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2021-09-09 @ 4:50om
HX41HTGP / Johannesburg
Driver cut me off on the highway and then brake checked me when i shook my hea... more

2021-09-03 @ 15:00
CA767934 / Cape Town
Driver run over solid lines to force himself onto the milnerton offramp, then ... more

2021-09-01 @ 18:10
DG70DBGP / Vanderbijlpark
Speeding approx. 100km/h in a 60 km/h zone and nearly scratch my car when over... more

2021-09-02 @ 06:45
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Vehicle is heavily modified with definitely illegal exhaust system making nois... more

2021-09-01 @ 08:30am
XFY292GP / Johannesburg
Weaving through traffic. tailgating and cutting me off on the highway.... more

2021-08-23 @ 15:30
HM78SPGP / Randburg
Driver came flying through stop street and proceeded to do the same at next st... more

2021-08-20 @ 7:36
NKR53008 / Benoni
The driver of the blue bwm (reg. nr. nkr 53008) was speeding in a 80km zone wh... more

2021-08-15 @ 8:19am
FS64BRGP / Germiston
The black driver in datsun vehicle increased the speed of the while i was tryi... more

2021-08-10 @
HM01NDG / Boksburg
She over taked me on the speed hump without giving a signal of taking nor goin... more

2021-08-01 @ 16:40
KJJ641NW / Rustenburg
Recklessly overtaking other drivers on a single line road, stopping in the mid... more

2021-07-26 @ 10:30
KEEP.WP / Cape Town
Overtaking on a solid white line in a notorious accident hot spot nearly causi... more

2021-07-07 @ 17:11
HR52MVGP / Johannesburg
Decides while in traffic to empty all his rubbish out the passenger window and... more

2021-07-07 @ 10h54
CA241843 / Cape Town
Aggresively bashed a chevrolet spark, cy413784, passenger side with his car do... more

2021-07-07 @ 16:17
NDM16091 / Durban
Turned from 3 lanes away, which is not a turning lane, cutting across 2 lanes ... more

2021-07-02 @ 22:19
CX90KXGP / Bloemfontein
The driver raced up and dow the street about 4 times at a high speed. he was d... more

2021-07-02 @ 11:10
JSL328MP / Other
Driver was on the wrong side of the road and as i turned onto lange street, he... more

2021-06-05 @ 07:45
HF30ZMGP / Roodepoort
Taxi changed lanes where there was no space and literally drove me off the roa... more

2021-06-01 @
SJC539GP / Other
Bad driving. the driver over takes and suddenly stops in front of me when the ... more

2021-05-28 @ 16:33
DR01NPGP / Pretoria
Peak traffic and taxi stops parking parallel to another taxi and the two drive... more

2021-05-27 @ 15:40
FL59FBGP / Randburg
Harassing motorists, driving on wrong side of road, cutting in and trying to k... more

2021-05-25 @ 6:50
D850LHGP / Centurion
Zick zack between cars. aggressive. jumps out and wants to through a car windo... more

2021-05-21 @ 6h00
BR70KFGP / Other
The vehicle drove very slow infront of me and so i tried to pass the vehicle a... more

2021-05-14 @ 09:39
FZ19PDGP / Johannesburg
This driver overtook us and nearly clipped our car in doing so and showed us t... more

2021-05-13 @ 14:24
DY89WWGP / Alberton
Cut in front, almost hitting me. then climbing out of the car and going on wi... more

2021-04-23 @ 17:23
KKX229NW / Roodepoort
Driving high speed in bumper to bumper traffic, i warned her to slow down at p... more

2021-04-22 @ 12:31
HW81WYG / Boksburg
Bumped a car from behind laughing at the people he bumped and drove away... more

2021-04-20 @ 7:34
JM69KGGP / Pretoria
I think the lady may have been drunk. she 1st came speeding up behind me. and ... more

2021-04-20 @ 08:41
HF45YRGP / Roodepoort
Blatantly ignoring basic traffic rules i.e. skipping a red robot at a high spe... more

2021-04-15 @ 0715
ND852758 / Durban
Driver seemed drunk and was illegally overtaking other drivers... more

2021-04-15 @ 08H00
JR91GBGP / Johannesburg
Drove over speed limit of 60 km's , recklessly overtook while there was oncomi... more

2021-04-08 @ 16h45
DKP / Pretoria
Merging of lanes - did not want to give me a chance even though my car was in ... more

2021-03-30 @ 06:53am
BW41NSGP / Pretoria
Sped past me and merged into my lane without indicating. as he had a trailer, ... more

2021-03-30 @ 10:11
FJ96PHGP / Krugersdorp
Reckless driving, changing lanes without adequate following distance, while ta... more

2021-03-30 @ 0845
JTB554GP / Roodepoort
Vehicle in a terrible physical condition. speeds down golf club terrace. rec... more

2021-03-29 @ 6:55
FJ72HGGP / Pretoria
Clearly overloaded minibus transporting school kids, some of them, including d... more

