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CY349827 - Unknown

Car Reg :
Type : Truck
Colour :
Make :
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Cape Town 
Suburb :
Road :
Racecourse road 
Driver Description :
Black male 
Offence Description:
I had pulled out of ntida wine farm and shortly thereafter a vehicle appeared to be racing up behind me. the driver of the vehicle approached very closely on my tail causing me to slow down in the hope that he would back off. he then attempted to overtake me on a blind rise with a solid centre line. to avoid him putting me and my family in danger, i accelerated to prevent him from passing me. he continued to drive extremely closely on my tail forcing me to drive in excess of the speed limit. he was continuously looking to pass me despite oncoming traffic. as we approached the racecourse rd / tygervalley rd intersection, unbelievably, the driver attempted to pass me on a blind rise, driving a his truck on the wrong side of the road forcing an oncoming vehicle to veer to the side of the road. as we approached the racecourse / tindel intersection i confronted the driver at the red light. he told me i should have moved out of his way because he was in a hurry.  

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