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2018-12-18 @ 08:30
CAW78735 / George
Parked over 2 bays and in front of the bays, not even inside.... more

2018-12-11 @ 16:35
XJP586G / Sandton
Driving between lanes and swearing at other motorists. almost caused 2 acciden... more

2018-12-11 @ 9am
CFG12087 / Cape Town
Drove @ 80km/hour in a 40 speed zone... more

2018-12-11 @ 6:20am
CA863005 / Cape Town
I was in my line and because i didn't give him a gap infront of me, he used ba... more

2018-12-06 @ 3PM
FH10TFGP / Johannesburg
We were being followed by a silver vw polo gti on the highway close to the riv... more

2018-12-07 @ 18:07
WVW170GP / Johannesburg
Almost cause an accident at an intersection blocking flow of traffic, continue... more

2018-12-05 @ 5:28pm
VGM784GP / Pretoria
Tried to change lanes in heavy traffic nearly colliding with me. obviously did... more

2018-12-05 @ 5:25pm
CX72PKGP / Pretoria
Did not stop at a stop sign.... more

2018-12-05 @ 5:24pm
FP21BSGP / Pretoria
Stopped in the middle of the road, blocking everyone tuning right into the cir... more

2018-12-06 @ 08:45
DJ68LDGP / Johannesburg
Opened her door, without checking her mirrors, while a motorcycle was legally ... more

2018-12-04 @ 07:56
NT47847 / Durban
Another taxi driver stop illegally, then pushing cars out of the way to get ah... more

2018-11-30 @ 07:41
HH47KFGP / Johannesburg
Went through a red robot... more

2018-11-30 @ 13:24
FZ64GTGP / Johannesburg
Speeding, overtaking across solid line and trying to cut in front of traffic.... more

2018-11-29 @ 14:55
ND205467 / Durban
Whilst travelling south on the n2, a driver displayed troubling signs of road ... more

2018-11-29 @ 17h00
DZ25VWGP / Johannesburg
Reckless and negligent driving down the wrong side of the road into on coming ... more

2018-11-28 @ 13h17
CA544152 / Cape Town
Weaving in and out of traffic on the n1 highway and recklessly overtaking and ... more

2018-11-28 @ 7:15
BR48CVGP / Sandton
Cut in and child in front seat proceeded to flip the bird.... more

2018-11-26 @ 13h41
NUZ1925 / Durban
Speeding, abusive, swerved in front of me when i moved over to middle lane and... more

2018-11-26 @ 8:57am
HRW673GP / Pretoria
Video evidence. firstly, he skipped the red light coming off the highway. then... more

2018-11-26 @ 06.55
ZNP572GP / Roodepoort
She drives in the yellow lane, then swerves almost into me to come back into t... more

2018-11-23 @ 10:30
HP89VXH / Johannesburg
Fast driving, reckless overtaking, road rage... more

2018-11-22 @ 08h20
CY13980 / Cape Town
Drove over red robot long after other cars came to a stop and nearly hit a ped... more

2018-11-16 @ 06:34am
FW46NJGP / Johannesburg
Went through a red robot and didn't care about traffic heading in the opposite... more

2018-11-14 @ 17h11
FZ35NLGP / Pretoria
This guy should have his licence revoked and his car impounded. the road split... more

2018-11-14 @ 16:50
HJ31SPGP / Midrand
Skipping stop street, not knowing how rules of first stop first go work ... more

2018-11-14 @ 08:00
CF233822 / Cape Town
Urinating next to road... more

2018-11-14 @ 08:15
CA51196 / Cape Town
Texting and driving for ages not looking up at the road.... more

2018-11-13 @ 17:10
CY176343 / Cape Town
Driver passes cyclist within 1.2m, bascially pushing the cyclist into next lan... more

2018-11-14 @ 17:00
CF113818 / Cape Town
Passing within 1.2m of cyclist at speed. ... more

2018-11-14 @ 17:00
CY114509 / Cape Town
Driver using phone while driving then shows zap sign when a cyclist tells her ... more

2018-11-06 @ 15h22
JBL725MP / Nelspruit
Driver of mazda, while overtaking me, tried to force me of the road. i heard ... more

2018-11-06 @ 06:40am
FP40PSGP / Johannesburg
This guy took being an arrogant ahole to a whole new level, talking on his pho... more

2018-11-03 @ 12:35pm
JMP167MP / Johannesburg
Driver was speeding, overtook across a solid white line, then was weaving in a... more

2018-10-26 @ 11:08am
HL97JLGP / Sandton
Speeds down a turn left only lane to skip ahead and then cuts in front of me. ... more

2018-10-26 @ 11:01
ZSK879GP / Johannesburg
Driver crosses over solid yellow barrier to skip ahead of traffic.... more

