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2023-11-24 @
ZXL311GP / Randburg
Doesn't bother to stop at stop streets - it could have caused an accident! cl... more

2023-11-17 @ 07:55
KX28DPGP / Randburg
Comes racing out of olivewood complex every day cutting in front of traffic wi... more

2023-11-13 @ 15:30
LAW014GP / Randburg
Driver so distracted he absolutely flew through a 4 way stop. video footage sh... more

2023-11-13 @ 08:10
BUZYBEEGP / Randburg
Impatient and pushy driver pulls out of queue turning right and proceeds to tu... more

2023-11-09 @ 08:00
DF88BLGP / Randburg
Every day this driver drives through stop streets, ignores robots, turns sudde... more

2023-11-06 @ 06h50
FD04CYGP / Pretoria
Driver turned without indicating. i had to slam on brakes. i proceeded to hoot... more

2023-10-27 @ 16:30
DH70LZGP / Other
Overtaking while cars are coming. had to swerve out of the way. ... more

2023-10-26 @ 15:19
DW03JCGP / Randburg
Driving erratically, total disregard for others and traffic signs. speeding th... more

2023-10-24 @ 08:00
DP53KHGP / Randburg
He overtaking cars at high speed in suburb crossing solid lines. push other ca... more

2023-10-14 @ 12:38
LD80JVGP / Germiston
He didn't care on how bad his driving was. he kept on over taking other cars w... more

2023-10-16 @ 4:00pm
KB08TLGP / Alberton
Reckless driving ,abusive and very violent. ... more

2023-10-12 @ 15:15
VND42GP / Pretoria
Reckless driving , looks like a company' viechle... more

2023-10-03 @ 16h40
MBV848GP / Randburg
Didn't bother to stop at the stop street and almost caused an accident!... more

2023-10-05 @ 06.40
FS00DVGP / Kempton Park
Drop off passengers at air freight interchange then pulls back onto highway t... more

2023-09-23 @ 12h50
KX85JXGP / Cape Town
I was driving behind my wife in the left lane of the r300. our little girl was... more

2023-09-21 @ 15:15
HW31LGG / Randburg
Vehicle speeds down hill street - at least 100 km p.h. swerves in front of oth... more

2023-09-18 @ 08h30
KT67JFGP / Kempton Park
Overtaking on solid lines and pushing vehicles off the road. harsh braking in... more

2023-09-13 @ 8:41 am
FH63SCGP / Johannesburg
We were driving on oxford turning into bompas. there are already traffic on th... more

2023-09-12 @ 7:25
NO REG / Kempton Park
He was speeding next to me and the was a car infront of him and he just pushed... more

2023-09-12 @ 07:52
SKN824GP / Randburg
Driver speeds through stop streets, ignores traffic lights and turn only lanes... more

2023-09-08 @ 14:22
DW03JCGP / Randburg
Thinks roads belong to him alone. makes sudden turns right in front of other r... more

2023-08-23 @ 15:45
NP204571 / Pietermaritzburg
Driver cut of multiple drivers to get off the highway. driver then proceeds to... more

2023-08-25 @ 08H00
SRT148GP / Randburg
Driver dangerously overtook a few vehicles over a solid white line. she rode ... more

2023-08-24 @ 15:30
KL32ZDGP / Randburg
First turns right across traffic from straight only lane from bond into main s... more

2023-08-22 @ 07H45
FWH263FS / Randburg
Driver dangerously overtook over a solid white line well over the speed limit ... more

2023-08-21 @ 21H30
BP39WPGP / Johannesburg
Very drunk driver was driving at high speed along bompas road, hit a pole, spu... more

2023-08-19 @ 13:22
FY52PHGP / Randburg
What a pig; pushed learner driver in clearly marked driver instructor vehicle ... more

2023-08-08 @ 09:20
JL14DKGP / Centurion
Vehicle pushed in from straight going lane into turning lane forcing my vehicl... more

2023-08-05 @ 17:36
CAA95074 / Cape Town
Vehicle was driving recklessly on the ladies mile to m3 offramp, tailgating me... more

2023-07-31 @ 08:05
DV60FHGP / Randburg
Completely ignores traffic light and turning traffic that had to take avoiding... more

2023-07-27 @ 08:07
HN77TYGP / Randburg
Too busy on cellphone to indicate or stop at traffic lights then drives in the... more

