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CJ81402 - Toyota Hilux

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Toyota Hilux
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Suburb :
Road :
South coast road 
Driver Description :
Young caucasian male 
Offence Description:
The driver of this vehicle, literally drove on top of me, from behind yet there were all the other lanes free for him to change over at any point if he did not like the speed at which i was driving, which was actually at the speed limit at 80km/hr, as this is not a freeway.he had all the lanes free to change over at any point. when he did change over to over take me, he almost hit into me, as he over took so closely to try and startle me. when i got behind him at the robot and took a picture of his registration to report him, he got so angry that when the robot changed, he changed lanes to then come behind me once again.i then tried to move out of that lane and into the next lane, but he once again came behind me, driving ontop of me to once again throw me off and cause an accident. he then was taking pictures of me from behind in retaliation. i then videoed him in my review mirror, harrasing me from behind , at which point he then changed lanes and sped off, with a female in the passengers side who gave me a thumbs up as they sped off. he bullied me on the entire stretch off south coast road before he sped off in fear because he was being recorded. drivers like this are the cause of accidents. his behavior was uncalled for and plain evil !!! he was carrying a 1000kg bag “spekko rice” in the bin of the van. if he is employed by this company, he is poor representation of them and they are putting drivers on the road who are a threat to many individuals. 

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