2018-10-25 @ 08:39
HH67DCGP / Centurion
Driver crossed over solid white line.... more

2018-10-25 @ 08:35
HL13SCGP / Midrand
Speeding, weaving between lanes without indicating, and generally driving like... more

2018-11-05 @ 08:17
DYC042L / Centurion
Driving in the emergency lane in peak traffic at speed. this mampara of the ... more

2018-11-01 @ 16:21
WPW871GP / Johannesburg
After crossing the 4 way intersection, the cars lane was blocked by a bus so ... more

2018-10-31 @ 09:27
BSK783B / Other
Overtaking on a double barrier line. saps, again.... more

2018-10-31 @ 08:20
BVD935B / Other
Overtaking over a double barrier line in the face of oncoming traffic. sapd se... more

2018-10-27 @ 18:00
CA866615 / Cape Town
Come on south africa ! letting children sit on mom's lap in front with no safet... more

2018-10-25 @ 9:47am
HN69JMGP / Pretoria
Coming out of slip road from shell garage, driver failed to yield to oncoming ... more

2018-10-24 @ 715-730AM
HL78MJGP / Roodepoort
Driver forced his way in front of me at the intersection almost bumping my car... more

2018-10-23 @ 15h35
NJ12698 / Durban
This idiot, has been driving recklessly with no consideration for other drive... more

2018-10-21 @ 13:59
HJ61RKGP / Sandton
Driver went straight through a broken robot without even slowing down. didn't ... more

2018-10-19 @ 07:36
JBS815NW / Centurion
Truck crossed over a solid white line, almost colliding with a vehicle.... more

2018-10-16 @ 14:25
DW59RWGP / Centurion
Excessive speed, probably about 160km/hr. driver appeared to be racing another... more

2018-10-16 @ 14:25
FY73YCGP / Centurion
Excessive speed. i would guess about 160km/hr. dicing another audi with reg. n... more

2018-10-16 @ 14:09
TGT898GP / Johannesburg
Driver went through a red robot because she believes she doesn't have to follo... more

2018-10-19 @ 07:20
BB35DRGP / Sandton
Driver went through two red robots. obviously doesn't care about showcasing th... more

2018-10-10 @ 12:13
CR24PS / Pretoria
Drove 120km in a 60km zone. pushed our vehicle almost off the road and when he... more

2018-10-16 @ 07:44
CT47PDGP / Midrand
This moron saw fit to drive at speed on the opposing lane of a 2 way street th... more

2018-10-15 @ 08:14
CA383493 / Midrand
This mampara on 2 occasions, either side of lever road, drove on the oncoming ... more

2018-10-13 @ 1552
COCTLAWE / Cape Town
Missing number plate... more

2018-10-11 @ 16h45
DN18XXGP / Pretoria
Not dangerous, but blocked off road with another vehicle bj53vpgp just before ... more

2018-10-11 @ 16h45
BJ53VPGP / Pretoria
Not dangerous, but hogged the road with another vehicle dn18xxgp by stopping w... more

2018-10-10 @ 08:03
DZ00KPGP / Midrand
This woman saw fit to drive dangerously without care on the opposing lane in a... more

2018-10-10 @ 08:03
KR855GP / Midrand
Driver was driving on the opposing traffic lane in an easterly direction in pe... more

2018-10-08 @ 15:32
CA676064 / Centurion
Driver stopped her vehicle in the fast lane of a busy street during park time ... more

2018-10-09 @ 10:45 am
CA915467 / Cape Town
The person hooted rudely at me from behind to cross an robot intersection whil... more

2018-10-08 @ 8am
VFF741GP / Johannesburg
Driving on the wrong side of the road. see video here more

2018-10-09 @ 07:40
FH03YVGP / Midrand
Driver spend through the t-junction at a traffic light. the imbecile proceeded... more

2018-10-09 @ 06h50
CA234088 / Cape Town
Not stopping at 2 stop streets, cutting in front of other car, going over red ... more

2018-10-05 @ 12H45
CG24KNGP / Johannesburg
Road past golf course narrows down from 2 lanes to 1 when going past the the a... more

2018-10-03 @ 06:30
BY93BHGP / Centurion
Firstly, this inconsiderate ahole and his buddy (a white chevrolet bakkie) wer... more

2018-10-03 @ 6:45
BY93BHGP / Centurion
Driving next to another company vehicle taking while driving, when i tried hoo... more

2018-10-03 @ 6:45
CF183633 / Centurion
Driving next to another company vehicle talking while driving... more

2018-09-20 @ 17H31
FYL234MP / Other
Driver enter r304 from n1 of ramp. driver ignore oncoming traffic on r304, near... more

