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CR66VJGP - Ford Double cab bakkie

Car Reg :
Type : Other
Colour :
Make :
Ford Double cab bakkie
Date Of Offence :
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Road :
Driver Description :
Obnoxious misogynistic white male bully 
Offence Description:
Driver kept cutting in front of me as i changed lanes on the n12 where it merges with the n3 north. this was done 3 times and intentionally. i finally managed to get in to the fast lane and he proceeded to fall in behind me. right at the geldenhuis interchange on the n3 north traffic came to a standstill due to an accident in the fast lane. i proceeded to bring my vehicle to a standstill as well, this macho macho moron however came speeding up behind me flashing his lights and not slowing down at all, i proceeded to pull my car over on to the emergency lane in order to not het smashed in to by him. as i pulled in to my lane again he was right behind me, gesturing lewd and obnoxiously sexual signs to me, whilst having a laugh with the other white man next to him. this abuse kept going on for some time (we were proceeding at a snails pace due to the accident) until i got a chance to change lanes and leave him behind. what a rude rude excuse for a human being. he obviously has major ego problems and hates women. that is clear by the way he aggressively kept on intimidating me. moron. 

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