2023-07-23 @ 10:40
HV65BPGP / Randburg
Sade driving school vehicle decides to drive through traffic light at speed ne... more

2023-07-18 @ 21:00
WAR127GP / Pietermaritzburg
Tanker truck leaving designated lane to pass other trucks at over 100 km/h. i ... more

2023-07-09 @ 16h00
RGV614GP / Alberton
Tries to run people off the road when they don't get out of his way, slams on ... more

2023-07-06 @ 16:43
VIPZN / Durban
Intimidation after cutting in front of me. before the robot slammed brakes - i... more

2023-07-05 @ 17.30
NO REG / Germiston
Almost had head on with taxi after he broke out into oncoming traffic, flashin... more

2023-06-20 @ 7:58
KC41GWGP / Randburg
El-shaddai driving school vehicle happily racing through red light. pedestrian... more

2023-06-15 @ 15:01
TSH117GP / Randburg
Traffic lights off due to loadshedding but this clown comes flying through int... more

2023-06-20 @ 06.50
CA30263 / Cape Town
Driving on my car's bumper. not leaving a cm distance between his car and mine... more

2023-06-20 @ 06.40
CA30263 / Cape Town
Driving on a wet road, very close to the car in front of him. so close that yo... more

2023-06-13 @ 15:00
ND787544 / Randburg
Driver seriously speeds up beyers naude direction west. took offramp with joh... more

2023-05-19 @ 9:30am
KG38LGGP / Pretoria
Dengerous overtaking over the emergency lane. dengerous turn from wrong lane... more

2023-05-19 @ 08:00
HG11TSGP / Randburg
Self-entitled driver decides to cut in between cars as he races through traffi... more

2023-05-18 @ 15:39
CS16PVGP / Randburg
Traffic lights out due to loadshedding but this idiot decides to fly straight ... more

2023-05-16 @ 15:33
SFD674GP / Randburg
Just drives through traffic lights without any consideration for others. does ... more

2023-05-13 @ 12:00
002ATLGP / Sandton
Went straight through a 4-way stop without stopping. arrogant, dangerous fool.... more

2023-05-11 @ 07:55
CJ36BVGP / Randburg
Robots were off because of loadshedding. car comes flying through intersection... more

2023-05-11 @ 0800
JM58XR / Johannesburg
Has no regard for rules of the road and treating an out iof order traffic ligh... more

2023-05-10 @ 10h41
JW77ZHGP / Johannesburg
Dangerously overtaking on jan smuts avenue, very busy at the time (between con... more

2023-05-09 @ 6:40
JX37YKGP / Centurion
Driver skipped a red light ar olievenhoutbosch and nelmapius road turning into... more

2023-05-07 @ 11h40
HS78JTGP / Centurion
Got angry that we took a second longer at the robot, overtook us onto oncoming... more

2023-05-06 @ 17:45
DW85MZGP / Johannesburg
Fast driving, rapid over take on suburban roads extreme break checking. ... more

2023-04-20 @ 14h00
CY446314 / Other
Continuous threatening me with the driving even climbed out the car to threate... more

2023-04-19 @ 16:05
JL64ZLGP / Centurion
Skipping robots, driving oncomming traffic chasing for accidents with 2 minor ... more

2023-04-11 @ 15:40
SFD674GP / Randburg
No consideration for others whatsoever. too busy flicking cigarette butts out ... more

2023-04-02 @ 11:02
CJ15SJGP / Randburg
Tailgates only to swerve out into the smallest gap then squeezing in. robots t... more

2023-04-04 @ 07:55
CJ11SWGP / Randburg
Drives through red robot with no consideration for moving traffic that has gre... more

2023-03-20 @ 14:23
HR70FMGP / Pretoria
I was waiting at the robot in pretorius street, to turn into jan shoba street,... more

2023-03-17 @ 07:50
CD86TBGP / Randburg
Excessive speeding, tailgating, no indicators whatsoever, overtaking on solid ... more

2023-03-07 @ 08:39
KL73ZHGP / Boksburg
He drove by the robots and pulls up the middle finger and didn't apologize for... more

2023-02-16 @ 7:36 am
KJ******GP / Pretoria
Lady in bmw tried to overtake me on the left-hand side. she did not succeed. i... more