2018-09-20 @ 16H53
JMN201MP / Other
Ignoring oncoming traffic and enter n7 from r45 ... more

2018-09-29 @ 17:50
FZ41TSGP / Johannesburg
Driver swerved infront of my husband and pulled out a weapon (knife) threateni... more

2018-09-28 @ 08:10
FD98LDGP / Benoni
Two white mail drivers with black person on the back of a ldv overtook other v... more

2018-09-26 @ 11:36
CBS45934 / George
Illegal and dangerous overtaking in single lane section of road works. over d... more

2018-09-26 @ 11:36
CAW21272 / George
Illegal and dangerous overtaking in single lane section of road works. over d... more

2018-09-20 @ 16:45
CF159949 / Cape Town
Running a learner driver off the road by pushing him out of the lane. typical ... more

2018-09-10 @ 08:06 am
CF169323 / Cape Town
Stops in front of intersection not allowing drivers to pass, then breaks hard ... more

2018-09-13 @ 06:47
CN11KNGP / Sandton
Cuts people off and weaves in traffic almost crashing into my car. he night th... more

2018-09-12 @ 15:40
CA689607 / Cape Town
Texting while driving... more

2018-09-07 @ 17:00
SGM690GP / Alberton
Weaving through traffic at high speed, no indicators. tried to knock a motorcy... more

2018-08-31 @ 7.15 am
CY95PDGP / Roodepoort
Driver came down speeding in the yellow break down emergency at about 120km/h.... more

2018-09-04 @ 14:37pm
BN****GP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot. as the image shows, the robot for me was already green when h... more

2018-08-31 @ 16:30
FG12CTGP / Roodepoort
Talking on the phone while driving, and i drove behind him for at least 10 min... more

2018-09-01 @ 10.30
SIM911GP / Rustenburg
Perfectly able person, continuously over-revving and parking in disabled zone.... more

2018-08-30 @ 15:20
CY18602 / Cape Town
Rude driver tailgating me, in order for me to move to the left lane, because i... more

2018-08-29 @ 7:30
BW73YZGP / Johannesburg
This driver is in the lane for cars turning to the right, he then decides to t... more

2018-08-17 @ 14h00
NP193214 / Pietermaritzburg
On the 17 august 2018 at 14h13 i was heading towards greytown, on the main roa... more

2018-08-23 @
He tried to drive me offthe road, racing down the m5, he missedmeby a few inch... more

2018-08-23 @ 17:38
WSL244GP / Johannesburg
Children not wearing seat belts and hanging out of the windows.... more

2018-08-23 @ 17:58
CA978104 / Cape Town
Taxi nearly knocked over two cyclist and a mother and child pedestrian as he r... more

2018-08-20 @
CA584513 / Cape Town
Driver suffers from "small penis" syndrome, extremely agro and foul mouthed in... more

2018-08-23 @ 12:10
CR97VRGP / Randburg
The driver was driving on republic road with a small child on his lap. on loo... more

2018-08-14 @ 17h00
BLS750M / Johannesburg
Sa army does not know it is illegal to drive over a solid yellow line and crea... more

2018-08-11 @
LF68BPGP / Pretoria
Driving dangerously fast in busy traffic. ... more

2018-08-09 @ 13:48
HJG242EC / Midrand
Truck changed lanes from middle lane to left lane without looking, running us ... more

2018-08-09 @ 10:39
DH87FZGP / Centurion
Driver decided to make a 3 point turn on the r101, stopping traffic in both di... more

2018-08-09 @ 11:50
CY349827 / Cape Town
I had pulled out of ntida wine farm and shortly thereafter a vehicle appeared ... more

2018-08-08 @
FJ01LCGP / Pretoria
Transporting an massive number of people on the back of the bakkie - so many t... more

2018-08-08 @
TBD303GP / Johannesburg
Forcefully pushed in front while we were driving in traffic at a medium speed ... more

2018-08-02 @ 15:54
FX86RTGP / Johannesburg
Cut in front of my vehicle, almost colliding with my car, just to try and get ... more

2018-07-31 @ 16h00
CHA222GP / Roodepoort
This woman does not wait in traffic in the turning lane, no, she drives all th... more

2018-07-30 @ 16:45
CB65KJ / Germiston
The lady kept stopping on the road and didn't know how to drive. i started to ... more

2018-07-30 @ 12:12pm
DZY263EC / Johannesburg
Truck driver went through two red robots in quick succession. the first at the... more

2018-07-17 @ 12:22pm
HL70RTGP / Johannesburg
Driver was going about 140-150km/hr.... more

2018-07-13 @ 11:09am
CB95DLGP / Johannesburg
Speeding (i would estimate he was going about 80- 100km/hr in a 60km zone).... more

