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Unknown - Alfa-Romeo 156

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Alfa-Romeo 156
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
3:30 pm 
City :
Suburb :
Road :
South road 
Driver Description :
White male 20 something,
dark hair wearing sun glasses. 
Offence Description:
Aggressive tailgating,
very dangerous overtaking
and trying to force me of the road.
This creature, used the one finger gesture,and when I hooted at him,started chasing me -luckily I got away.
Him along with his 3 friends threatened my life!!
His right foot and his right middle finger should be amputated!!
God DAMM him!!! 
1. click for more info   2014-01-09   (Port St Johns, Port St Johns)
2. click for more info   2014-03-11   (Brackenfell, Cape Town)
3. click for more info   2014-06-04   (Queensburgh, Durban)
4. click for more info   2014-07-23   (, Johannesburg)
5. click for more info   2014-08-15   (, Johannesburg)
6. click for more info   2014-08-22   (Westville, Durban)
7. click for more info   2015-03-30   (Randpark ridge, Johannesburg)
8. click for more info   2015-05-05   (Kensington, Johannesburg)
9. click for more info   2015-11-25   (La richelle, Johannesburg)
10. click for more info   2016-04-14   (Magoebaskloof, Other)
11. click for more info   2016-12-10   (Fearie glenn, Pretoria)
12. click for more info   2017-05-12   (Northcliff, Johannesburg)
13. click for more info   2017-06-08   (, Johannesburg)
14. click for more info   2018-01-18   (Northcliff, Randburg)
15. click for more info   2018-01-18   (Northcliff, Randburg)
16. click for more info   2018-01-25   (Creata, Randburg)
17. click for more info   2018-02-08   (Shelly beach, Other)
18. click for more info   2019-03-26   (, Kempton Park)
19. click for more info   2019-04-02   (Morningside, Sandton)
20. click for more info   2021-04-15   (Matroosfontein, Cape Town)
21. click for more info   2020-11-17   (Air port, Kempton Park)

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