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UNCLEAR - Toyota

Car Reg :
Type : Taxi
Colour :
Make :
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Suburb :
Randpark ridge 
Road :
Beyers naude 
Driver Description :
Approx 1.75-1.8m tall, black man. thin build. couldn't speak engligh properly. short black hair, yellow shirt, blue faded jeans. 
Offence Description:
At the traffic light at beyers naude and jim fouche heading south towards the n1 bridge of beyers naude - this taxi driver came past me on the right side of my car almost colliding with me (i was in the right lane, there was a truck in the left lane and this taxi driver drove over the island where the traffic light is mounted to try and pull away first) as this guy was doing his illegal takeover, the light turned green for me and i went ahead and managed to cut him off and proceeded to drive the speed limit of the road (60km/h) to the next traffic light which was red. at that traffic light, the taxi driver wedged against my car from the left lane to proceed to block/trap me in, in doing so, the side of his minibus collided with my front bumber on the left just below the headlight, i didn't realise at the time that a collision had occurred because i felt threatened for my life because he got out his minibus first and i then got out my car as i couldn't reverse due to traffic behind me and i couldn't proceed forward due to him blocking me in. when i got out my car, he approached me in a threatening manner, called me a "white f@ck", said he's "happy whites get killed" and eventually pushed me causing an altercation i responded to verbally which caused the passengers of his vehicle to call me derogatory names and film me without my permission. i was not violent, i did not defame his character other than asking to see his drivers license because he drives like a quote "like an absolute f@@king c@nt". i then got back into my vehicle and he started driving off with his and his fares, at this point i saw how severely his minibus was scratched along with red paint, he caused the collision. could not get a clearer picture. 
1. click for more info   2014-12-17   (Oranjezicht / gardens, Cape Town)
2. click for more info   2020-02-21   (Jhb south, Johannesburg)

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