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MYL976GP - Volkswagen Citi Golf

Car Reg :
Type : Motor Vehicle
Colour :
Make :
Volkswagen Citi Golf
Date Of Offence :
Time Of Offence:
City :
Suburb :
Road :
Christiaan de Wet & Jim Fouche 
Driver Description :
Big fat coloured man 
Offence Description:
He overtoook me forcing me to slow down suddenly almost making the car behind me smash into me. I flashed my lights at him and he responded by giving me the middle finger and then swearing at me. I ignored him and continued driving. I then indicated to go to my right to the next lane and then he followed into my lane, came speeding behind me and tried to overtake me in the oncoming traffic but was then forced to stay in his lane because of oncoming cars. When we got to the robot on the corner of Jim Fouche and Christiaan de Wet, he started throwing items at the back of my car. Then we crossed over Ontdekkers but still on Christiaan de Wet street, he saw me grab my phone so whilst at the robot, he goes into the right hand lane for cars turning right only to get ahead of the car in front by the robot in order to skip that robot. I guess he knew I was calling someone for help, so he skipped the robot and disappeared. I'm absolutely disgusted. Someone pls find him and get this man off our roads.  
1. click for more info   2013-11-16   (Four Ways, Randburg)
2. click for more info   2014-06-05   (Kloofendal, Roodepoort)

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