2021-03-29 @ 6.40am
DFP375L / Pretoria
Whilst observing the 60km limit, before the cameras on this road, before the p... more

2021-03-27 @ 11h18
CY91117 / Cape Town
Nearly ran up my cars rear. became aggressive when confronted. no respect for ... more

2021-03-20 @ 09:00
ACJ5398 / Boksburg
We drove from edenvale to delmas, the driver flashed me lights and i showed a ... more

2021-03-19 @ 08h14
CF273287 / Cape Town
No regard for road rules & other road users safety. overtaking head on into on... more

2021-03-08 @ 08:28
JR93DJGP / Pretoria
Driver did not yield to the right of way turning into lynnwood ... more

2021-03-08 @ 7:40
CA544988 / Cape Town
Driving reckless and just darting in front of my car.... more

2021-03-08 @ 7:40
CY188888 / Cape Town
Driving reckless and just darting in from of me.... more

2021-03-08 @ 7:40
CA684998 / Cape Town
Driving reckless and us darting in front of my car... more

2021-03-06 @ 17H30
CXG198NC / Port Elizabeth
Direction cradock to pe. truck overtook another truck, at beginning of paas, ... more

2021-03-03 @ 11.37AM
CF191620 / Other
Reckless overtaking, speeding in 60 zone. on n2 to cape town reckless driving ... more

2021-03-02 @ 15h45
XPC426GP / Brits
Highway under construction so when trucks are on the road, it sometimes causes... more

2021-03-01 @ 07:40
CBM968FS / Bloemfontein
He was driving while talking on his cellphone. driving over the lines, not usi... more

2021-02-23 @ 06:55
BY77VWGP / Germiston
Driver cut in front of me at robots.... he got caught up in the left lane... t... more

2021-02-21 @ 12:18
HF11WZGP / Other
A truck overtook another and we all had to wait for it to pass. as i was next ... more

2021-02-17 @ 15:47
FD94NPGP / Midrand
Crossing over a solid line from behind and pushed me off the road to get past.... more

2021-02-16 @ 07:50
HXV813MP / Pretoria
Driver was speeding very fast was tryingn to flash me out of the way, was very... more

2021-02-12 @
HW72CYGP / Pretoria
Driver let a child stand with her head sticking out the sunroof. traveling 50k... more

2021-02-10 @ 7.45am
NPN33245 / Durban
Driver had wrong indication lights on and cut through traffic.... more

2021-02-02 @ 17:34
HV93ZNGP / Pretoria
Driver drove up to vehicle from behind. throw signs in fast lane. swirl infron... more

2021-01-29 @ 11:57
NN62582 / New Castle
Driver overtook me whilst at a high speed over double barriers with oncoming t... more

2021-01-24 @ 12:45
CA764583 / Cape Town
Yellow kia tried to overtake from the keft hand lane in a very small gap and e... more

2021-01-21 @ 13:00
SGW624GP / Kempton Park
The driver cut me off and then on the highway he proceeded to stop in the midd... more

2021-01-20 @ 16h30
JG51CVGP / Pretoria
Simply crossing the yield sign behind the vehicle in front him. not even slowi... more

2021-01-20 @ 08:30am
FW44GYGP / Alberton
Speeding and weaving through traffic. she then over takes a truck by driving i... more

2021-01-17 @ 17:30
Deliberately speeding up and drove right up to the rear of my vehicle flashing... more

2021-01-02 @ 11:00
CAA30758 / Cape Town
Audi overtook on a blind rise, overtook with oncoming traffic and pushed us in... more

2020-12-17 @
JZJ909MP / Durban
Driver cross 3 lines and nearly bumped a pedestrian, drive fast zig zag betwee... more

2020-12-15 @ 13.45
JT72JMGP / Johannesburg
Incident was in a residential area. i have a photo of the vehicle,. the driver... more

2020-12-09 @ 6h15
CF39R8GP / Midrand
Made a u turn into oncoming traffic, drove right infront of my vehicle. i had ... more

2020-12-03 @ 16:35
RYF027GP / Sandton
Turned illegally nearly causing a major collision. after hooting at him, he th... more

2020-11-30 @ 17:30
FK17ZFGP / Pretoria
Drive like a maniac and speed overtake on blind turn in resedential street ... more

2020-11-30 @ 10:45
FF44VDGP / Johannesburg
The white male driver did not stop at the four way stop and wait his turn. he ... more

2020-11-23 @ 06.45
NOPLATES / Kempton Park
Failed to stop at red robot, almost t boned the truck.... more

2020-11-18 @ 7:45
WLD359GP / Other
Driver dangerously blocks road every morning loading and offloading on the roa... more

2020-11-17 @ 06.45
TPH580GP / Kempton Park
Driver in wrong lane to turn left, proceeds to cut across road and almost caus... more

2020-11-17 @ 06.45
UNKNOWN / Kempton Park
Sits at freeway split then just moves into highway, traffic has to take evasiv... more

