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2022-08-02 @ 7:18
JK71WNGP / Johannesburg
Reckless driving, wheel spinning, overtaking solid line and towards oncoming t... more

2022-07-30 @ 16:50
CAA39553 / Beaufort West
Drives cars off roads. overtakes trucks and cars on hills into oncoming traffi... more

2022-07-30 @ 13h35
FS75HXGP / Centurion
Not indicating while changing lanes almost hitting us if my mother didn't slam... more

2022-07-28 @ 08:23
KL43PGGP / Cape Town
This morning at 08:23 one of you hell drivers in a 2014's model vw polo (white... more

2022-07-23 @ 11:00
CAA107924 / Cape Town
Driver sideswiped me. i got all his details. then sped off driving over a yie... more

2022-07-21 @ 15:35
CALLIESZN / Randburg
No indicators, no consideration for fellow motorists when speeding into main r... more

2022-07-21 @ 1am
ND276234 / Durban
Car speeding through town like a ghost car... more

2022-07-19 @ 17:44
BH24JKHP / Germiston
The driver is extremely rude and thinks that he owns the road by flashing the ... more

2022-07-19 @ 7:20
BR92SMGP / Johannesburg
Driver in left lane turned right at circle in front of right turning car... more

2022-07-13 @ 7:45
HM77DSGP / Johannesburg
Arrogant, in a huge rush, unsafe overtaking and erratic driving, fast then slo... more

2022-07-12 @ 17;51
CL15614 / Cape Town
Stopped at the laundry where someone climbed out, when she returned the driver... more

2022-07-12 @ 15:49
CA760.524 / Cape Town
Drove the wrong way up a one way to get to mcdonalds... more

2022-07-07 @ 07:50
CW76TZGP / Randburg
Really dangerous driving all along pritchard street. flying through 4 way stop... more

2022-06-29 @ 13h00
HF34SBGP / Roodepoort
Venue: clearwater mall parking lot african lady being hazardous by drivin... more

2022-06-12 @ 12:51
CA962915RE / Cape Town
At a two lane circle, the vehicle in the left lane went straight over the circ... more

2022-05-25 @ 19:18
HK01GPGP / Johannesburg
Tailgating out of estate ... more

2022-05-24 @ 7h30
JM23XNGP / Pretoria
Taxi driver ignoring stop street and almost ram into me. i had to swirve out a... more

2022-05-16 @ 14:38
DY40BPGP / Roodepoort
Driver drove between the white lane...could not keep to her lane. then as i tr... more

2022-05-15 @ 17:12
CBS15680 / Mosselbay
Pushed me off into the incoming traffic cutting past cars on the yellow line t... more

2022-05-10 @ 16H40pm
ND529855 / Durban
Driver was driving recklessly, he cut barrier lanes and yellow line on the m7 ... more

2022-05-09 @ 15:35
DY47FCGP / Randburg
Driver turns onto busy road ignoring red light without any consideration for o... more

2022-05-02 @ 09:51
JZ83BPGP / Randburg
Drives straight through red light, into traffic that is turning then weaves an... more

2022-04-21 @ 09.00
JS65TCGP / Boksburg
Wreckless and dangerous driving... more

2022-04-19 @ 10:30
JZR638GP / Rustenburg
Driver overtook several vehicles over a solid double white and yellow line end... more

2022-04-12 @ 08:24
HR97ZRGP / Pretoria
Sadly driver thinks it's okay to overtake through an intersection and over sol... more

2022-04-08 @ 07:50
DP53KHGP / Randburg
Absolute roadhog. tailgates aggressively, no indicators and stop signs mean no... more

2022-04-08 @ 07:45
FW67SBG / Johannesburg
Over took line of cars waiting to turn onto witkoppen from a small side road. ... more

2022-04-02 @ 10h30
KJ04VZGP / Benoni
Failed to stop at crossing. drove over mother's foot and almost hit the child.... more

2022-03-26 @ 10:00
HP12VJGP / Johannesburg
Cuts everyone off on yellow line. then tries to push you off the road. just a ... more

2022-03-25 @ 09H25
HBB947EC / Port Elizabeth
On 25 march 2022 @ 09h25, white toyota qauntum taxi, registration number hbb 9... more

2022-03-22 @ 17.10
PYW738GP / Johannesburg
She was driving at 20kmph on a 60kmph road. i tried to overtake her three time... more

2022-03-15 @ 8:45am
FD80ZLGP / Johannesburg
At the 1st intersection she turned left where she's not supposed to. 2nd inter... more

2022-03-15 @ 6.50am
CY179555 / Cape Town
I was turning in to the circle and this idiot pushes me out the way almost cau... more

2022-03-06 @ 14:59
KL18DLGP / Sandton
Overtook a car at the robot (so went into the oncoming lane) then went straigh... more

2022-03-05 @ 11:10
ND880139 / Durban
Mr delivery vehicle driver fully in work uniform on duty. cut me off due to w... more

2022-03-04 @ 08:15am
NP806 / Pietermaritzburg
1) tailgating (not keeping a safe following distance from other drivers. 2) d... more

