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JML644GP - Volkswagen Jetta

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Volkswagen Jetta
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
About 5:30 
City :
Suburb :
Pretoria west 
Road :
Staatsartillerie road 
Driver Description :
White male, about 50-56 years old. wearing glasses. speaking afrikaans 
Offence Description:
Thursday, 2 august 2018, about 05:30: i drove 60km/h in staatsartillerie road, heading west. the speed limit is 60km/h. behind me a car chased and almost crashed into me. i put my emergency lights on. the man remained behind me with ruler length, if i had braked, he would have crashed into me. the next moment he swung right in front of me and i flashed for him. he braked sharply in front of me at the green traffic lights before tut's entrance at the middleman. he got out of his car and said i was driving like an ahole . i told him that this is not kyalami. he still wanted to argue, but i think he saw the can of peppergas in my hand. he climbed back into his car and crawled 30km/h. tuesday, 7 august 2018, 05:33: we drove again in staatsartillerie road, my husband was driving. the same vehicle drove ahead of us at normal speed. when he saw it's our car behind him, he braked sharply and crawled 20km/h. he was planning to provoke road rage. we just drove behind him at safe distance until he turned left in vom hagen street. a while ago we came to an accident scene 2 minutes after it happened. a car chased and killed a pedestrian. it was dark and there were no street lights. therefore, i try to drive extra safely there. unfortunately i do not have a photo, because i don't drive with my cellphone. 

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