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UNKNOWN - Unknown

Car Reg :
Type : Truck
Colour :
Make :
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
07:05 a.m. 
City :
Suburb :
Road :
Driver Description :
Unknown, but probably black male. 
Offence Description:
I was driving east and was stuck behind a lorry travelling about 60-70 kmh. I could not overtake as there was a solid stream of traffic in the right hand lane. As I approached the Bellville Road offramp where the road becomes 3 lanes and the left hand lane is a compulsory stop for trucks, an articulated truck came up behind me hooting and flashing his lights. I got a fright as I thought maybe his brakes had failed and he wanted me to get out of the way. I indicated that he should go into the left lane by gesticulating wildly. He suddenly must have realised his fault and cut in front of another truck in that lane. Neither of the trucks stopped at the compulsory stop. Not a nice way to start the work day with such stress. 
1. click for more info   2002-12-31   (Sandton, Sandton)
2. click for more info   2014-01-09   (Port St Johns, Port St Johns)
3. click for more info   2014-03-11   (Brackenfell, Cape Town)
4. click for more info   2014-07-23   (, Johannesburg)
5. click for more info   2014-08-15   (, Johannesburg)
6. click for more info   2014-08-22   (Westville, Durban)
7. click for more info   2015-03-30   (Randpark ridge, Johannesburg)
8. click for more info   2015-05-05   (Kensington, Johannesburg)
9. click for more info   2015-11-25   (La richelle, Johannesburg)
10. click for more info   2016-04-14   (Magoebaskloof, Other)
11. click for more info   2016-12-10   (Fearie glenn, Pretoria)
12. click for more info   2017-05-12   (Northcliff, Johannesburg)
13. click for more info   2017-06-08   (, Johannesburg)
14. click for more info   2018-01-18   (Northcliff, Randburg)
15. click for more info   2018-01-18   (Northcliff, Randburg)
16. click for more info   2018-01-25   (Creata, Randburg)
17. click for more info   2018-02-08   (Shelly beach, Other)
18. click for more info   2019-03-26   (, Kempton Park)
19. click for more info   2019-04-02   (Morningside, Sandton)
20. click for more info   2021-04-15   (Matroosfontein, Cape Town)
21. click for more info   2020-11-17   (Air port, Kempton Park)

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