Roadhogs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a collection of some of the questions people have asked about the site and relative issues.

1. Does the traffic department have any links or associations to this website to fine repeat offenders?
At this stage not, but possibly in the future, you never know what might happen

2. Are entries screened before appearing on the site?
They are now. Each and every entry is screened and modified accordingly to keep this site in good taste. While we understand that most of our visitors are upset at drivers and really want to vent their frustrations, foul language and racism will not be tolerated.

3. How will I know if my car has been mentioned in the database?
There are 2 ways in which to find out, firstly do a search for your registration no. Secondly, in the future there will be a facility by which you can subscribe to a mailing list whereby you enter your name, registration and your email address. If you are mentioned you will be sent an email.

4. Do I need to enter the registration number when adding a Roadhog?
You do not need to enter the registration, BUT in order to find repeat offenders, and to know who the bad drivers are, it is recommended to enter it.

5. If I have been registered as a Roadhog, and I feel I was wronged, how do I have my say?

There is now a discussion forum available for people to discuss any topic they feel appropriate.

6. I speed, but my car can handle it, I am a good driver, so why should I be mentioned on Roadhogs?
While it is not necessarily you that causes accidents - what about the poor driver who didn't see you coming at great speed and innocently changes lanes to pass a slower driver... now who's fault is it?

7. Why can't I see my Roadhogs entry immediately after entering it?

Each and every entry is screened and modified accordingly to keep this site in good taste. Your entry will be visible as soon as it has undergone a screening process. It may take a few days to appear due to the high volume of entries to be screened, but every effort will be taken to ensure you get your revenge as soon as possible.

8. How do I find other entries in the database other than the top 10 and the 10 most recent roadhogs?
The database is quite extensive, so it is not possible to show you all entries, to search for specific entries or types of entries click on the "find a roadhog" button, then type in a keyword to search on, for example "Taxi" or "Female" and you will get your results.

9. Any more questions, please contact us


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