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NP193214 - Unknown

Car Reg :
Type : Truck
Colour :
Make :
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Suburb :
Wartburg turn off albert falls 
Road :
En-route from pmb to greytowm 
Driver Description :
Offence Description:
On the 17 august 2018 at 14h13 i was heading towards greytown, on the main road towards alberts falls i needed to pull over. so i pulled over to the left which is at the intersection where you can turn right to wartburg, my partner climbed out the car to get a bottled water from the back and once back in the vehicle, we checked the road and more than 800 meter on the rise we could see a truck, thus giving me more than enough time to enter the road and continue travelling. while driving at least 200 meters i could see in my mirror that this truck was approaching me at one hang of a speed. i still said to my partner this guy is approaching very fast i hope he slows down, at this time we were driving in an 80 km zone within seconds we heard the truck horn blowing madly and i had no choice but to swerve onto the left side of the road which was bush and gravel. the truck driver was going so fast he could not slow down and had to swerve over to the on coming traffic lane. i then decided to tailgate him to show you the speed this man was driving on a 80km zone. please see truck and registration and what my speed was at one point while i was tailgating him. he was driving between 110 and 120 km/h on a 80 km road. i have never in my life been so scared. this has emotionally affected me as a friend was killed recently by two trucks. .  

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