 06:45
SRG780GP / Pretoria
First this lady came out of a slip lane right in front of me, i had to use eme... more

2017-08-29 @ 11:10
FWZ464FS / Vanderbijlpark
Didn't stop at a stop street. cut off another lady who was in the process of c... more

2017-08-29 @ 11h00
FN44HLGP / Johannesburg
Wr were driving the sperd of 120....cpyld not take pic..coz were driving on hi... more

2017-08-29 @ 06:45
MYL307GP / Roodepoort
Cut in front of me in a single carriage way on progress rd, between kwartsiet ... more

2017-08-28 @ 19:35
JDY138GP / Pretoria
Drove extremely fast towards my rear and as i was about to turn left almost co... more

2017-08-28 @ 07h25
DJ89MNGP / Sandton
Driver tried to smash into my vehicle. he does not know how to merge lanes. he... more

2017-08-28 @ 12:25
CA852763 / Cape Town
Changed lanes in the intersection as i was crossing in the right hand lane; ha... more

2017-08-28 @ 07h30
PBX002GP / Johannesburg
Overloaded taxi (3 passengers up front with driver) - cut me off on the m1 jus... more

2017-08-26 @ 09:23
CJ77548 / Pretoria
Pushed our car off the road while my wive was next to me, then showed us to go... more

2017-08-23 @ 9.30pm
PTB519GP / Nigel
Driving recklessly. perhaps under the influencew... more

2017-08-25 @ Turn
FNK954EC / East London
Driver over took car turning right onto the north-east express and pushed into... more

2017-08-25 @ 05:05am
DV14SLGP / Johannesburg
Yes, it is the same sasko menace again, again ignoring the set of red traffic ... more

2017-08-24 @ 07:14
NP11875 / Durban
Driver swerved into the lane without signalling and appropriate following dist... more

2017-08-24 @ 17:30
Came up from behind in the right lane, cars line astern. then pulls into left ... more

2017-08-24 @ 08:03
XHT604GP / Midrand
Driver seems to have no regards for traffic regulation and proceeded to turn r... more

2017-08-21 @ 05:20
DV14SLGP / Johannesburg
On 8 june, just after 5am, the sasko driver simply ignored the set of red tra... more

2017-08-23 @ 8 35
214047 / Pietermaritzburg
Trying to run a mercedes benz off the n3 highway... more

2017-08-22 @ 1:53
FT78LS / Germiston
Followed me off the highway. when stopped at the robot. he got out his car and... more

2017-07-28 @ 12.15
NO REG / Johannesburg
Had an accident and gave wrong contact number, can not get ahold of rh goosen... more

2017-08-21 @ 06h35
ND87771 / Durban
Turned into my vehicle and pushed me off the road forcing me to swerve. he pro... more

2017-08-16 @ 17:55
NO REG / Centurion
Driver blatantly failed to stop at the stop sign exiting the shell garage, cut... more

2017-08-20 @ 8.45
CA279976 / Cape Town
Overtaking at speed over a solid white line before a blind bend in a 60 kpm s... more

2017-08-18 @ 19h15
CEY34005 / Cape Town
No hind lights driving without lights in the dark... more

2017-08-18 @ 07:02
BZ53VYGP / Benoni
Drove wrong side of the road past standing traffic to skip the red robot almos... more

2017-08-18 @ 7:50am
CA639831 / Cape Town
Texting messages on her mobile phone and swerved into other lane almost knocki... more

2017-08-16 @
JMB735NW / Other
Driver followed to closely to vehicle infront busy overtaking other vehicle f... more

2017-08-16 @ 07:15
ZHD228GP / Pretoria
Sideswiped me, while trying to pass between two vehicles in adjoining lanes... more

2017-08-16 @ 07:30
ND569063 / Durban
Tail-gating when i was unable to move over, and was travelling at the correct ... more

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