2023-02-14 @ 15:39
CAA241940 / Randburg
Massive speed in 60 zone, overtaking multiple cars at once in face of oncoming... more

2023-02-21 @ 15:20
KM00MLGP / Cape Town
Car weaving in lane while pointing in all directions and inconsistent speed be... more

2023-02-08 @ 15:15
FS05ZF / Randburg
Driver drives almost on top of nissan 1400-bakkie for at least a km. then spe... more

2023-02-04 @ 14:00
HC28ZSGP / Centurion
Speeding through lanes and almost rear-ended my vehicle with children in the v... more

2023-01-23 @ 07:27
ND737138 / Durban
Driver had taken an illegal turn to cut off traffic and then proceeded to step... more

2023-01-19 @ 09:20
CAA44845 / Cape Town
Speeding over 200kph and cutting people offwhile dangerously swerving through ... more

2023-01-18 @ 05:30
CH09TW / Randburg
Driver drives on right side of road. drives at about 40k/h and suddenly speed... more

2023-01-16 @ 07H20
NDM9243 / Durban
Date of violation: 16 january 2023 time of violation: 07h20am place: andr... more

2022-12-24 @ 09:03
MSYZN / Durban
Overtook me and brake checked me twice because i would not get out of her way.... more

2022-12-29 @ 7:57
EVG58GP / Other
Skips the stop street and drives 140km in a 60 zone ... more

2022-12-27 @ 13:50
CF254893 / Other
Continual dangerous overtake along a string of traffic behind three trucks - a... more

2022-12-22 @ 08:30
DP23TXGP / Centurion
Rude rude rude! high speed, flashing lights to push drivers off. then slams br... more

2022-12-02 @ 13:05
HL22PKGP / Pretoria
After going straight in a turning lane to avoid the long queue to go over solo... more

2022-12-01 @ 05:45
JW64KV / Randburg
Disregards all stop/robot signals. vehicle not road worthy. shocking driving... more

2022-11-25 @
NP149964 / Pietermaritzburg
Vulgar, no indicators, swerving between lanes and onto oncoming traffic. possi... more

2022-11-23 @ 4:00pm
KR82KRGP / Johannesburg
Cut me off while turning right and then flips me off.... more

2022-11-22 @ 07:00
CCD10828 / Other
Drove like a maniac when i passed him, honk on horn and throw lights at me. ba... more

2022-11-18 @ 16:05
KP30PSGP / Other
Texting the entire trip, hardly looking at the road, swirving almost into othe... more

2022-11-16 @ 06.45
FX14GCGP / Boksburg
Driver did not give way at merge, just kept going to almost collision. driver ... more

2022-11-15 @ 15:35
FW43PYGP / Randburg
Driver came flying through stop street so fast that only looking at the dashca... more

2022-11-14 @ 06:40
CFO3434 / Cape Town
The drive skipped the red light after the light for me was long green already.... more

2022-11-08 @ 17:45
SBH479GP / Kempton Park
Violation of at least 2 red traffic lights nearly slamming in the back of anot... more

2022-10-29 @ 10H30
KSH428GP / Krugersdorp
Reckless driving - he overtakes on a solid white line and then tries to push y... more

2022-10-25 @ 14:33
SSD779GP / Alberton
Female was on her cell phone, she almost crashed into me while i was entering ... more

2022-10-21 @ 17:35
RJG567GP / Roodepoort
Did not stop at yield sign . swerved around be and in front of oncoming traffi... more

2022-10-01 @ 10h30
JB08CJGP / Randburg
Just drives through a traffic circle without looking or yielding for traffic o... more

2022-10-06 @ 06.40
HB50WWGP / Kempton Park
Driver changed lanes and almost collided with me. had to take evasive action t... more

2022-10-03 @ 6.40
CK00XVGP / Kempton Park
Overtaking when driver changed lanes, and almost collided with me at speed on ... more

2022-10-02 @ 19:00
CAA331422 / Cape Town
Extremely dangerous overtaking (around corners and over closed lines) and spee... more

2022-09-30 @ 08:00
RWS364GP / Randburg
Turning right into office park, this car suddenly appears to my right nearly t... more

2022-09-09 @ 16.20
VVF898GP / Kempton Park
Almost side swiped me on the highway changing lanes at high speed, blew hooter... more

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