2022-03-02 @ 07:15
JWZ162EC / Other
The truck driver disturbed me by taking me off the road when i was overtaking ... more

2022-03-01 @ 16:00
XJM656GP / Johannesburg
Jumped into a traffic circle and cut me off coming from her right hand side wh... more

2022-03-01 @ 7.20
HJ96KMGP / Centurion
The driver turned off the r55 onto mimosa avenue, stopping immediately on mimo... more

2022-02-22 @ 17:39
KB91PBGP / Pretoria
Driving badly by changing lanes without indication and them pushes me off the ... more

2022-02-20 @ 3:20pm
HD18VLGP / Johannesburg
This driver has no problem to put other road users lifes in danger. this veh... more

2022-02-18 @ 15H00
CAA284148 / Cape Town
This driver was driving behind me attempting to force me off the road. he drov... more

2022-02-10 @ 6:12
HM96TTGP / Sandton
Ignoring red traffic lights and showing aggressive behavior. vehicle overtakes... more

2022-02-09 @ 06:35
RM01GP / Pretoria
Driving reckless and speeding cutting cars off. he cut me off and started clmi... more

2022-02-06 @ 17:18
DF83JD / Durban
He overtook me illegally and drove into oncoming traffic ... more

2022-01-30 @ 20:38
CF143265 / Cape Town
Bakkie flashed and tried to push x3 cars off the road including myself and swi... more

2022-01-27 @ 4:15pm
BT99WMGP / Johannesburg
Drives into on-coming traffic to overtake a slow vehicle and flips me off beca... more

2022-01-23 @ 14h20
JF67CCGP / Centurion
I got on to the highway from john vorster on to ben schoeman west. after getti... more

2022-01-21 @ 10 00
NO REG / Upington
Driving 200km/h... more

2022-01-21 @ 4:30pm
NU81138 / Alberton
Using the left turn only lane to bypass traffic and then forces his way back o... more

2022-01-03 @ 17:10
FGR532L / Cape Town
Driver was stuck in the road, parked perpendicular to the flow of traffic. he ... more

2022-01-03 @ 17:50
CY96RVGP / Roodepoort
Speeding, driving the wrong direction around a traffic circle, dangerous overt... more

2021-12-26 @ 18:12
XMP976GP / Vanderbijlpark
Driver failed stopping at a red robot. ... more

2021-12-24 @ 06 45
JHN378EC / Cape Town
Driving over white line going above 80 hooting and flashing lights behind me t... more

2021-12-19 @ 11:30
JM66SSGP / Johannesburg
Took off from a stop street without looking almost causing a collision then dr... more

2021-12-14 @ 12:00
CL16NZGP / Pretoria
Driver climbs out of car, in driver seat, sits on roof of car, whilst rolling ... more

2021-12-13 @ 7:20
CA861139 / Cape Town
He just puts his indicator on and moved on over into my lane without even obs... more

2021-12-10 @ 15:40
NO REG / Pretoria
The driver wanted to overtake me unfortunately couldn't move to the left lane ... more

2021-11-18 @ 10:11
CF286815 / Johannesburg
Driving in right hand lane on the n1 when driver suddenly appeared on my left ... more

2021-11-12 @ 10:54
VK2372GP / Roodepoort
Driver of vehicle did not stop at a 4 way stop intersection, even though other... more

2021-11-13 @ 11am
JP21VLGP / Johannesburg
Parking in a disabled zone. clearly not disabled. probably mentally though! th... more

2021-11-09 @ 0755
CY129726 / Cape Town
Driver changed lanes without indicating, also on continuous white line. was st... more

2021-11-09 @ 08h35
CJ43344 / Other
Drove into john x merriman out the mkem pharmacy (oakdale suburb) parking area... more

2021-11-05 @ 08:00
NWL847GP / Randburg
This driver has no regard for any road signs whatsoever. four way stops are ig... more

2021-11-04 @ 15:40
JB97SWGP / Randburg
Driver speeds, skips red robots, 4 way stops and turns/changes lanes without a... more

2021-10-27 @ 17:19
FZ87VBGP / Roodepoort
I was almost at the robot to turn into 14th avenue, after queuing to get off t... more

2021-10-26 @ 6:55
JY44RMGP / Alberton
Use turning lane to jump in front of me ... more

2021-10-21 @
HW63RYGP / Boksburg
Very careless, stupid useless foreigners having a bad driving on barry marrais... more

2021-10-21 @ 13.30
HC42FKGP / Pietermaritzburg
It was a plancet(not sure of spelling) delivery van with the desscriptin: urge... more

2021-10-16 @
FH83LDGP / Johannesburg
He didn't take of what he had done by showing off his middle finger. people li... more

2021-10-16 @ 11:00
TTEEWP / Cape Town
Tallgating, changing lanes without indicators and speeding, undertaking, ... more

2021-10-15 @ 07:45
HY89NZGP / Randburg
Does not stop at 4 way stops, crosses into other lane and flies past cars that... more

2021-10-12 @ 08:00
JT62VNGP / Randburg
Ignores 4 way stops and turns across traffic from wrong lane. does this daily.... more

2021-10-11 @
FM35TXGP / Boksburg
He didn't care about how i drove my car by his stubborn and careless driving s... more