2018-07-27 @ 0750
NP44985 / Midrand
Speeding on a suburban road probably 100+km/h toward the r55. mampara of th... more

2018-07-28 @ 08:03
ND762905 / Midrand
Speeding down toward allendale rd and recklessly weaving through cars. my ... more

2018-07-24 @ 4:29pm
FZ72XDGP / Pretoria
Proper road hog this one. the robot just ahead is green but she stops to yell ... more

2018-07-24 @ 4:35 pm
TMV541GP / Pretoria
This idiot were driving farm more than 80 in a 80 zone. he/she was so close to... more

2018-07-25 @ 7:25 am
FC96FSGP / Sandton
This driver are really wreck less, driving with one hell of a speed to get in ... more

2018-07-23 @ 07:40
FJ11FV / Port Elizabeth
Intimidating behaviour, lane change without indicating, hazardous driver, non ... more

2018-07-19 @ 16:00
CA465134 / Cape Town
Sending texts while driving, look no hands! swerving across road and tailgatin... more

2018-07-18 @ 7.04am
DD44JPG / Benoni
Silly twit travelled from rynfield down pretoria rd, overtaking two lanes of t... more

2018-07-17 @ 07H23
CY296285 / Cape Town
Skipping 2 red robots... more

2018-07-11 @ 10:22am
FL71ZYGP / Johannesburg
Going through a red robot at the intersection of bowling avenue and south road... more

2018-07-11 @ 08:58am
YCD697GP / Pretoria
Seems this guy doesnt understand about turning lanes, and thinks it's fine to ... more

2018-07-09 @ 16:00
TLC913GP / Roodepoort
Driver driving in lane to turn left. stops at robot and, upon turning green, ... more

2018-07-08 @ 15.15
DT88GFGP / Kempton Park
Hit and run. driver and passenger were both drunk. drove into the back of us. ... more

2018-07-06 @ 6:52
NRB82085 / Richards Bay
Cut me off the road while over taking, cut the driver ahead as well driving in... more

2018-07-04 @ 15:05
FK97BCG / Johannesburg
Driver swung across 3 lanes into my lane just missing hitting my car. when i ... more

2018-06-27 @ 09:12
YASH1EC / Other
Overtaking myself and two trucks over double barrier line... more

2018-06-20 @ 16:51
FT12TDGP / Pretoria
General disregard for most traffic rules. just plain bad on the road.... more

2018-06-01 @ 15:16
SJY741GP / Pretoria
Changes lanes without indication and no regard for traffic laws whatsoever. us... more

2018-06-21 @ 17:36
VMM642GP / Pretoria
Changes laneswithout indication. almost drove me from the road trying to get i... more

2018-06-24 @ 19:45
CK62PWGP / Midrand
This roadhog sped through a stop sign at the intersection of harry galaun and ... more

2018-06-25 @ 2:25pm
NUM11143 / Pretoria
Overtook over a solid line near a blind bend. twice. tailgating. failed to sto... more

2018-06-20 @ 7H45
BR18DVGP / Roodepoort
This women turns from a dedicated right hand turn lane across two lanes to go ... more

2018-06-19 @ 10h58
HDL774FS / Other
To the 5 people who almost hit me on the corner of grens and 4de laan with the... more

2018-05-21 @ 8AM
FK59MJGP / Johannesburg
Moses regularly drives his taxi on the wrong side of the road, heading into on... more

2018-06-18 @ 16h13
FS93KJGP / Roodepoort
Drives straight through stop street outside panorama primary school without ev... more

2018-06-17 @ 10H45
CK33SJGP / Krugersdorp
Another that drives a high performance car that thinks the rules don't apply ... more

2018-06-15 @ 16:15
TBB048GP / Roodepoort
For about 3 kilometers, this vehicle tried to push in front of vehicles going ... more

2018-06-17 @ 12:30
FC06JTGP / Midrand
Huge traffic develops turning right from r55 onto main rd. however this clown ... more

2018-06-15 @ 8:31am
CH71NSGP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot (the one just before the one in the picture).... more

2018-06-12 @ 7:45am
ND59708 / Durban
With no cars behind me, at last second decides to jump in front of me causing ... more

2018-06-12 @ 8:36am
DK73RPGP / Pretoria
Ran a red robot. failed to use indicator to change lanes.... more

2018-06-09 @ 14:41
BW99GWG / Johannesburg
The robot was red and the taxi stopped in the far right lane (turn only lane) ... more

2018-06-08 @ 8:35am
CP72NNGP / Pretoria
Talking on her cellphone while driving. studies in the uk have proven that usi... more

2018-06-06 @ 5:24pm
CJ98ZGGP / Pretoria
Stopped well over the stop line at the red light. creeping forward. very aggre... more

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