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KL43PGGP - Volkswagen Polo

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Volkswagen Polo
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Cape Town 
Suburb :
Road :
R300 off-ramp 
Driver Description :
White male 
Offence Description:
This morning at 08:23 one of you hell drivers in a 2014's model vw polo (white in color) with car number: 189 and registration number: kl 43 pg gp was trying to force me off the road as we were coming off the brackenfell-r300 off-ramp as i had right of way, (with me in the left lane and in the right lane with the 2 lanes merging into one with a car in-front of him in his lane as i was busy slowly merging into the lane behind the car, he tried to force me off the road onto the left barriers as we were nearing the r300, the driver (white male) had no remorse for his bad driving and showed me the middle finger, while he was shouting some racial slur (i would rather not put on here), as i was trying my best not to touch his car as he kept trying to force me off the road. i eventually got to merge in behind the car in-front of him as he realized that he nearly drove me off the road. 

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