2021-10-09 @ 16:38
CF102874 / Cape Town
First of all driving like maniac from left lane to right lane, changing lanes ... more

2021-10-04 @ 12:48
BB15SSGP / Soweto
Failed to overtake me and when given a chance to pass he immediately stopped i... more

2021-09-29 @ 16:24
CA37500 / Cape Town
This stupid old man thinks stop signs don't apply to him. the idiot did every... more

2021-09-24 @ 14:25
DB09PBG / Centurion
I had an argument with a driver in his earlier 20's with a white mazda ldv, re... more

2021-09-24 @ 14h20
CY372204 / Cape Town
Cut me off without allowing any safe space to pass. driving at high speed. wea... more

2021-09-21 @ 07:50
ND536794 / Randburg
Ignores red robots, cuts in without indicating, speeds and tailgates other mot... more

2021-09-19 @ 08h00
ZMM478 / Centurion
Tried to run cyclists off the road on 2 occasions. passed at high speed, leavi... more

2021-09-16 @ 14h30
BEEF4UGP / Other
Went through 3-way intersection, ignored stop sign at speed... more

2021-09-09 @ 4:50om
HX41HTGP / Johannesburg
Driver cut me off on the highway and then brake checked me when i shook my hea... more

2021-09-03 @ 15:00
CA767934 / Cape Town
Driver run over solid lines to force himself onto the milnerton offramp, then ... more

2021-09-01 @ 18:10
DG70DBGP / Vanderbijlpark
Speeding approx. 100km/h in a 60 km/h zone and nearly scratch my car when over... more

2021-09-02 @ 06:45
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Vehicle is heavily modified with definitely illegal exhaust system making nois... more

2021-09-01 @ 08:30am
XFY292GP / Johannesburg
Weaving through traffic. tailgating and cutting me off on the highway.... more

2021-08-23 @ 15:30
HM78SPGP / Randburg
Driver came flying through stop street and proceeded to do the same at next st... more

2021-08-20 @ 7:36
NKR53008 / Benoni
The driver of the blue bwm (reg. nr. nkr 53008) was speeding in a 80km zone wh... more

2021-08-15 @ 8:19am
FS64BRGP / Germiston
The black driver in datsun vehicle increased the speed of the while i was tryi... more

2021-08-10 @
HM01NDG / Boksburg
She over taked me on the speed hump without giving a signal of taking nor goin... more

2021-08-01 @ 16:40
KJJ641NW / Rustenburg
Recklessly overtaking other drivers on a single line road, stopping in the mid... more

2021-07-26 @ 10:30
KEEP.WP / Cape Town
Overtaking on a solid white line in a notorious accident hot spot nearly causi... more

2021-07-07 @ 17:11
HR52MVGP / Johannesburg
Decides while in traffic to empty all his rubbish out the passenger window and... more

2021-07-07 @ 10h54
CA241843 / Cape Town
Aggresively bashed a chevrolet spark, cy413784, passenger side with his car do... more

2021-07-07 @ 16:17
NDM16091 / Durban
Turned from 3 lanes away, which is not a turning lane, cutting across 2 lanes ... more

2021-07-02 @ 22:19
CX90KXGP / Bloemfontein
The driver raced up and dow the street about 4 times at a high speed. he was d... more

2021-07-02 @ 11:10
JSL328MP / Other
Driver was on the wrong side of the road and as i turned onto lange street, he... more

2021-06-05 @ 07:45
HF30ZMGP / Roodepoort
Taxi changed lanes where there was no space and literally drove me off the roa... more

2021-06-01 @
SJC539GP / Other
Bad driving. the driver over takes and suddenly stops in front of me when the ... more

2021-05-28 @ 16:33
DR01NPGP / Pretoria
Peak traffic and taxi stops parking parallel to another taxi and the two drive... more

2021-05-27 @ 15:40
FL59FBGP / Randburg
Harassing motorists, driving on wrong side of road, cutting in and trying to k... more

2021-05-25 @ 6:50
D850LHGP / Centurion
Zick zack between cars. aggressive. jumps out and wants to through a car windo... more

2021-05-21 @ 6h00
BR70KFGP / Other
The vehicle drove very slow infront of me and so i tried to pass the vehicle a... more

2021-05-14 @ 09:39
FZ19PDGP / Johannesburg
This driver overtook us and nearly clipped our car in doing so and showed us t... more

2021-05-13 @ 14:24
DY89WWGP / Alberton
Cut in front, almost hitting me. then climbing out of the car and going on wi... more

2021-04-23 @ 17:23
KKX229NW / Roodepoort
Driving high speed in bumper to bumper traffic, i warned her to slow down at p... more

2021-04-22 @ 12:31
HW81WYG / Boksburg
Bumped a car from behind laughing at the people he bumped and drove away... more

2021-04-20 @ 7:34
JM69KGGP / Pretoria
I think the lady may have been drunk. she 1st came speeding up behind me. and ... more

2021-04-20 @ 08:41
HF45YRGP / Roodepoort
Blatantly ignoring basic traffic rules i.e. skipping a red robot at a high spe... more

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