2020-11-10 @ 16:00
BMH116M / Pretoria
Reckless driving, tailgating, dangerous overtaking, speeding, dont use indicat... more

2020-11-12 @ 14:15
JNG324EC / East London
Driver went straight through a 'turn-right' only, and nearly drove me off the ... more

2020-11-11 @ 12:10
JF87KMGP / Sandton
The driver would not permit me to move into the right turning lane, actually b... more

2020-11-09 @ 14:55
DM30DKGP / Boksburg
He was in such a hurry to turn into the fuel depot, that he cut in front of me... more

2020-11-10 @ 18:29
DZ95LRGP / Johannesburg
Speeding in a residential area. ... more

2020-11-03 @ 4:45
NPS25046 / Other
On the r61 heading towards uvongo turn off, i was busy overtaking and keeping ... more

2020-10-31 @ 18h00
CF118569 / Cape Town
Driver of what looks like delivery vehicle tailgated me about 1m for a long di... more

2020-10-30 @ 3:15
JB86GJG / Pretoria
I was minding my business about to merge into a lane when this bolding twat wi... more

2020-10-30 @ 16:00
JF71MYGP / Pretoria
Speeded and recklessly swerved from middle lane to right lane in front of vehi... more

2020-10-28 @
HTH201GP / Roodepoort
Driving extremely violently. stops at no stop sign. almost caused two acciden... more

2020-10-27 @ 10h00
CA600062 / Cape Town
He went through a red light at the corner on janssens & blouberg roads nearly ... more

2020-10-27 @ 6:55
HZ38RZGP / Pretoria
This idiot from ditshimegaprojects is not fit to drive a vehicle. his company... more

2020-10-16 @ 15:05
HD43RHGP / Midrand
As i was driving on s view road towards the m18 i was in the left lane and ind... more

2020-10-21 @ 07:15
ALLOFUS / Cape Town
Changing lanes without considering car in opposite lane. endangering my life w... more

2020-10-20 @ 15h00
PRENUPTGP / Johannesburg
After treating a faulty robot as a fourways stop, the driver of the jaguar, ho... more

2020-10-15 @ 06h45
CF101997 / Cape Town
Drives as if turning right at the three-way ,then cuts in front of me,nearly c... more

2020-10-14 @ 7:39
JH86BGGP / Pretoria
The driver of this taxi refused to stop at any red light on solomon/ garsfonte... more

2020-10-12 @ 6:40am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Speeding and revving car to the limiter with modified exhaust in suburbs.... more

2020-10-09 @ 6:40am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Racing unmuffled vehicle in the suburbs early morning when everyone sleeping c... more

2020-10-07 @ 13h15
JDV698EC / Other
Traffic light red. taxi went to the furthers lane left and turned in front of ... more

2020-10-08 @ 07:59am
FT54FJ / Johannesburg
Did not stop at 4 way junction... more

2020-10-07 @ 6:45am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Racing his straight piped suped up car through the suburbs early morning.... more

2020-09-29 @ 13h17
JZT873NW / Other
A river north carriers truck jzt873nw overtaking on a double solid white line,... more

2020-09-13 @ 15h00
A loubser bulk services truck nearly wiping out the motorist in front of me wh... more

2020-09-29 @ 14:10
HD98TDG / Pretoria
Did not stop on stripes for pedestrians to can walk over and almost kill 3 chi... more

2020-09-25 @ 16H10
DY12LTGP / Centurion
Dangerously cut in front of me and then braked hard... more

2020-09-23 @ 6:45
BB83FF / Kempton Park
He pushed me off the road and showed me his middle finger afterwards.... more

2020-09-22 @ 12:45
ZCL918GP / Sandton
Repeatedly tried to bump bu car. suddenly stopped numerous times on a 80km/hr ... more

2020-08-27 @ 6:45am
HDN853EC / Port Elizabeth
Racing a modified straight piped extremely loud vehicle through the suburbs ea... more

2020-09-15 @ 12:22
HX84RJGP / Alberton
Changed lanes without looking in blind spot. ignored my hooting, and deliberat... more

2020-09-14 @ 18:30
FB22DZGP / Johannesburg
The driver almost caused me to get into an accident, by driving into my lane f... more

2020-09-14 @ 10:01
HX25HFGP / Johannesburg
Going about 120km/hr and weaving in and out of traffic. almost hit into the ba... more

2020-09-07 @ 16:40
BZ35DRGP / Pretoria
The driver of the chevrolet was traveling behind a truck. suddenly, he swerved... more

2020-09-06 @ 18:53
CEM45486 / Hermanus
Driver behind me had lights on bright, blinding me, and was too close to me. i... more

2020-08-30 @
CA61300 / Cape Town
This car overtook us by driving in the yellow line on the shoulder of the road... more

2020-08-25 @ 16:10
FY08KRGP / Johannesburg
Driver traveled down booysens road, direction of booysens, with a significant ... more

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